So after my most recent oneshot, which you all gave me such fantasticalcomments, I got thinking and this is it! We always see how Logan's family take the news about him and Kendall so I thought we should see how Kendall's dad takes the news. Based when my wonderful Kogan together about 6 months. I don't think it's been done but I' sorry if it has. x

Disclaimer: I realised looking back how many times I didn't put this in so I am saying it now to be prepared for the rest of the story. I sadly and depressingly don't own BTR, a girl can dream can't she?

Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan were all lying on the floor of the Rocque Records dance studio, breathing heavily. Even after 10 years of hockey training they couldn't keep up with Mr. X. He had given them a 10 minute break so they could hopefully continue when he returned, hopefully being the key word.

"Is Logan alive?" James panted, looking over at the small brunette, whose eyes were closed, his breathing calm. Kendall's signature eyebrows pulled together as he look at his boyfriend and using what small amount of energy he had left, pulled himself over to him.

"Logie? You ok?" he asked, patting Logan on the knee. A small groan erupted from the genius.


"Really because I would have thought that yours and Kendall's bedroom antics would improve your stamina Logie?" James joked, causing Carlos to snigger from his face down position on the floor. Kendall rolled his eyes at the pair.

"To tired to be pissed at you" Logan mumbled though a small blush had crept into his cheeks as he aimlessly pointed towards the pretty boy.

"Ignore him Logan, just because he's not getting any" Kendall said, kissing the smaller boy lightly when he smiled. Even Carlos laughed until James kicked his foot.

"Ow! Kendall said it" Carlos argued finally pulling himself into a sitting position.

"Yea but you laughed and he's too far away to hurt" James countered. Kendall pulled Logan into a sitting position, his head resting on Kendall's shoulder. He let out a contented sigh, eyes remaining closed.

"Did you get any sleep last night?" Carlos smirked.

"Yes I got plenty thank you" Logan said. Just then Kendall's phone rang from the pocket of his gear bag on the other side of the room. None of them made a move to get it.

"I'll get it then" Kendall said, getting up and walking towards his bag. He pulled out the phone and answered.


"Kendall you need to come home"Kendall could hear the smile in Katie's voice.

"Katie we're on a break and I think Gustavo has more torture planed for us yet" this sentence made the other three teens groan.

"Kendall you have to come home" she pressed but before he could say anything Katie him off "Dad's coming" the two words made him jump into action and he grabbed his bag.

"I'm on my way" he hung up quickly grabbing his bag.

"Kendall?" Logan asked curiously looking at his boyfriend's smile.

"I have to get back to the Palmwoods. My dad's coming" The others smiled and quickly grabbed their bags.

"We'll tell Gustavo on the way out" Logan said as the blonde ran ahead of the other 3. He had to smile. Kendall and his dad had always been close. Gustavo had just been leaving his office with Kelly as the four ran by.

"Gustavo, hey we gotta go…" Kendall called as he ran by.

"Yea family stuff" Logan said being the next after Kendall.

"We'll probably be taking tomorrow off too" James called as he passed.

"So we'll see you later, BYE!" Carlos finished. Kelly sighed, taking out her earplugs as Gustavo opened his mouth.


"I can't believe my dad is finally coming to L.A.!" Kendall said from the passenger seat, practically bouncing in his seat. Logan had to smile at him. He was giddier than a kid in a candy store.

"You need to stop bouncing before I crash the car" he joked. Kendall's bouncing ceased, but the smile never left his face.

"I'm sorry I just haven't seen my dad in awhile" The others had all seen their parents when their music careers had been cut short just before their first concert. But unlike the others, Kendall's dad didn't live in Minnesota anymore. He lived in Boston but he and Kendall still managed to spend time together on weekends and holidays.

"We know. Man I haven't seen him since that weekend he took us all camping when we were like 14!" Carlos said.

"Was that the same trip when James almost fell off the ravine chasing a squirrel who took his hair gel?" Kendall wondered.

"Yes! It was just as well your dad knew the area" James said shuddering remembering the incident. That had been to close a call for his liking.

