At first, there was nothing but pain.

It felt as if everything my world had shattered. Of course it had, Finnick had been my everything. With him gone, I had nothing left. Nothing at all except for my terrifying memories and unstable mind. What do you do when your reason for living is no longer with you? You cease really living yourself.

I couldn't kill myself, though. No one would allow that. They strapped me to a bed in the hospital and filled my veins with drugs so my screams wouldn't irritate them. I was trapped inside my own mind. Forced to face my horrors, my demons. And without Finnick by my side to help me through it, I had no hope.

I'm certain that's how I would've lived out the remainder of my days if it hadn't been for my son. When he was born, it was like Finnick had come back to me. He was all his father. The black cloud that had engulfed me lifted, and my mind was as clear as it had ever been. Finnick wouldn't want me to be like this. He would want me to be strong, for our son. Somehow, my boy gave me the strength to go on. He was, and always be, my savior.


Basically, I muse alot over books, and this is what I believe prevented Annie from going over the edge and staying there. I think she was absolutely destroyed when Finnick died, but their son saved her.

Just my opinion, anyway. Hope you enjoyed it, review please. :)