3 months after Dean was handed the position of being the Vanguard of the Humans and Verunis, a new enemy aroused, the Shedim.

The Shedims are ruthless people from an unknown race. They went around Filgaia bringing panic to the people. Dean tried his best to get rid of the Shedims but his insufficient knowledge in combat strategies and his less understanding in the Veruni race, he was not successful. The people wanted to have a new leader, a leader that is not only knowledgeable in the field of combat but has full knowledge about the two races. They decided it's time to bring back Volsung. The people believed that Volsung will not repeat his past mistakes again because the evil spirit in him is gone. They also believed that he can be the perfect leader for Filgaia. Being a half breed he could easily understand the two sides.

Volsung willingly accepted the position. Learning about the value of allies in his last battle with Dean, he decided to bring back the Four Sentinels to help him in bringing peace to the land of Filgaia. In the three months of Dean's reign as the Vanguard, there were some events in the life of the four. Persephone married Nightburn. Elvis adopted Carol as his own daughter. Fereydoon willingly gave Lucille to Chuck because he knows that they are both in love with each other. While Kartikeya survived the blown he gave to himself and was cured by Elvis. When the four heard that Volsung needed them they gladly came back to help out their old friend and leader.

In just a week, Volsung and his Sentinels already prevented many Shedims attack. Slowly they were closing to completely wiping out the Shedims and again becoming the five most powerful people in Filgaia.

While sitting on his throne, Volsung taught about his duties in uniting the two races. Then suddenly, it came to him. The highest officials in his court were all composed of Verunis. So he thought of including a human to his Sentinels. That human must be the strongest among any other humans for him to match the strength and power his Sentinels have acquired and that human must also have the knowledge to know the right things to do in a given situation. Volsung knows exactly is that human.

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