"Well I can't wait to see him" Kendall said. Logan parked the car in the parking lot, James and Carlos jumping out quickly heading inside. Actually using the car doors. Logan and Kendall jumped out grabbing their bags and heading into the lobby and over to the elevators. James and Carlos were holding it for them and soon the four were entering 2J. Katie looked like a kid at Christmas, though she had spent a week with their dad while the boys were on tour.

"His flight is landing soon. Mom's gone to pick him up" she said, reading his mind. The four decided to go and clean up before the Knights got back. Once alone in their room, Kendall pulled Logan to him.

"I need to ask you something…just promise you won't be mad" Kendall started.

"Let me guess" Logan smirked "Your dad doesn't know about us" Kendall nodded.

"Yea so can we just pretend that we're not together? Only for a few days I swear" he promised "Just until I tell him and I will tell him, I promise"

"It's ok Kendall, I haven't told my parents either remember" Logan said, stepping on his toes, landing a soft kiss on Kendall's lips. "I don't mind. You just tell him when you're ready"

"I knew there was a reason I loved you, you always understand me" Kendall smiled, leaning to kiss the shorter brunette.

"Oh and my brains, charm and good looks have nothing to do with it?" Logan mused, the smirk playing on his lips.

"No" Kendall said smiling "You are also great in bed" This caused Logan to blush.

"Way to ruin the moment Kendall" he said rolling his eyes. He stepped towards his wardrobe to find something to wear when he felt two arms around him.

"Come on Logan. You know that I love everything about you" placing a kiss on the brunettes neck, causing a delighted shiver to run through the smaller boy.

"Name 3 things you love about me" he said, not caring how girly or cheesy he sounded.

"Like I said before, you always listen to me, even if it's over silly little things or if I'm yelling about Gustavo" Kendall said holding up one finger.

"2, you always have my back even if you don't agree with my choices and you always go along with our stupid, harebrained schemes just to protect us"

"and 3?" Logan questioned. Kendall thought for a second before sighing.

"Nope, don't have a third" this was received with an elbow to the ribs. "Ow, fine" this time he spun the shorter boy to look at him. "3, I love how everything you do, makes me fall in love with you even more" Logan smiled.

"Good answer" he whispered before leaning up to kiss the taller blonde. They remained like that until James knocked on the door.

"Tongues away guys" he smiled, "Kendall your mom just pulled up" Kendall nodded and James stepped out.

"You might want to tell the others in case they say something they shouldn't" Logan suggested. Nodding quickly, Kendall ran into the living room where James and Carlos were watching TV while Katie sat at the breakfast counter.

"Hey guys I need to ask you something. My dad doesn't know about me and Logan yet so can you not say anything please? I will tell him just not right away, ok?" The three nodded and there was movement from outside the door. Katie and Kendall ran forward while Logan, James and Carlos hung back on the couch.

Katie almost took the door off the handles and immediately jumped her father, who barely managed to catch her. "Hey baby girl" After a moment he released her and turned to look at his son.

"What 17 to old to hug the old man?" he joked opening his arms to Kendall.

Logan smiled from his position on the couch as Kendall hugged his father, the look of pure happiness on his face. He felt something nudge his side and turned to see James looking at him.

"Are you ok with this "keeping it a secret" thing?" he asked.

"Yea I mean, it will be weird not being able to be with him for a few days but I know Kendall wants to prepare himself before he throws it out there" he looked back at the small family seen in front of him and smiled "I haven't told my parents either remember?" James nodded, he too looking up as Mr. Knight walked towards them. Logan noticed Kendall catch his mother's hand and whisper something to her. Whatever it was she wasn't please about it. From his basic ability to read lips, not to mention the puppy dog look Kendall was giving his mother he knew she would give in. He hadn't realised he was being called.

"LOGAN!" Carlos called waving a hand in front of the genius' face.

"Sorry I guess I zoned out" he jumped up and shook the older Knight's hand. Logan had forgotten how much Kendall looked like his father. Same hair colour, eyes, height, smile. Another thing he forgot was how intimidated he was by Mr. Knight. Carlos and James' dads were easy to get along with as they saw the boys almost everyday but Kyle Knight was different. James and Carlos found him easy to talk to but Logan always felt like he was walking on eggshells when he was around. He could never explain it but he just felt that Mr. Knight didn't like him and this time was no exception. This is going to be a long visit!, Logan thought to himself.


