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"I'm glad that's done," Harry muttered as he returned to his seat in the great hall. There was a smoking hole in his sleeve where Draco's last curse had nearly hit him, but overall the duel had been a crushing defeat for the wealthy Slytherin.

"Thank you, Harry," Daphne Greengrass said as she checked him for damage. "Being married to that pathetic fool would have been bad enough, but being made chattel-wife to his idiot minion is more than anyone could stand. I'd have been looking for a way to kill myself inside a week."

"Same here," Tracy Davis agreed. "The thought of Goyle touching me is just…ugh! Thank you so much for agreeing to help us."

"Not a problem, girls," Harry reassured them. "I can just imagine what those junior Death Eaters would have done with you, and I wouldn't leave any girl to a fate like that. I'm just glad Draco was dumb enough to accept a challenge for your contracts."

"So are we, Harry," Daphne replied. "There's no one else in the school we could trust with this. Of course, our fathers will have to pretend to be horrified or the Dark Lord will find another way to punish them. I just hope we can see our families again after the war is over."

"Don't worry, ladies, I'll make sure you're taken care of. Speaking of which, what exactly do I need to do to cancel your betrothal contracts?"

The Slytherin girls blinked at each other in surprise, and turned their gazes on Hermione.

"Granger? I thought you said you explained the situation?" Daphne asked sharply.

"There wasn't time to go through all the details," Hermione replied. "Term ends in a few hours, and your contracts go into effect tomorrow. If we'd missed Draco at the feast we might not have gotten another chance."

"I can tell I'm going to love this one," Harry interjected. "Alright, what did you 'not have time' to explain?"

"Our contracts can't be cancelled, Harry," Tracy explained nervously. "That's why we couldn't trust anyone else to save us. As of dawn tomorrow, Daphne and I are your chattel-wives. Legally we're your property, yours to do with as you please, and we will be for the rest of our lives."

Harry stared at her in shock. A long-suppressed portion of his subconscious coughed up some rather interesting images of what he could do with the two prettiest girls in Slytherin.

"Don't worry, Harry is far too much of a gentleman to take advantage of you," Hermione put in primly. "I suppose you'll have to live together to satisfy the terms of your contracts, but I'm sure Harry will let you finish your schooling and do whatever you like with your lives. Won't you, Harry?"

Harry groaned, and buried his face in his hands. "Sure. Whatever. This is going to be just loads of fun to explain to any girl I ever get serious with."

"Granger, you idiot!" Daphne hissed. "Our contracts merged when Harry claimed us, but they still count as a marriage contract under Ministry law. You should know you can only have one of those at a time. I'm sorry, Harry, but if there's another girl you're interested in you'd have to get her to sign a contract tonight. Otherwise the Ministry won't recognize another union."

"She's right, mate," Ron put in, having finally finished off his desert. "Sorry, I thought you knew. Pretty slick move actually, getting two hot birds at once like that. Er… I'm guessing you wouldn't be bashing your head on the table if you'd done it on purpose?"

"But… but… oh, Merlin, I'm so sorry Harry!" Hermione exclaimed. "I didn't realize! Darn it, there should be a pamphlet or something that explains all these outdated wizarding customs."

"That figures," Harry said resignedly. "Oh, well. I suppose I'm not likely to live that long anyway, am I? I'm going to go finish packing."

Little more was said until they boarded the train. Daphne and Tracy followed Harry at a discreet distance, keeping him in sight whenever possible while keeping up a whispered conversation. Their wait outside the door to the Griffindore common room was especially unpleasant, although Harry's last-minute conference with the Headmaster lasted longer. Through it all they stayed out of the way and left their new master to cool off. But when Harry moved to take a seat in a compartment Luna had claimed, they followed him in.

"Harry, can we please talk?" Daphne asked hesitantly. "I'm sorry about the situation, really. But we need to decide how we're going to handle things."

Hermione immediately dragged Ron off, making noises about a prefects' meeting. Tracy gave Luna an uncomfortable look.

"Do I need to leave too, Harry?" Luna asked curiously. "Because I was rather wondering how you were going to run your new harem. Are you taking applications?"

Harry choked, but Tracy gave the blonde Ravenclaw an appraising look. "This would be the time," she observed. "The Lovegoods are an old family, and Seer blood breeds strong magic. Not to mention that having a head wife who's still legally a person would make many things easier. What do you say, my lord?"

"I don't think I want to paint a target on anyone else's back," Harry replied.

"She's one of the Ministry Six," Daphne pointed out. "She's already marked for death, and there's strength in numbers. Come to think of it, isn't she the only one who came out of that affair uninjured?"

"The ruffldingers always tell me where the curses are going to land," Luna confided dreamily. "But if Harry doesn't want me, I'll make do with pudding."

