The Heart of the Ice Dragon

By: Theodore 'Blitz' Leung

Ice slowly collected himself from the floor of the cavern, trying to get up, though the sharp pain in his stomach from the Dragon's Hydro Pump made it a bit difficult. He glanced towards the unconscious water Dragon of Issui, hoping she was alright, though he hated to admit he couldn't bother himself with such matters yet. Instead, he stumbled towards the Vulpix, Ignite. He was the closer of the pair of Pokémon who escorted him on this assault, and both were down.

The male Chimera knelt down, checking for anything broken on Vulpix, relieved that none was noticeable. Still, rather safe then sorry, he returned the fire type to a Pokéball, before shambling over to Jolt, also unconscious. Ice glanced to where the Jolteon was thrown against, wincing at the thought before hefting the Jolteon and taking a slow pace back towards where he left Sarpal, Jewel, and Vapour to handle Kioi.

"Please be alright…" he thought, feeling the pain against his stomach, grimacing, but keeping his pace back down the cavern passage.

* * * * * *

Sarpal kept her head low, feeling the throbbing pain in her back, just one of the many places where she could feel soreness. The female Chimera lay still on all fours, trying to regain feeling in her limbs.

"Damnit…" Sarpal cursed softly, hoping whatever Kioi did wasn't permanent on her body. Slowly, she reached for her belt, unclipping a Pokéball and directing it towards the Starmie, her core nearly shattered from the one punch the Fighting/Dragon gave to her. The red beam hit the Starmie, flailing in random directions a bit before hitting Jewel, recalling her to a Pokéball. The vibration of the ball nearly knocked it out of Sarpal's hand, but she held on, clipping it back to her belt. Satisfied the ball was secured, she took another, directed towards Vapour now, taking a full Seismic Toss into the ground. He was out cold, and all Sarpal could do was recall him, the same as how she would have to recall Jewel.

The female Chimera collapsed afterwards, feeling numbness in her body. She tried to move, but just couldn't bring herself to. Sarpal was afraid she may have been paralysed, but then was relieved when she slightly moved her right arm. She closed her arms, feeling the fatigue and pain overwhelm her.

"Ice, I hope you and your group are better off then we were," she spoke softly, muttering the words with no hope of them being heard, before passing out.

* * * * * *

Ice groaned softly, kneeling down by Sarpal's unconscious form, a Pokéball, obviously one that held either Vapour or Jewel, though he wasn't sure which. Nevertheless, he would respect the same with Jolt, clipping the fallen Pokéball onto Sarpal's belt, before taking another and recalling the Jolteon. Satisfied, he clipped the item back onto Sarpal's belt, before trying to help Sarpal herself.

With a strain, he lifted Sarpal up, placing her arm over his shoulders while wrapping his arm around her, and the other hand to keep her balanced. Somewhat unbalanced, he let go of Sarpal for a moment, taking Skymin's Pokéball and letting the Pidgeot out.

"Don't you two look messed up…" the Pidgeot commented upon appearing, nearly hitting his head on the ceiling of the corridor. He glanced up, seeing the low ceiling and sighed.

"Sorry about the conditions, but you're the only uninjured Pokémon left between the two of us," Ice apologized, rebalancing Sarpal against his body. "If you can, try to scout ahead and see if you can find an exit." The Pidgeot saluted with his wing, before landing, turning around, and then flying slowly down the passageway, doing his best not to hit anything within the cramped conditions he had to fly in.

The male Chimera sighed, forcing more power into his body and beginning a slow walk to follow Skymin, hoping his legs won't buckle from under him before they find a way out of the place.

* * * * * *

Ice pressed his back against the wall, beforehand placing Sarpal gently against the wall, her head tilted to a side as she lay unconscious still. The male Chimera slowly let his back slide down the wall, unable to go on any further without rest. They took a break inside a large alcove that expanded outwards in comparison to the corridors they were travelling in. Skymin flew a bit higher, though he still felt the ceiling was too low. Of course, the flyer was glad for a higher ceiling at all, unaccustomed to the 'trench' like form of their travelling corridors. He dived back down towards the resting pair, perching before them. He tested his wings for a moment.

