Tom and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day

By Katherine O'Riley

Codes: Just fun.

Rating: G

Disclaimer: Yeah, yeah, so Tom and Co. are Paramount's. My story though.

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Lieutenant Paris' personal log

My day was just awful. Completely horrible.

I had barely slept at all the night before. I woke up this morning and went to get breakfast, and found out Neelix was having a special all day today. Everything was made from leola root!

That was the start.

Then I had a appointment with everyone's favorite hologram. What fun. He seemed to have forgotten all the "bedside manner" he's learned.

That didn't help.

Then I had to go to my shift. The helm console exploded.

Back to sickbay.

Luckily, it wasn't too bad. I was out in a hour. I went back to the bridge. Then I had to deliver the helm reports to B'Elanna. She was in a horrible mood for some reason. She nearly bit my head off. Klingons. Even half- Klingons.

Then I went back to my shift. I was so tired, I went and dozed off. At the helm.

The captain was pretty mad at me. Chakotay was too.

Then, after my shift was over, I invited B'Elanna over for dinner. Is she sure she's only half-Klingon? She gave me a reply that was something along the line of, Go away before you don't need to worry about smelling ever again. I went. She broke Carey's nose in three places once. Besides, I'd seen enough of Old Grump…er, that is, the Doctor, today.

Then I found out that the rations I put in the betting pool were lost. Apperently, Ensign Menks hadn't asked out Ensign Wilks yet. Naturally, he had when it was Harry's bet on time. Bye-bye, half my rations.

Leola root for dinner. Yummy.

After dinner, I went to log in some time in the holodeck. But it was broken. Again.

I gave up and went to my quarters. Only to find out my computer console had broken too!

I went to bed early.

Maybe tomorrow will be better. We're approaching a planet that looks to be all water. Maybe I can get some real, non-holodeck swimming in! We'll be there tomorrow.

Besides, at least I didn't get demoted.

End log.