I've got such writers block on 'You're Pretty'. I'm not going to delete it, I'll just start with this. Its in Miley's POV btw….

Honestly, the name for this story came out of nowhere, and it'll probably change -

I Hate Everything About You..

'Momma! Nick's getting Georgie to bite me!' I squealed, running downstairs.

'Miles, I'll get him to stop, ok.' Paul smiled, lifting me onto his lap and giving me a tissue. I blew my nose and smiled. He was being kind, and I appreciated that, knowing I was way too big to be on his lap. But he didn't complain.

'Thanks Paul.' I said, jumping off of his lap.

'No big deal, sweetie. Try not to bother your momma, ok?'

I nodded, and ran upstairs into my room. It had been trashed, and I instantly knew Nick had done it. I cussed him under my breath as I started picking up all of my stuff and putting it back on the shelving unit. I glanced everywhere, making sure nothing was missing. I growled and ran through to Nick's room.

'Wheres the picture of me and my dad, I know you took it.' I mumbled, climbing over all his rubbish to get to where he was sitting.

'I don't know what you're talking about.' he muttered, rolling his eyes.

I screamed, before diving for him. Before long, we were rolling around on the floor, biting, kicking, scratching and yelling at each other. I hated fighting with anyone, but sometimes it was necessary.

'Whats going on?' my mum yelled, running into the room, clearly frustrated.

'It was her, Tish! I didn't do anything.' Nick said, pushing me off of him and standing up.

'Momma, he stole my picture of me and dad!' I wept, sniffing.

'Nick, if you have her picture, give her it back. And stop trying to get Georgie to bite her! Your dad told me what you were doing.'

Nick sighed before throwing a photo frame at me. I caught it and held it to my chest, getting pricked by the broken glass. I walked through to my bedroom, and clumsily taped up the glass of the picture frame.


I looked up to see my mum walk into my room. She stood in the doorway, shaking her head.

'Cant you two just try to get along? You'll be setting a bad example for Taylor.'

'I hate everything about him, momma. He's always mean to me.'

'He's also your stepbrother, and you need to live in the same house as him until you're eighteen.'

'That's, seven years. UGH.'

'Morning Paul. Morning momma.' I smiled, climbing into my chair. 'Morning Taylor.' I giggled, tickling my sister's chin.

'Miley Ray.' grumbled my mum.

'Morning Nick.' I said with a dull tone, before grabbing a piece of toast.

'Miles, I'm going to walk Georgie, wanna come?'

Hmm. Nick being nice?

'Whats the catch?' I asked.

'Miley, don't be so doubtful. Go. You two need to bond.' Paul said, throwing my coat at me. I pulled it on, before following Nick out of the back door.

'C'mon Georgie.' I called, whistling. My hyperactive, crazy, loveable golden retriever bounded towards us. Nick unlocked the back gate, and we walked out onto the path in the woods.

We walked in silence for about ten minutes, until Nick spoke.

'Miley, why do we hate each other so much. I mean - we barely know each other - so, like, we should learn stuff about each other and stuff. If you get what I mean?'

'Yeah, I think I do. But later. Lets just have fun now.' I smiled. 'Playing together as friends is better than fighting as enemies.' (ok, I stole that line from an anime.. don't kill me. Its also a little bit of foreshadowing.. if you know what anime the lines from, and you've seen every episode, you'll get it. If not, you need to wait, or if 5 people ask for an explanation in a review, I will put it in an authors note next chapter.)

'Ok. What do you wanna do…'

'I wanna show you something. No one except me and my dad have ever been there before.' I smiled, grabbing Nick's hand and dragging him through the bushes, as we got further in, the foliage became denser, and it took longer to advance.

'Ouch! Mi! there are prickly bushes here!' he complained, hopping on one leg.

'We're almost there.' I said, yanking his arm and pulling him through a fallen tree trunk.

'Whoa. This place is beautiful.' Nick gasped, his eyes sparkling in awe.

'It is, isn't it.' I replied, walking over to the huge tree at the centre of the clearing. 'Gimme a boost.'

Nick ran over to me, grabbing my legs and lifting me to a low branch.

'I used to be able to get up myself, but the branch that was lower, well, Georgie turned it into a chew toy.'

'Ah. Miley, be careful. Youre gonna fall!'

'I wont.' I said firmly, hanging upside down from a high up branch. 'See, no hands! My nickname ain't monkey for no reason.'

'Your nickname should be psycho bitch.'

'You're just jealous that you cant do this.' I smiled, straightening my legs so I slipped from the branch. I landed on the ground on two feet, perfectly balanced.

'That was more like a cat than a monkey.' Nick joked. 'How the hell did you do that?'

'Nine years of gymnastics.'

'You go to gymnastics?'

'Where do you think I go every night between seven and nine?' I laughed. 'The moon?'

'I'm not too smart.'

'Well, you're admitting it.' I pointed out. 'We should head back.'