"I'll go scouting again," he informed the only conscious Chimera, before flapping up again and streaming deeper into the labyrinth of caves. Ice really wondered where they were, and how far they have travelled in these caves alone. It was clear the entire excursion was quite a feet, though some help came from Arist and, possibly, through Issui when she sucked them into a Whirlpool.

"Where are we on the Trilands…" Ice questioned aloud, closing his eyes. He knew there were catacombs like these under the lands, though he wasn't sure how deep they were, let alone if there was a non-aquatic exit from this maze. He hoped so, because he had no intention of swimming to the surface with an unconscious Sarpal on his shoulders.

The thought passed quickly when Sarpal groaned softly, wakening from her previous state. Ice was quickly over her, seeing her eyes flutter open, though when they did, she winced in pain, the soreness still all over her body. Relaxing a little and letting the pain fade away, she looked up at Ice, watching her with deep concern.

"Hi…" she greeted meekly, tilting her head down shyly. Ice took clasped one her hands in both of his, massaging it lightly. Sarpal blushed, though Ice didn't really notice with her face tilted away from his gaze.

"How are you feeling?" Ice questioned the female. She looked back up, feeling more composed now. The male Chimera brushed a lock of hair away from her face, staring deeply into her eyes, as though to read her soul.

"Sore, everywhere…" she responded softly, closing her eyes and shutting out Ice gain. "Kioi threw me against the wall, hard...very hard…" She winced visibly, recalling the memory in her mind. Her eyes snapped open when Ice's arm crept around her back. The next thing she knew, the male Chimera was hugging her tightly.

"I…I'm glad…you…you're alright…" Ice stuttered, as Sarpal wasn't sure how to react to all this. A second later, she wrapped her arms around Ice, as tightly as could muster at the moment, closing her eyes. She wondered if Ice was crying, or perhaps just holding himself back.

"I…I'm sorry…that I…worried you…" the female replied, unable to think up any better response in any calmer tone. Instead, Ice tightened his embrace, as did Sarpal. They were in each other's arms, glad for the other's company, and even gladder that they were alive and alright.

* * * * * *

The echoing scream of pain caused the pair of Chimera's to cower as Skymin was thrown out of the shadows and basically right in front of them. The Pidgeot cringed in pain, shaking visibly. The pair was kneeling down and by his side quickly.

"I don't…believe it…" he spoke softly, weak. "B-Beaten…by a…" he chuckled softly, before closing his eyes. "…a Grass type…" He passed out after his sentence, thus getting recalled into a Pokéball. The pair exchanged looks, seeing all their Pokémon now exhausted, and with seems to be a potentially powerful Grass type blocking their path.

The pair of Chimera's decided to continue down the path after a short rest in an attempt to catch up with Skymin, though they heard no sounds of battling up ahead, and was thoroughly surprised with the Pidgeot's sudden reappearance in his injured state. They exchanged a short glance, before looking forward, knowing there was no turning back at this point. Together, they defiantly strode forward, ready to face any challenge this 'Grass type' may throw at them.

* * * * * *

"…you have finally arrived…" the voice boomed throughout the cavern, though the pair of Chimera's wasn't intimidated as such. It came to their attention that they were standing on grass now, and though it wasn't apparent at first, it was clear whom the source was. Before, immobile was their Dragon, his legs like roots of a planet, digging into the ground below. His long tail swayed back and forth, as the eyes of the Dragon head scanned the pair. On the back of the Dragon grew a large flower, much like a Venusaur. "I am the Grass Dragon, Grix."

"Do you…live down here?" Sarpal asked, wondering if it was at all possible for Grix to move from his location. He seemed to be planted under the Trilands. The Dragon only nodded, chuckling softly.

