Written for the Hogwarts Online Prompt of the Day

Prompt: Let me be your wings

Thank you xakemii for the beta work :)

"Let me be your wings Padma - why are you so scared?"

I shivered and he wrapped his arms around me. I looked at him and he held my gaze, caressing me with his eyes. Staring into his endless blacks ebbs, I let him touch my face gently. Falling for him was effortless; he knew how to have his way. I didn't want to let him win - never, but there was nothing I could do, when he looked at me, except melting against his fame.

"You're beautiful, Padma - just beautiful,"

He kissed me on the neck and I moaned against him. No guy had ever treated me this way - had never wanted me this way. My entire life Parvati had overshadowed me. Every guy was stunned by her charm, her outgoing nature, her smile and all I ever got were leftovers. But not Blaise; he didn't want her. No, it was me who he wanted - so I gave him all I had.

"Move Patil - I don't reuse girls,"

I could feel my eyes moistening, but I refused to let the water droplets fall. I could feel Terry's arm around me, pulling me away from him, but I didn't want to move. I wanted to hit him, slap him - kill him. He took away the only chance at happiness I ever had - and I knew I would never feel whole again.