Too Perfect

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Summary: What if something different had happened during the fight with Zabuza and Haku? What if Haku's aim was too perfect? The consequences of such skill will change the world forever.

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Naruto panted, his eyes closed tightly and one hand clutching at his stomach. He shook his head, trying to regain himself. His Kage Bunshin no Jutsu hadn't done a thing to those mirrors. He punched the ground angrily. "Get up, Naruto. I can't cover for you all the time," Sasuke called over his shoulder, using a kunai to deflect a senbon.

Clank, the sound of metal hitting solid steel-like ice echoed in his ears. It was a sound that he had become used to in the last ten or fifteen minutes that he'd been trapped in this circle of ice mirrors with Sasuke. "Shut up, teme!" Naruto shot back, jumping to his feet. He reached for a shuriken, withdrawing one from his side pouch.

Whoosh. A senbon raced towards the back of his neck. The aim was perfect; Zabuza would have allowed no less from his tool. Haku eyed the unwary victim with a glint of what looked like guilt in his eyes.

Sasuke turned around, his Sharingan eyes wide and focused as he spotted the senbon heading towards his teammate. His muscles tensed and he was about to move in front of Naruto feeling like his body was not under his control when he saw a golden opportunity.

The enemy-Haku, Sasuke thought was his name- was leaning halfway out of the frozen mirror, arm extended as the senbon sped towards the dobe. Almost without thinking, he extracted a kunai from the pouch on his thigh and flung it towards the masked boy, a move that he had practiced thousands of times in the Uchiha Compound training grounds. A move that he had perfected months ago; an Uchiha would allow no less.

The sharpened edge of the kunai gleamed, racing towards the unsuspecting Haku. It hit its mark. Haku's brown eyes widened a fraction as the blade pierced through the side of his neck and scraping the top of his spinal cord. He slowly fell out of the mirror, plummeting to the roadbed of the bridge. Instantaneously the mirrors that were created with Haku's Kekkei Genkai melted away, leaving only small puddles where they had once floated.

Sasuke stood in the middle of the circle of water, staring at the fallen body of the enemy Nin. He let out a breath he didn't know he was holding and turned back to Naruto, silently hoping that the dobe was all right. He froze. He stared down at his blond teammate until his legs gave out and he landed on his knees next to the body. "Y-you always get in the way, Naruto," he muttered.

His hands shook lightly, his shoulders trembling. He tightly gripped the material of his shorts in his hands. "You're an Uchiha. Uchiha's don't act this way," his eyes were watering despite his attempts to control himself. "Dammit, Shinobi don't act this way. Emotions are unnecessary." His fingernails formed crescent shapes on his skin, drops of blood bubbling from the self-inflicted wounds.

"Sasuke-kun! Sasuke-kun you're okay," Sakura shouted and waved her arms, feeling relieved that her crush was alive. She wiped at her eyes.

"Cha! Of course he is! Sasuke-kun is the best!"her inner personality shouted, waving her fists.

Tazuna gazed down at the little Kunoichi for a minute, before clearing his throat. "If you take me over there with you then you won't be disobeying your sensei's orders," he stated nonchalantly, looking away. Sakura gave the older man a slight smile before grabbing his hand and dragging him behind her towards Sasuke.

The pink haired girl's steps faltered as they neared her teammate, her left foot was frozen mid step. Her foot landed back on the ground as she took another couple of shaky steps forward. "Na—Naruto?" she whispered hoarsely, staring down at the blond. She knelt down next to the two quickly, putting one hand onto Naruto's shoulder. She glanced over at the boy beside her, "Sasuke-kun, Why won't he wake up?"

Sasuke remained silent, gazing down at the pavement. Sakura began to feel panicky; she looked back down at Naruto and roughly shook him by the shoulders. "Naruto! Get up! Naruto, why aren't you getting up? Naruto! You idiot! This isn't funny!"

Tazuna averted his gaze and closed his eyes, fists clenching. Hadn't Gato done enough harm? Sakura began to silently sob, resting her head on Naruto's chest. "Get up, Naruto!"

Kakashi glanced over his shoulder at his team of Genin. His eyes widened in shock, seeing the motionless body of his blond student and the kneeling forms of Sasuke and Sakura. Clang. He dodged the blow from Zabuza, using a kunai to block the Kubikiri Hocho.

"You don't have the time to worry about your brats, Kakashi," Zabuza grinned, his voice mocking. Kakashi frowned, turning his attention back to the fight. He jumped back, crouching down on the ground and listened, trying to locate the enemy that had hid himself in the mist.

Zabuza let out a small, almost mournful, sigh. "It's too bad that my tool has been disposed of," he said, looking over at Haku. "Still, he was useful. Seems like he killed one of yours, the least he could do after I took him in." He grinned seeing Kakashi twitch at his comment, "Now I'll be the one to finish you."

Kakashi's eyes hardened at the mention of his fallen blond student. "It's time to end this," he thought. He pulled out a scroll from his pocket, holding it in his left hand and bit his thumb, drawing blood. He quickly dragged his bloody thumb across the scroll and then executed four handsigns: Tiger, Snake, Dragon, and Dog. He slammed the scroll down onto the ground and named the technique. "Kuchiyose: Doton: Tsuiga no Jutsu," he murmured.

The summoned Ninken traveled through the ground, searching for the enemy that was marked with Kakashi's blood. Their noses twitched, locating the man. The Ninken burst from the ground and grabbed hold of the opponent. Bull firmly attached himself to the man's shoulder, his sharp teeth breaking his skin, the metallic taste of blood filling his mouth.

