Hiya everybody! Sorry for being so late, it's nearing the end of the quarter so I've been studying 24/7. Anyway, this is a short one-shot I wrote for Language Arts, inspire by TheTrainTicket's Mana x Malik video: Whispers in the Dark. ^_^ Enjoy.


Love and Melancholy

Mana stood at the end of the pier, waving goodbye to the boat, tears streaming down her face. Her best friend, Marik waved back at her, too far away to notice her crying.

A feeling pierced through her chest that she couldn't comprehend. It felt like someone had stabbed a hole through her heart. The hole burned larger and expanded as she felt guilty for her own self-pity. Shouldn't she feel happy for her best friend? He was finally following his dreams, traveling the world, being free. Was Mana a bad person for thinking of only herself?

A breeze swept by, causing Mana to hug her knees for warmth. Four hours had passed and turned to eight o 'clock, yet Mana moved not an inch.


The brunette turned around, "Hi Ryou," she greeted, her voice strained.

"What are you doing out here? You're going to get hypothermia!" Ryou shouted, taking off his navy blue wind breaker and slinging it over her shoulders.

She didn't answer; the pain hurt too much to say any more.

Ryou sighed,"Come on Mana, I'll walk you home."

He helped Mana to her feet and they began walking to the college dorm room Mana occupied. The whole walk home, Mana said nothing. Her best friend's voice echoed through her head. All of the times they share as children, all the adventures they'd gone on; it all seemed for nothing now, like it was all a big waste of time.



"You're home now."

Mana smiled the best fake smile she possibly could, but it didn't fool Ryou.

"We'll all miss Marik, but he'll be back before you know it." Ryou said smiling.

The brunette handed him his coat before unlocking the door, "Goodnight Ryou."


Mana shut the door and walked down the hall. She opened the door next to her own. The bed was stripped to the mattress, walls were bare, and the only thing left in the room was a wardrobe and a cable outlet. Tears beaded her eyes as realization hit her all too late; she missed Marik, she wanted him back, and most of all, she loved him.


Sorry this probably sucked. Lol, I was only aloud to write two and a half pages at most. And I didn't take too much time on it. Please R&R