"You could say that," the Dragon answered, glad for the Chimera's concern. "I may choose to relocate if I will, but relocation for me may take decades, perhaps even centauries to complete. I would rather wait. I must thank Issui for brining you here, though I wish Kioi didn't damage to so much. I apologize for their…overuse of strength."

"Well, even if it is an overuse, we still won…" Ice remarked, glancing back to where they left the pair of Dragons to rest, after a beat down from them. Once more, Grix chuckled, extending a pair of vines from the bulb on his back.

"I assure you, I will not be so easy to defeat, even if you and your companions were at full strength," he commented, the tips of the vines opening up into beautiful flowers. "But perhaps I should just show you," he added, the pair gathering energy at the tips. Despite being underground and away from any known solar power, the Solar Beam attack charged dangerously quickly. By the time the Chimera's realized the problem, the beams were already on their way, one for each Chimera.

"Get down!" Ice ordered, tackling Sarpal to the side as the beams impacted where they last stood, causing an explosion that just, dissipated, vacuumed into the grass patch. Both Chimera's didn't have time to analyze, as Ice quickly rolled onto his back, raising both his arms and cupping his hands together, launching a double Ice Beam at the immobile target. Sarpal did the same, only with one hand, but effectively made the attack a triple Ice Beam that converged on one spot. The three beams hit, though it only made the Dragon laugh. They did nothing more then tickle the Grass/Dragon type. His gaze went towards them, smirking.

"Allow me," he remarked, before opening his mouth and unleashing a Flamethrower attack. Ice, still dumbfounded by being unable to even hurt the Dragon hardly reacted, but did in time. He formed an ice shield around the fallen pair, layering more ice onto the shield as it was melted away. It was clear Grix was going to win, however, as the ice shield drew closer, the first layer melting instantly as the second layer was formed closer, only to be melted while the third layer formed, and so on.

"Split up!" Sarpal yelled out, rolling away from under the ice shield. Her male counterpart did the same, singed by the torrent of flame that melted the shield as soon as he left it unattended. Sarpal concentrated her Psychic powers into one attack, lobbing it at the Grass type when she felt it grew sufficiently, something she was growing since Ice erected his temporary shield.

The attack hit the Dragon like a slap in the face from another Dragon, angering him. He turned his gaze towards Sarpal, eyes narrowed, before opening his mouth again. A high powered, condensed beam of water ripped out at her, hitting right in her chest. The stream remained steady as Sarpal was sent sailing back and against the wall, causing more pain to her back in addition to her previous 'wall encounter'. She cried out as the water gave way, throwing her back onto the grass surface of the arena. She groaned, slowly collecting herself.

Ice, on the other hand, took the opportunity to strike, rushing forward towards the Grass Dragon, ice sword in hand. He let out a loud war cry, though a trio of Vine Whips from Grix attempted to stop him. Quick slashes her and there took care of the vines, causing Grix to groan in pain as they were basically part of him. In his momentary stunned state, Ice leaped up, jamming the weapon into the side of the Dragon. He would've preferred the head, but the side was the closest target, and Ice took the opportunity.

Grix reeled back in pain, reeled back as much as his immobile could let him, before quickly turning his gaze towards the Chimera. Ice withdrew the blade, preparing the strike again, until small vines ripped the weapon out of his hand. The amount of vines shattered the weapon into two. This was followed by those same vines wrapping around his body, at first around his arms, then his legs, and then around his neck as he was incapacitated by the amount of grass ropes that entangled him. Glancing down as much as possible, he noticed the source of these was the grass from the ground. Struggle as he may, it was futile.

A Blizzard attack ripped through Grix, slashing him with the ice shards of many as the Blizzard blasted past him. The Dragon grumbled, knowing Sarpal was back up and ticking, firing off a Blizzard attack that he never thought was in her repertoire yet. In return, he 'captured' the female Chimera as well, the same way he did for Ice. However, Sarpal wasn't completely defenceless, struggling physically and mentally. In the next instant, another Psychic blast was thrown against Grix, annoying him more. Sarpal gasped out, choking for air as the binds around her neck grew tighter, shattering her concentration for the next Psychic attack.