She rose and drifted away, leaving Harry as confused as usual.

"Alright, so she's also a nutter," Tracy commented after a moment. "Not such a good addition, then. Did you want to make inquiries after the Weasley girl, my lord? Or perhaps Granger?"

"Hermione is not my favorite person right now," Harry growled. "And no, I lost interest in Ginny after the second time I heard one of her boyfriends going on about how much fun she is in a broom closet. Now, what did you two want? And what's with the 'my lord' business?"

"That's probably our contracts kicking in," Tracy speculated. "I hadn't even noticed myself doing it, but I remember there was a clause about being properly respectful."

Daphne nodded. "We wanted to know what we're going to do when we get off the train, my… um, Harry. Tracy and I are essentially disowned, so we've no place to go and no money but the bit we have left over from school. Also, we'd like to know what your expectations of us will be."

Harry sighed. "Fair enough. There's no way you could go back to Privet Drive with me, so I've arranged to spend the summer with my godfather. Mad Eye and Tonks are going to meet us at the station and escort us to… hmm… a place that's under the Fidelius charm. After that I'll make sure you're taken care of as best I can, although I suppose I'll have to check the state of my vault. Do your contracts say anything specific about what you have to do, or how I have to treat you, anything like that?"

Daphne lowered her gaze. "I have to address you with respect, obey both letter and spirit of any command you give me and keep your secrets faithfully. My magic will be bound to yours, which means I can't use it against you and you'll be a bit stronger whenever I'm nearby. Normally a marriage contract would have stipulations about providing for me in a proper manner, but since this was intended as a punishment they left those out."

Tracy nodded nervously. "Mine is the same. Well, and I'm required to be 'eagerly compliant' when you... um... consummate the bond, and every time afterwards."

"Is there anything that says we actually have to do that?" Harry asked sharply.

The Slytherin girls exchanged a startled glance.

"No," Daphne replied. "It's just assumed that you'll want to. But you didn't sign a contract, so there's no way the magic could force you to if you didn't want to. But why… um… are you a, ah, wizard's wizard?"

Harry flushed. "No. But I'm not going to be a rapist either, and that's pretty much what this would amount to. Daphne, Tracy, you don't owe me anything, and I'm not going to take advantage of either of you. I'm not rich like Malfoy, but my parents left me a lot of gold and I probably won't live long enough to spend it myself. If I survive this thing with Voldemort I should have enough pull to get the Ministry to break your contracts, and if not you'll both be free when I die."

"You sound like you plan on facing the Dark Lord yourself," Tracy said with a confused frown. "Don't you think it would be safer to keep our heads down, and let Dumbledore and his people fight the war?"

Harry sighed. "If only I could. There's this prophecy Dumbledore told me about just a few days ago…"


"Harry, can we have some money for shopping?" Daphne asked sweetly. "Tracey and I hardly have anything but our uniforms to wear."

Harry shrugged, and fished out the vault key he'd argued Dumbledore into giving him before leaving Hogwarts. "Sure. But you'd better get Tonks or Remus to go with you, just in case."

"Couldn't you come with us, Harry?" Tracey asked slyly. "We could get you a few things while we're at it."

He shook his head. "No, that would be begging the Death Eaters to try something. I can't go much of anywhere without a big escort, and Dumbledore doesn't arrange that kind of thing very often. But you two have fun."

"Ok, Harry," Tracey replied. "Your loss."

Half an hour later the two girls stood in front of the Potter trust vault, eying the stacks of gold within.

"Harry really is kind of an idiot sometimes, isn't he?" Daphne commented.

"Completely," Tracey agreed. "It's bad enough he doesn't have the balls to do anything with us, even when he knows we're a sure thing. But giving us his vault key without saying a word about what we can do with it? That was just stupid."

"Why, Tracey, you almost sound like you don't intend to help our noble master face down the Dark Lord single-handedly," Daphne replied. "Surely you plan to stay here and chastely support the hero of Britain in his hour of need?"

"Ha!" Tracey scoffed. "I'd prefer to live out the year, if it's all the same to you. So it looks like, what, about a hundred and fifty thousand galleons? I say we take fifty thousand apiece and hop an international portkey while we can. Think the Americans would give us asylum?"

Daphne laughed. "Two pretty teenage witches bound in magical slavery at the command of the most feared Dark Lord in the world? They'll have us in protective custody before we can blink. Harry will never find us before the Dark Lord kills him, and once that happens our contracts are moot. But fifty thousand isn't that much to make a new start with. Why did you want to leave the rest?

"Because the Americans might make us give it back if Harry complains," Tracey explained as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "But it sounds like he never visits here personally, and when I snooped through his things earlier I didn't find any financial records. As long as he can buy school things next year I don't think he'll even notice the money is gone."

"Good point. Alright then, America here we come."