They had their usual Friday night dinner ritual of fish sticks before they all sat down to talk. By midnight everyone was exhausted and it was unanimously decided that their beds were calling them. After much persuasion Mr. Knight agreed to stay in 2J as long as he slept on the couch, refusing to put anyone out of a bed. Logan and Kendall waved goodnight and went to their room. The minute the door was closed, Kendall pushed Logan against it and kissed him.

"Longest day ever" he mumbled as the broke for air. Logan nodded before catching Kendall's shirt and pulling the taller boy to him, catching his lips with another kiss. They stumbled back until they landed on Logan's bed. Kendall hovering over him. Kendall smiled before placing a simple kiss on Logan's lips. Before they could do anything else there was a knock at their door. Within seconds Kendall was up and over on his own bed before the door even opened. Mr. Knight's head appeared in the doorway.

"Just saying goodnight son and I wanted to see if you wanted to hang out tomorrow? You, me and Katie?"

"Sounds great dad but we have rehearsals tomorrow" Mr. Knight's face fell until Logan remembered.

"No we don't, remember? When we left today James told Gustavo we would need tomorrow off too" Logan smiled "And if he wants us in then me, James and Carlos will tell him you were sick or something. You and your dad go have fun" Mr. Knight just nodded, not looking at Logan.

"Then it's settled. Well night" and with that he was gone. Logan jumped up from his bed and headed into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Once satisfied, he made his way back into bedroom only to have Kendall stop him.

"And where are you going?"

"To bed Kendall" he smiled, pulling slightly on Kendall's hold only to find himself being pulled on top of Kendall. "We can't Kendall. If your dad comes in…"

"He wont be in again until tomorrow, please" Darn those eyes.

"Ok fine, but I'm locking the door" Logan said, Kendall releasing him to do so before the brunette crawled back into the blondes bed. He had to agree this was a good idea when he felt those two protective arms wrap around him. He fell asleep happy in Kendall's arms.


The next few days passed with too many close calls than either boy would care to remember. It seemed the world was conspiring to have Mr. Knight walk in on Kendall and Logan in the act, whether it was barging into their room or when they thought no one was around. Kendall was convinced that if he didn't tell his dad about Logan soon he wouldn't have to. It was 3 days after he first arrived the dreaded question came up when Kendall and his dad went to the nearby ice rink for some quality time.

"So" his dad began as shot another goal on Kendall "Are there any girls I should know about?" Kendall who had been taking a shot ended up stumbling at the question and somehow managing to hit the puck the opposite way. "Come on Kendall. L.A.'s made you sloppy!" his dad laughed.

"Yea sloppy" Kendall repeated in a mumbled as he went to retrieve the puck bringing it back to where his father stood.

"You never answered my question" he said a moment later looking at his son's face for a sign he was right. The small redness having nothing to do with exertion of energy fell on the teens face. "So who is she?"

Kendall swallowed hard. Was now the best time to tell him the truth? No, he wasn't ready. He needed to prepare himself before he had the talk with his dad. He also was getting a strange vibe from his dad since the first night and it was kind of worrying.

"No dad, no girls. The band's too busy anyway" he said skating off to the goal.

"What about that girl you were seeing? Jane or something" he asked.

"Jo" Kendall corrected sighing. She had left the Palmwoods about 2 months previous but she was still in LA, just at a different hotel. "And like I said with the band and the tour we just grew apart"

"Do you still see her? I know you really liked her. You talked about her all the time"

"Dad there's no girls. I don't have time" Kendall snapped, instantly regretting it but his father didn't seem to notice.

"Carlos has a girlfriend and he's doing the same amount of work as you and James has been on a date every night since I got here!"

"Carlos and Steph are not me and Jo dad. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Logan's parents are together but look at you and mom. And Jo works on a set Dad, but Steph works from her apartment so it's easier for them. And as for James, well it's James" Kendall said, leaning on his hockey stick.

