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Booth, had never liked flying. To far off the ground. To far to fall, to much to lose. But a year is a long, long time. 365 days alone. 10 541 200 breaths of second guessing every second, every step, every move. Was this the right choice? Booth doesn't know either.

566 gunshots. 566 bodies. 566 bullets. 566 families who are missing a brother, a sister, a mother, a father an uncle, a son, a forensic anthropologist with the bluest eyes in the world. But… No! don't think about that. She is safe, she is happy, she is absolutely sure that this is what she wanted. That this is what she still wants. But is it? Brennan doesn't know either.

But Booth is going home. He is going to see her again. He is going to stop being afraid. He is going to duck every time he hears an engine backfire. He is going to see their faces every time he closes his eyes. He is going to cry himself to sleep like seven-year old. But he is not afraid. Can you hear the lies that whisper behind his words? Booth can.

There are fourteen minutes left until his flight takes off. Booth counts them. 1...2...3...4...5...6 Numbers are good. Numbers are solid. No matter how well and truly his world falls apart 6 will always come after five, and 7 will always come before eight. "Final boarding call for flight 248 headed for Washington DC…" He gets up walks through the plane takes his seat beside a girl with red hair who can't be more than fifteen. He sits down and she shrinks away. Do I look like a killer? He wonders. No. She is only reaching for her book.

The plane is so cold, and its raining rose petals that turn to blood, and there is blood everywhere and people are screaming but he is not afraid… "Sir, sir, can I get you something to drink?" Booth wakes up with a start. "No. No thank you." So he sits there and thinks about everything that he lost. Bones, Cam, Hodgins, Angela, Zach, Jared, Sweets. And he knows that he will spend the rest of his life trying to even out that cosmic balance that was never really real, until now.

"We will be landing in Washington DC in approximately half an hour. If you are continuing on to Canada please remain in your seats, if you will be getting off in Washington please ensure you have all you personal belongings and then exit the plane through the door closest to you. Thank you and enjoy the remainder of your flight."

Booth thinks, for a minute, about staying on the plane, flying to Canada, starting a new life where nobody knows and nobody cares. But he won't, because he has never been one to run away. But isn't that exactly what you did? A voice whispers from the back of his mind. But its not real if he doesn't acknowledge it, so he put on his headphones and turns the music to full blast.

"…Please stay in you seats until the captian has turned the seatbelt sign off. Thank you and welcome home." Home. Booth is home. He wonders if Bones is waiting. She promised that she would wait, but a year is a long time. Long enough to forget, to move on, to fall in love… But he trusts her. She will be waiting. She promised. Can you see the fear that hides behind his memories? Booth can't. Bones can.

He reaches up and snatches his carry on from the overhead rack. He didn't check any luggage. He left everything on the battlefield. Except the nightmares.

He strolls through the airport, searching the faces for one that he recognizes, for a memory, for a head of golden brown hair. And a woman turns around, and he thinks he sees her but wait, no. To short, brown eyes, not blue. And then the world explodes around him in a thousand diamond shards of brilliant light, and he is thrown back into a desk, and there are flames everywhere. And he can't see, and he can't think, and he can't breathe. "Wake up Booth, wake up Booth WAKE UP!" But he doesn't, this is not a nightmare, this is terrifyingly, heartbreakingly real. He sends up a prayer to a god he lost faith in 10 541 200 breathes ago. "Save me." and when god is stonily silent, he whispers a quiet plea to a woman working in a white lab coat in a silent lab far away. "Find me, forget me," and in those final seconds before everything goes black, he is so very, very glad she didn't wait.

" Do you believe in fate?"

Not anymore.


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