Logan and Kendall were still on the couch when Mrs. Knight returned. It didn't take her long to work out something had happened. Logan gently lifted the sleeping blondes head and put a pillow under it, allowing him to stand. He kissed Kendall's head once before turning to Mrs. Knight.

"He came, didn't he?" she asked simply. Logan nodded and sighed sitting down at the dining table. "That bad?" she questioned. Logan, whose head was resting in his hands nodded. "What happened?"

"I was in the shower when he arrived so I missed the start of the conversation but when I started listening I heard him asking his dad to apologize...to me"

"Like he should" Mrs. Knight nodded. "He had no right to hit you Logan"

"It doesn't matter but Mr. Knight said he wasn't going to. He and Kendall had an argument, Mr. Knight wouldn't believe Kendall was gay, he said he was confused, that it was a phase but Kendall kept pushing him. Kendall said he didn't want to choose but if had to...he would pick me" Logan whispered. "I should have stopped him then! I could see how hurt Kendall was"

"No Logan. You and Kendall belong together. Don't let anyone, especially my ex husband tell you any differently" Mrs. Knight said, placing a hand over Logan's.

"He didn't take it well. Kendall explained about...about last night and me leaving and his dad laughed. Kendall said he didn't think his dad would ever do that for him, to make him happy" Logan said, his breath catching just thinking about how broken Kendall looked as his dad left. "When Mr. Knight went to leave, Kendall...he, he begged him, told him he was his son...but Mr. Knight just shook his head and said he didn't know anymore and he left" Logan looked up, trying in vain to stop the tears. Mrs. Knight looked beyond furious but upset at the same time. She looked over at her sleeping son and shook her head.

"How...his own father...How could he say that to him. Just because he's...Oh when I get my hands on him!" she didn't realise her little rant had woken Kendall. She looked over when he called her and her anger disappeared, replaced with concern for her son. "Oh Kendall" she went to him quickly and he gratefully welcomed her embrace. He hated crying but he couldn't stop himself.

"H-he h-hates me m-mom" Kendall sobbed. Logan hadn't moved from the table but he watched sadly as Kendall broke down again. This wasn't fair. Kendall didn't deserve this! He wanted to do something but he didn't know what. He just watched helplessly as his boyfriend's life started to fall apart.

Kendall hadn't seen Logan sitting at the table and became worried he had decided to leave after all. "W-where's L-Logan"

"I'm here Kendall" The brunette walked over quickly, taking his seat beside the blonde. "I'm right here" he promised.

"I-I thought y-you left t-too" Logan shook his head, wiping Kendall's tears.

"I'm not going anywhere. I promise" Kendall nodded and rested his head on his mother's shoulder, keeping Logan's hand in a death lock, not that he made a move to leave. After 15 minutes his breathing evened out and his tears stopped coming. His mother shifted to move making Kendall sit up.

"I have to go collect Katie" she said but Logan suddenly got an idea.

"No Mrs. Knight. You stay here, I'll go get Katie. I need to do something anyway" Kendall seemed confused and slightly nervous at the thought of Logan leaving but he nodded. Logan would come back. He promised. Mrs. Knight thanked him and gave Logan the address for the audition. He nodded before giving Kendall a kiss. "I'll be back as soon as I can, ok?" Kendall nodded and sighed. He and his mother sat in silence before Kendall spoke.

"Why couldn't he accept me, mom?" he whispered. "I mean you did. Why not dad?" Challen sighed and kissed her son's forehead.

"I don't know sweetie. But I want you to remember, you have me and Logan and Katie and James and Carlos" she smiled. "We all love you Kendall. If your father can't see how perfect you are then you are better off without him"

"But...he's still me dad. I love him"

"I know, Kendall" she said pulling him into a tight hug and kissing his head "I know"


Logan waited outside the building for Katie to come out. He just hoped this plan would work. He spotted the small brunette coming from the building, head stuck in a video game that made Logan question how she had manage to keep walking without hitting someone. He beeped the horn on the red convertable to get her attention and it worked. She looked up confused and waved before making her way to the car.

"Where's mom?" she questioned as she got into the car. One look at her brothers boyfriend, she knew something had happened. " Logan is something wrong? Where's mom?"

"Your mom's with Kendall" Logan said pulling away from the building.

"With Kendall why what..." suddenly it all became clear. "Dad and Kendall had a fight didn't they?" Logan looked over at her and sighed. She was too smart sometimes.

"Yea Katie, they did" He wasn't going to lie to her. He needed her help.

"That bad?" Logan couldn't help the flicker of a smile that passed his face remembering how Mrs. Knight asked the same thing when she came back.

"Yea that bad. Your dad sort of, walked away from him" Katie sat back in shock. Ok she knew the fact her brother was gay was unexpected. Not for her in particular, call it her sister instinct or whatever, but she just knew there was something about him. She knew their dad would be shocked but never did she think he would walk away from Kendall. She absently looked out the window to see the car wasn't moving. She looked at Logan quizzically.