"Does Logan have a girlfriend?" Unconsciously rage and jealousy ran through him and he had to act quickly to cover it. Logan was his and only his.

"No, um, Logan and his girlfriend Camille broke up after the tour. She's an actress and was getting close to one of her co-stars" His father nodded before taking another shot, Kendall managing to block the shot. After a few minutes he stopped again.

"You two seem…closer now" his dad commented, again causing the teen to almost fall. Kendall couldn't make out the under tone in his father's voice.

"H-how do you mean?"

"I don't know, you just do" he said, again the tone coming up again.

"I guess sharing a room does that to you" Kendall summed up. He was never more happy to leave the ice than when their hour finished and they made their way back to the Palmwoods. They both remained quiet for the drive. When they arrived at the Palmwoods Mr. Knight walked to the pool as they entered the lobby.

"I'm going to try find Katie" Kendall nodded and went straight to 2J. Seeing the empty apartment he sighed, deciding to lie down. It wasn't until he neared his room that he heard Logan singing along to his iPod. He went in to find Logan sitting at his desk going over his Math homework. Kendall closed the door behind him, letting out a relieved sigh. Logan looked up sensing someone near him and smiled, pausing his song. He immediately saw the stressed look on Kendall's face.

"What happened?" Logan questioned.

"My dad" Kendall said going over to Logan and sitting on the desk. "He asked me if I had a girlfriend and then he brought up Jo"

"Sounds like fun" Logan smirked going back to his studies. He wasn't sure whether it was some sort of secret code but now that he was with Kendall he just didn't like Jo. (1)

"Oh it gets better. He asked about you and then he said he noticed we were getting closer" The pencil in the genius' hand's head snapped. "Fun now?" Kendall questioned. Logan sighed.

"Maybe it's his way of saying he knows" Logan suggested. Kendall shook his head.

"I don't think so. When he said it there was something else in his voice, I don't know" He said. Logan pushed away from the desk and stood in front of Kendall, placing his arms around his neck.

"Are you sure you want to tell him now I mean I don't want you to feel you need to rush for me" Logan said looking Kendall in the eye, only for the taller teen to close them when he kissed his boyfriend.

"I need to tell my dad for me. He needs to know who I am and who I loved and that would be you" Kendall said placing he lightest kiss on the genius "And besides, he's my dad. I'm sure I'm stressing over nothing"

"I've been telling you that since he came"

"I know you're right like always." Kendall smiled but he noticed Logan's frown.


"Sorry I just…I don't know I just get the feeling your dad doesn't like me" Kendall had to smirk at the scared look on Logan's face.

"Logan how could anyone possibly not like you and if he doesn't then he's just going to have to accept it because you're not going anywhere" Kendall said pulling the brunette into a hug causing him to smile. However when Kendall wouldn't let him go Logan groaned.

"Kendall, come on. Let go"

"Nope. Like I said you're not going anywhere!" Logan sighed before he remembered something Kendall hated. So as subtle as he could he moved his hands to Kendall's sides and tickled him causing the blonde to let the smaller boy go, allowing him to make his exit. "LOGAN!"

Kendall walked into the living room to see Logan standing there, smirking. "What?"

"Oh I'm going to get you for that!" Logan yelp, though the smile never left his face as Kendall advanced on him. After being chased almost 3 minutes Logan found himself standing behind the couch, Kendall in front. Knowing he would be caught either way, he made a break for it, only to have Kendall grabbed his waist causing them to fall on the floor, laughing and breathing heavily from running.

"Payback!" Kendall smirked as he began tickling the smaller boy. Logan squirmed out of Kendall's grasp, catching his wrists and somehow managing to straddle Kendall holding his arms above him, pinning him. Pure instinct caused Logan to lean down and kiss Kendall. They hadn't been able to kiss like this in days as they were always interrupted or to tired to do anything. Both were so caught up in the other they didn't hear the door opening only the voice that came after it.

"Well I couldn't find…"

Logan and Kendall broke apart, sharing a look before jumping up to right themselves. Mr. Knight hadn't moved, his hand still on the door knob. His face betrayed no emotion but his eyes flared. His hand fell from the knob and he took a single step towards the pair.