Kakashi casually stood up, rolling up the scroll and shoving it back into its pocket. He stepped over to Zabuza, "You're completely immobile," he commented, starting to flex his right hand, concentrating his chakra. Zabuza watched in disbelief as a circle of lightning surrounded Kakashi, the Jounin's hand sparking every few seconds. "What the hell is this?"

The Copy Nin grabbed his forearm with his left hand, steadying it; he slowly stood straight, looking directly at Zabuza. "This technique… I invented myself." Kakashi shot toward the Missing Nin, aiming for Zabuza's heart. He quickly drew back his hand and rammed it forward. "Raikiri!" he shouted as the lightning jolted from his hand and into the chest of Zabuza.

The Ninken disappeared; they were needed no longer. The mist that once covered the bridge had dispersed as Zabuza's knees buckled and he fell to the ground. Kakashi gave the man an undecipherable look and pulled his blood-covered hand out causing the swordsman to topple over, the hole in the middle of his chest completely visible.

The Copy Nin casually wiped his bloody hand on the side of his forest green vest, turning around to check on his students. He stepped over, crouching down by his blond student and put two fingers on the side of his neck, feeling for a pulse. He waited, Sasuke, Sakura, and Tazuna looking on.

Kakashi slowly withdrew his fingers and let out a breath. The blood from his fingertips was now staining the now pale skin of Naruto. "Sensei?" Sakura hoarsely whispered. Kakashi glanced over at his pink-haired student and he hesitated before speaking, "He's—"

Creak. The wooden planks on the far side of the bridge shuddered as a group of fifty or so mercenaries stepped over. Each handling their weapons with glints in their eyes and smirks on their faces as they took in the forms of the Ninja across the way. Gato scoffed, looking over at the pathetic visage of Haku. He kicked the boy's body out of his way. "That's for earlier," he muttered.

Gato looked up, "So, you Ninja have killed Zabuza?" He shoved his hands in his pockets, "Eh, who cares? I can always hire more, much better Ninja." His lips curled in disgust as he eyed them. He slowly turned around, pausing to give an order to the men surrounding him. "Take them out. I want this bridge building shit dealt with once and for all."

Sasuke stood up, one hand wrapped around the handle of a kunai. He breathed in and out through his nose, his Sharingan eyes glaring furiously. He glanced back over at Naruto's body, his hand tightened and then he faced forward and threw the kunai. It whizzed through the air, flying straight to the back of Gato's head. Sasuke didn't miss; an Uchiha never misses.

Gato never saw it coming; he fell face forward to the ground, his body landing with a thud that seemed to echo. Blood slowly began to pour out of the wound, dripping onto the wood. One mercenary swore, "Fuck!" He glowered at them, "You killed our fucking meal ticket, you brat!" They readied themselves to charge the shinobi, extracting chipped knives and rusty swords.

Sakura looked back and forth between the group of renegades and her Team. "Sensei doesn't have much Chakra left, and Sasuke doesn't either. Think, Sakura, think, think!" Her brain was quickly trying to formulate a plan.

Her green eyes brightened with an inner fire, "Cha! We trick those bastards!" She quickly formed some seals, not really using them until she used Tiger. "Sakura Bunshin no Jutsu!" she called out, creating five clones of herself, each one of them armed with kunai, albeit incorporeal.

Kakashi caught on to his students plan and created several of his own clones, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu: Kakashi Style," he stated. The clones withdrew an assortment of weapons, all managing to look both extremely menacing and bored at the same time. "Well, aren't you—" "—Going to kill us?" They said in unison.

Sasuke took out his windmill shuriken, bending his knees, and prepared to throw it when Inari showed up with the rest of the Villagers. It looked like they had armed themselves with whatever they could find; a few were carrying shovels and pitchforks.

The mercenaries faltered; the three Ninja had killed Gato, Haku, and Zabuza and now a group of angry Villagers were with them; this didn't bode well. "Tch, It's not worth it," one of them sneered albeit a bit shakily. The rest seemed to agree and they quickly took their leave, running away like the cowards they were.

The Villagers watched them go somewhat disbelievingly, their arms slowly lowered. It was over so fast. After how many months and weeks of torture under the hand of Gato's mercenaries and within a just few moments it was done. Finished. They were… free.

"Ha-Ha!" One man shouted out, grabbing the two others nearest him in a tight hold, a large grin on his face. "They're gone," another said hoarsely. There were various responses, but all were worn with an expression of relief and a hint of giddiness.

Inari looked over at the Shinobi that his Grandpa had hired, his chest puffed out in pride. "The hero always shows up in the end!" he exclaimed, punching the air, his hat falling off. The boy paused, waiting for Naruto, his newfound hero to agree with a loud "Yeah!" and a sunny smile on his whiskered face, but it never came.

The small grin on his face disappeared as he glanced around for the orange-clad ninja. "Where is he?" Inari wondered. His eyes landed on his Grandpa and he picked up his hat, rushing over quickly.

Tazuna sniffed gruffly, wiping at his face with the hem of his shirt. "Gramps!" The old man whirled around just in time to catch the running Inari in his arms. He clutched his grandson tightly to his chest, running one hand through the boy's short brown hair.

Inari pushed against the old man's chest, leaning away so that he could look at him. His brow furrowed, "Gramps, where's Naruto?" Tazuna stiffened, his throat felt dry. He cleared his throat and took a deep breath before looking his grandson straight in the eye.

"Inari," he started, his voice slightly hoarse. Inari's attention was diverted; he saw a flash of orange out of the corner of his eye. A grin appeared on the boy's face. "Naruto!" He wiggled out of Tazuna's grip, rushing over excitedly.

Tazuna watched his grandson run over and did nothing to stop him. Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke rested in silence as a cry escaped Inari's lips.

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