Linda: Welcome back my fellow audience! (Audience cheers and wolf – whistle) Love y'all! This is my second show so be nice, okay? Our guests are… the Teen Titans! (Curtains reviews Teen Titans)

(The Titans walk out through the curtains and wave (except Raven))

Raven: The first one is annoying. Now another? Why are you keep dragging us into your stupid, silly talk show? (Talk in an angry voice)

Linda: First of all, it's NOT stupid or neither silly! And second, I'm the MC and this story's author too so SHUT YOUR MOUTHS UP OR I'LL CALL THE SECURITY!

Cyborg: Chill out girl or you'll flood the entire stage with your drool.

Linda: (Turn and see the audience staring at me blankly) Oh… um… Sorry. Let's get back okay? (Get down and shake the dust out of my clothes)

Starfire: Please, friend Linda, will this show be different from the last one? Because after the last one, we have to take Beast Boy to the hospital to fix his eardrums.

Linda: Oh yes it will be different. Because that I'm not the person who give you the challenges. (Smile at the audience) My lovely audience will do the job for me. Ain't that right, guys? (Audience cheers) Love y'all!

Beast Boy: Please don't make me listen to the bagpipes again. (Scratch ears) I can still feel the pain.

Linda: Don't worry! Readers and audience, please review! Here are some questions for you to decide:

If the Titans have a costume party, what's the theme will be?

Who will be the special guest of the next episode?

Your dare for each Titan.

What song should each Titan sing? A single? Duet?

Linda: Please review soon so I can update the next one. I will try as soon as possible. And thanks May (penname TooAwesomeToRequireAName) for the ideas. Maybe, just maybe, the first reviews will be on the next episode.

Robin: (Steal the mic)And don't ask us silly questions about us.

Linda: Okay Mr. Serious! Whatever you want.

Beast Boy: Ooooooooh! A costume party! I'm in!

Raven: No way José! I'm outta here! (Walk out to the exit door)

Linda: (Hold a walkie – talkie) Code red! Code red! Raven is going to get out! I repeat. Raven is going to get out!

Raven: Okay. I'm not gonna get out. Happy?

Linda: Yes, I am. Guys, review!

R – E – V – I – E – W!

Bye. See you all again. (Audience cheers)