"No!" Ice yelled out, seeing Sarpal being choked to death. He had to concentrate, he had to try something, he had to save her, or at least tried to. The Chimera found it hard to turn his head, let alone move his hand in the right angle. Slowly, he forced his way through the binds, aligning the hand just right.

Shards of sharp ice flew across the battle arena, directed towards Sarpal. Time seemed to slow to a snail's pace as Ice watched the shards he created fly. They were sharp, and he hoped his aim was true. It was the first time he tried a projectile, and he prayed the tips were sharp enough to cut grass.

The female Chimera fell to the ground, gasping for air as the grass gave way under the sharpness of the ice needles. Grix cried out again in pain, the same way as when his Vine Whips were chopped. He turned his gaze towards Ice now, ordering the grass that held him to stretch him out like a vice. The Chimera screamed in pain as he felt his limbs being slowly ripped apart.

And the next cry came from Grix, as the vines were cut. Sarpal held her hand up, recovering enough to unleash another attack. The pair Razor Leafs flew by Ice, cutting his binds and imbedding against the wall. Grix studied Sarpal in surprise, never seeing a Lapras use Razor Leaf before, even with their part grass element.

"This…has…to…end…" Sarpal psychically told Ice, both on their knees, recovering from their escape from death. Ice glanced up, Sarpal meeting his gaze. They concentrated, searching deeply within themselves for an answer.

They found it, in the name of two words: Freezing Catastrophe.

They each stood up, raising their arms, their aim directed towards the Grass Dragon known as Grix. Ice slowly began to form in there palms; sharp, pointed ice. In the next instant, a barrage of ice needles ripped towards Grix, impaling him with the instruments of cutting made of ice. Imbedded into the ground, he could do nothing to dodge, not like anything could dodge that storm anyway. The shards remained impaled, but it wasn't the end. With a motion of their arm, a tidal wave of ice ripped across the floor and collapsed on top of the Dragon, encasing him in pure ice. The ice lasted momentarily, as it exploded, the shrapnel flying upwards, slowing, then descending again with the force of gravity, raining ice on top of the Dragon. The rain subsided, and in one loud, rebellious roar, Grix collapsed, still conscious, but collapsed. He huffed, eyes closed. Both Chimeras nearly collapsed as well, exhausted from all the previous engagements added to this one.

"Well…done…Ice Dragons…" Grix commented, keeping his eyes closed, resting. Both Ice and Sarpal looked up towards the fallen Dragon.

In the next instant, an explosion rocked the ground around them. The Chimera's did fall this time, looking up as a massive hole was punched into the ceiling, revealing the light of the day for them. The winced at the light, but adapted quickly. They were surprised when Grix winded a Vine Whip around their waist and hoisted towards the hole.

"Your friends are waiting, go!" he yelled out as he distanced himself between them. They nodded their gratitude, clambering out of the hole and into the open light of the Trilands. "The Heart of the Ice Dragon…" Grix thought, closing his eyes and resting. He cared little about the hole, he's sure he could convince Kioi, Gyzem, and Jintai to help him seal it. He as more worried for the pair of Chimeras he just released. It would become much more difficult for them, as well as their friends, as Zian spoke. The Dragon closed his eyes, chuckling at the thought of his concern. It was his business to stay out of the business, not dive in.

"They'll be alright," Zian spoke into Grix's mind telepathically, calming the Dragon's nerves. He would watch and wait.


Author's Note:

Book 5 is done. I know, I know, I know, it's REALLY short. Hopefully, I can rectify that when I hit Book 7. Until then, we hit Book 6. I hope you're enjoying reading this. The Chimera Saga is far from done (I hope, I'd like it to go on).

I do not own Pokémon, Nintendo and co. do. All fan characters (except for a select few) and new characters belong to me, as well as made up Pokémon (in this case, all the legendary Dragons). Again, I hope you enjoyed it. Signing off.