"It's been a week since she joined the Sentinels. It has also been a week since they have been working together. Master Fereydoon requested for her assistant because they were just handling the same thing. At first I knew they were just thinking about the work at hand but as the days past, I've noticed that they become closer each day."

"I've noticed Master Fereydoon's smile when he's with her. It was a smile with full joy, there was not a time when he did not smile when he was with her. The way he acts when she's near him. He was always so composed but when she's near he becomes absent-minded. His smile, look and way of speaking, I've noticed it all. It was something he did not show to anyone else, not even me"

"When I was 14 years old, I ran away from home. An old lady named Diana found me and took me in. In her house, I met Master Fereydoon. He was 18 years old back then and at the first sight of him, I feel in love. We easily became friends but he just treated me like his own sister and nothing more. So I decided to keep my feeling to myself. When I was ready to confess my feeling for him, he went away to serve for the new leader of the Radicals. I did not worry about other girls getting his attention because I know he was a very devoted soldier. But now, I know I was wrong"

"I came all this way just to see Master Fereydoon again but I did not expect to see him like this, in love with a woman who might not even know that he loves her. A woman who I think is not worthy of Master Fereydoon's love."

"I am Claudine. I'll save Master Fereydoon from heartbreak and the only way to do it easily is to kill the probable cause of this heartbreak, Lady Judia"

Claudine started to write on her special "Kill Lady Judia" notebook:


Name: Claudine

Age: 19 years old

Hair: Long reddish pink

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Other info: Very beautiful and pretty! The right person for Master Fereydoon


Name: Judia

Age: 22

Hair: Long blonde

Eye Color: I do not really know

Other info: She's going to die! And very ugly (But I must admit, she is quite beautifull)

This mights be my shortest chapter yet but please don't be upset. This will be the introduction to the love story drama between Judia, Fereydoon and Claudine. Hope you like it. I'll post he next chapter very very soon. Don't get bored and tell me who do you want for Fereydoon, Claudine or Judia?