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Brennan had never liked being stuck in traffic. She leans on the horn adding one more note to the song that soars around her. She dials Booth's number. It had been nearly a year, but her fingers still remember. (but she tries not to think about that.)

He doesn't pick up and she tries not to worry. He promised he would be safe and that he would not play anyone else's hero but hers, because she loves him and she needs him and she would die without him. (but she'll never tell him what's in her heart.)

She calls again and again and it goes straight to voice mail every time, but she is not afraid because he promised that he would come back, and he loves her (in an 'atta girl kind of way.)

And she loves him too. (But she'd never tell him that, because everyone she loves leaves her and she is just one of those people who is not supposed to be part of a family.)

And she drives faster than she means too, and the world is louder than she remembers, and she misses him more than she expected, but there is a logical explanation for everything, even this (But Booth just wishes she would stop looking so hard.)

And she doesn't notice when she runs a red light and she turns the radio up as high as it will go to drown out the 'what if's' that swirl through her head. (What if she loves him, what if he's forgotten her? )

And so she drives with the windows open, and the radio so loud that she can't hear herself think. (But that's the point, isn't it?)

And she tries to forget them, Russ and Daddy and Booth and all the bones back at the Jeffersonian that she can't save because she is five hundred years to late. But Booth isn't dead and neither is she, (but a heart can only be broken so many times before it can't be fixed anymore.)

And she pulls into the airport parking lot just in time to watch her world go up in flames. (because she is always to late.)

"Do you belive in fate?"

"For a minute there, you almost had me convinced."


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