Hate Everything About You.

I HOPE YOU GUYS STILL CARE. I'm back, with even more excuses. Well, at least this time its only been six months, and not over a year, right? Anyway, between May and now, I've moved house and had three months with no wifi, which meant I only had internet on my phone. And that was before fan fiction had the copy and paste option.

So, then I managed to LOSE my laptop, with all the chapters I had. I've only had this laptop for four days, and I'm only beginning to retype all my chapters.. I still roughly remember what they are. Anyway, this weekend I'm making a point of typing fan fictions non stop, because starting exactly a month from now, I have prelims.. So I'll be constantly studying. If only I could go back to the days when I updated nightly.. SIGH. I miss 2009/2010. So much.

This chapter takes place two months after the last, Nick is 14, and Miley is turning 14. Taylor is still 3.

"Nick, what on earth is that?" Tish said angrily, glaring at the small bundle of fluff in her stepsons arms.

"A kitten for Miles. Its her fourteenth birthday… I didn't… You don't mind… I'll just take it back," rambled Nick, quickly turning and beginning to run from the room.

"Its fine," Tish relented, smiling. She noticed Miley and Nick had been acting very antisocial since they were last left alone, and she suspected something was up. She reached out and felt the soft fur of the white kitten, and scratched behind her ear. "I'm just happy you and Miley are on speaking terms again."

Nick smiled and quickly dashed upstairs, keeping a firm grasp on the kitten. He was nervous, and hoped Miley would accept the gift. He slowly pushed open her room door, to find her lying on her rug, in a vest top and shorts, using Georgie as a pillow. He had to try very hard to keep his gaze on her face.

"What? Get out!" Miley screamed, throwing her magazine to the side.

"Miley, calm down, look," Nick murmured, staring at the floor. At this moment, it was his safest option. Staring at any part of Miley was liable to make this moment far more awkward than it already was.

"Is that?" Miley gasped, seemingly forgetting about all tension. She jumped up and tenderly took the kitten from Nicks hands. Nick smiled slightly as he watched her rub the tiny ball against her face, before setting it on her bed, where it curled up with a quiet murmur. "Thank you!"

Without thinking, Miley lunged forward and wrapped her arms around Nicks neck, embracing him. Nick stood rigid at first, but soon wrapped his arms around her tightly. Her shirt was scrunched at the back, so his hands were brushing the skin of her lower back. Nick slowly rubbed his hands against her soft skin, a deep red blush growing on his face.

He was in a girls bedroom, with a girl who was scarcely dressed, whom had a lot of skin on show. This would have been a dream for most guys, and Nick was certainly no different. The only problem was, this girl happened to be his stepsister. Yes, she had admitted she liked him, but that was months ago.. And Nick wasn't even sure if he liked her. She had been his crush for three years, but now he was finding it hard to see her romantically. This was his own doing of course, locking out any romantic feelings he could. He just couldn't make his home life awkward like that.

"Nick.." Miley mumbled, her head still in the crook of his neck. Honestly, she had no idea what she was doing. She was aware this embrace had lasted far longer than it should. But it felt right. Even if this was her stepbrother. She dared sneak a look at Nick to see his reaction. He misinterpreted her action, and moved in for a kiss.

"Mimi! Nick! Kiss!"

The embrace was quickly dropped, and replaced with chasing a very speedy four year old who was now telling tales about stepsiblings kissing.