It was late at night.

The stars were hidden behind the dark clouds, and so was the moon. The shadows hid the stranger in the empty corridors, and he certainly was pleased that everything was so perfectly arranged for him.

He wasn't in a hurry, the stranger. Walked calmly, observing the surroundings, and wondering what should be his next step. Sometimes, he could listen footsteps in the distance, echoing in the huge castle. Ghosts could be also seen or heard from time to time, but that was not something to fear – at least, not to him.

The stranger sighed, feeling a little tired. He should be back to the Camp soon, otherwise he could see himself into trouble – not that he would usually care, but this time what he had to do was too important for him to let things go out of control. And yet, he just didn't want to come back. Even if he now had his own cabin, he still felt he didn't belong to that place – but that was the expected, considering who his father was.

He shook his head, focusing on what should be done. Then, muttered something to himself that sounded somehow like a curse, and sighed again. And, in the next instant, the stranger was swallowed by the shadows, vanishing into the darkness.