"Dad" Kendall said, shock and fear clear in his voice. Logan immediately felt bad for having slipped up and he placed a reassuring hand on Kendall's arm to remind him he was with him. This however seemed to be the wrong thing to do as not 2 seconds later Logan found himself on his back and a sharp pain in his right jaw.

"Logan!" He was about to tend to the brunette when he noticed his father coming again. "STOP DAD! STOP!" Kendall quickly jumped forward to defend his boyfriend, pulling his dad away.

"Let go Kendall" he fumed. Logan groaned as he rubbed his jaw. He could taste blood in his mouth and a headache was forming. Mr. Knight glared at the brunette, his breathing heavy. "You stay away from my son, fag!" Mr. Knight called over his son's shoulder. Logan had been originally dazed by the blow but the minute the words left the older man's mouth he froze but not for the fact he was insulted. No it was the emotionless look on Kendall's face. His hold on his father slackened and he went limb.

"What's going on?" Challen who had been out shopping stepped into the apartment but her attention was quickly taken by the small brunette on the floor, small trickle of blood coming from his mouth. "Logan!" she ran to kneel next to him, pulling him into a sitting position.

"I'm fine Mrs. Knight" he mumbled, his eyes looking at the male Knights. She followed his trail of sight and noticed her ex was breathing heavily, like he had been fight…no!

"You hit him?" she yelled angrily, jumping up to face him.

"That's not all I'll do… he was forcing himself on Kendall!" Challen looked at her son whose head was turned towards the door but even from here she knew he was lost in thought. If only for his heavy breathing causing his shoulders to rise and fall slowly, she would have mistaken him for a statue.

"Don't be stupid" she laughed but he glared at her and pointed an accusing finger at Logan who stared past the man at Kendall, praying he would come back to the world of the living.

"I saw him! When I came in he was all over him"

"Mr. Knight please…" But Logan was cut off.

"I don't want to hear what you have to say" he shot back. A laugh was heard from the doorway and James and Carlos walked in carrying their towels having just come from the pool. The pair immediately noticed their friend standing rigid, his father and mother glaring at one another. Carlos noticed Logan first and quickly went to his friend.

"Logan what happened?" he asked putting out a hand to touch Logan's cheek. James looked over his shoulder, a worried expression on his face.

"I'm fine Carlos, it's nothing" his eyes still on Kendall. In his peripheral vision he saw Carlos hold out a hand and he took it, swaying slightly, Carlos catching him. "I'm good thanks" he said once his balance was back. His only worry now was Kendall who had yet to say anything. "Kendall?"

"Don't you talk to him!" Mr. Knight jumped in.

"Mr. Knight just let him talk" James said, having worked out quickly what had happened. He too was worried by Kendall's silenced.

"NO! I don't want someone like him near my son" A noise was heard and they looked to see Kendall bolt from the apartment. Logan went to go after him but Mr. Knight stepped into his path.

"Don't you dare" Logan glanced at the door before loosing his patience.

"Look. I know you don't like me and I'm sorry you had to find out like this but I love Kendall" he said, facing off, rather bravely, in James' opinion. "And whether you want to believe it or not. He loves me too" Logan's voice lowered as he said it. This though was met with a shove to the chest but years of gymnastics had taught him to keep his balance. Carlos' aiding hand helped too.

"My son is no fag!"

"No he's gay, not a fag" Logan spat back, an inner confidence he didn't know he possessed coming forth. The older Knight stepped forward again but James stepped in.

"Enough!" everyone looked at him "Kendall's run off and I think someone should go find him"

"I will" Logan said, ignoring the glare coming from his boyfriends father. Wiping his mouth to clean some of the blood he ran from the apartment. He knew where Kendall would go.

(1) I have a friend who just hates all her boyfriends ex's. Allot of my friends do actually. I know I did like my ex's ex. but then that's just us.

So I'm thinking this will be an 2 shot or 3 at the most. I just wanted to try something new. I should say this isn't in cannon with OnCall thoughI might change that yet. I hope you like it! x