"Um, Logan?"

"I need your help Katie. Look your dad doesn't know that you know yet and I was hoping you might call or text him to find out where he is. Please? I need to talk to him. To explain to him. Please Katie" Logan begged. Without hesitation she pulled out her cell and called her dad. Within 2 rings he answered.

"Hey baby girl. How was the audition?" she was surprised. He didn't sound upset or anything.

"Um, it went ok but I'm bord now and I was hoping we could hang out...Me and you?"

"Sounds like a good idea...Do you want me to pick you up?"

"Um no. Actually, mom picked me up on her way back from her shopping so she could drop me off at your place if you want" she lied.

"Sure. I'm staying at the hotel 2 blocks from the Palmwoods, the Springs. Room 208"

"Ok Dad, I'll see you there" she hung up and relayed the conversation to Logan.

"Do you want me to drop you at the Palmwoods first?" Katie shook her head and turned to looked out the windscreen of the car, annoyance and anger on her face. Logan sighed and put the car in drive and headed back towards the Palmwoods. When they arrived at the Springs Hotel the pair made their way inside and headed for the elevators. They arrived on the second floor and made the short walk to room 208. Logan stood off to the side while Katie knocked. The door opened and Mr. Knight stood there, a smile on his face as he greeted his daughter.

"Hey Baby girl. So what did..."He voice trailed off as Logan stepped into the doorway. "What are you doing here?"

"I need to talk to you...about Kendall" There was no emotion in the man's face at the mention of his son.

"Yea well I don't want to talk to you" he said making to close the door on the teen but Logan put his foot in the door to stop him. "I wouldn't push your luck"

"Just 5 minutes" Logan asked "Please, for Kendall"

"Let him talk Dad" Katie said. Her father gave her a quick look before looking at Logan.

"What? Turning my son against me wasn't enough?"

"With all due respect, Mr. Knight, you're doing a pretty good job of on your own" Logan commented. Mr. Knight knew he wouldn't give up so he walked away from the door allowing Logan to enter. Katie decided not to invade on the conversation so went into the nearest bedroom and played her game while they spoke.

Logan followed the older man into the slightly larger sitting room area. The older Knight turned to look at him expectantly. "Well, you wanted to talk so talk"

"Look I know you don't like me" but he was cut off.

"You could say that" Kyle said, folding his arms.

"And I know I am the last person you expected Kendall to fall in love with" the older man scoffed like it was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard. "But I love Kendall. I don't like seeing him hurt and after you left this morning, he was devastated"

"Well we know whose fault that is, don't we?" he asked, glaring pointedly at the teen.

"I was there. I was in the bedroom while you were speaking" Logan said. "I heard what you said to him...about being his dad" Logan looked the man straight in the eye. "You didn't mean that, did you? When you said you didn't know anymore?" When the man didn't answer Logan's fear was realised "You can't just walk away from him"

"Look Kendall's not...he can't be g-g- that!" Logan just shook his head.

"I know the way you found out was not the way you wanted...the way Kendall wanted to tell you but Kendall IS gay" he noticed the man flinch at the word. Neither spoke for a moment before Logan broke the silence. "He thinks you hate him" he said clearly, hoping it would have some affect on the older Knight. The man looked away from the genius so he couldn't see his face but Logan hoped maybe he was getting through. "After you left, he...he brokedown. I haven't seen him cry like that since" The older man still hadn't turned to Logan so he continued. "Since the night you and Mama Knight told him you were breaking up"

Kyle Knight shook his head. That was possibly the hardest night of his life. Unlike most families they never rowed. The love he had for his now ex-wife was more plutonic then romantic. The only reason they had been together as long as they had was Kendall and Katie. He eventually turned to look at the teen infront of him. The teen look scared but still determined.

"Look I don't know what you want me to say? That I understand whatever is going on between you and Kendall? That I'm ok with it? I'm sorry but I can't, Ok? I can't accept it and I won't" He fumed "Kendall made his choice"

"Kendall can't help who he is! Believe me. I've known I'm gay for 2 years now and even I'm still getting used to it. I never planned on falling in love with Kendall and I never expected him to return my feelings but he did. Accepting yourself is hard enough without people who you expect to support you turning their backs on you"

"My son isn't g-gay!" he yelled closing some of the distance between the two.

"Yes he is and you know it. You have to accept it because if you don't you're going to loose him and if you let your son slip away now you will regret it for the rest of your life!" Logan said yelled back. He lowered his voice before he spoke again, remembering Katie was in the other room "All he wants right now is to know he still has his dad"

It was a few moments before either spoke. "I can't accept this, him. I just...can't" the older man said quietly.

"You haven't even tried to accept him!" Logan shouted indignantly, getting in the older man's face.

"I said I can't" he replied with force.

"He's your son! You love him. How can you just walk away from him?" Logan didn't think he had ever been so furious. "You know what. Fine! Just leave .Kendall is so much better off without you" Logan said turning towards the door before looking back "You know what? You don't deserve to have Kendall for a son. He's smart, loyal, kind, everything a real man should be"

"A real man, huh? Yea, right." Mr. Knight joked, shaking his head. Logan's rage boiled over and in one swift motion, he struck the older man hard enough to put him on his back. He lay dazed on the floor, the metallic taste of blood coming. He glared up at the younger man who seemed unfazed.

"That was for Kendall" he said simply before turning away "Katie?" the small teen appeared from one of the bedrooms, a few tears running marring her young face.

"I'm going. Do you want to stay here?" she immediately shook her head.

"Can I have a second?" she asked. Logan nodded and headed out of the apartment.

"I'll be right out here ok?" she nodded and made her way to where her father was sitting on the floor in the other room, still dazed from the blow.

"Logan really does love Kendall, you know" she said, drawing attention to herself. "And Kendall loves him too"

"Look Katie you don't" but she cut him off.

"Please Dad. I understand perfectly. I just can't believe you would do that to Kendall" and with that she turned and walked out to Logan in the corridor. He gave her a sad smile before walking back to the car. The drive back to the Palmwoods was quiet, neither of them speaking. Logan was still furious with Kendall's father being so callous in his opinion. Katie too was shocked by how cruel her father was being. When they arrived back at the apartment Katie immediately hugged her brother.

"What's this for?" he questioned with a small laugh. Logan was glad to see he had cheered up since he had left.

"I just wanted to give you a hug. Is that a crime?" Kendall chuckled and hugged her tighter. "I love you Kendall"

"I love you too sis" he smiled. She pulled back, allowing Logan to take a seat beside Kendall, who pulled the brunette towards him. He noticed the look on Logan's face and used a finger to tilt his head towards himself. "What's wrong?"

"Huh? Oh sorry I was thinking about something" Logan mumbled.

"What about?" Logan shook his head.

"Nothing important really" Logan smiled "But how are you feeling?" Kendall sighed sadly.

"Honestly, I'm hurt but I just need to accept it. As long as I have you, I can get through it" Logan nodded, placing a sweet kiss on Kendall's lips.

"I love you" he whispered softly causing the blonde to smile.

"And I love you" After a quick kiss the pair settled into the couch to watch TV. James and Carlos came home after 5. Both knew something had happened but they didn't question it. Well James didn't but Carlos tried to until Katie threw a cushion at him to stop him for which Kendall was grateful. He knew as soon as he went to bed Logan would tell them so they would just have to wait. The 4 sat down on the couch to watch a movie when James noticed something.

"Logan?" the small brunette looked over at him, giving him his attention. "What happened your hand?" Logan looked down to see his knuckles were redder than usual. He didn't realise he was doing it, but he had been flexing his hand. He didn't think hitting someone could hurt that much. Kendall looked down, running his thumb over them.

"Did you hit something?" he questioned. Logan didn't want Kendall to know about his little trip earlier so he had to think quickly. He ducked his head embarrassed.

"I hit a wall" he mumbled. The all 3 looked at him shocked, James regaining his voice first.

"Um why?" Logan was the pacifistic person he had ever met. Why would he suddenly hit a wall. Logan didn't look at them just at Kendall.

"After this morning I...I just got so mad and I'm paying for it now" he finished with a half smile, rubbing his knuckles. Kendall shook his head.

"Well that was stupid" he commented, taking the sore hand in his own and kissing it once. Logan simply nodded. He settle back down into Kendall's side as the movie continued. About half way through the movie there was a knock at the door and Mrs. Knight came out of her room to open it. Her usual greeting smile was dropped instantly when she saw who stood there.

"Can I come in?" he asked, drawing the attention of the four boys on the couch. Logan looked up to see Kendall looking scared and yet hopeful. He dreaded to think Mr. Knight had come to deal the final blow to their relationship. Kendall didn't need that. All of them noticed the rather large bruise on his cheek and Logan now knew why his hand was so sore. That was worse than his own. Mrs. Knight looked at her son for permission and he nodded. James nudged Carlos for them to leave and he took the hint. Logan looked at Kendall who shook his head.

"Stay" he nodded and waited for the two Knights to join them. Mrs. Knight was the first to speak.

"I can't believe you would come back here after what you did this morning" She had sat on the other side of Kendall, his father standing in front of them. Kendall placed a hand on her knee to calm her before looking at his dad.

"Why are you here?" he asked simply.

"I wanted to apologise for this morning, for everything. I was just"

"Surprised?" Kendall offered. When his dad nodded he sighed. "Look Dad I was going to tell you I swear I just needed to find the right time. Believe me that was the last way I planned on you finding out"

To say Mr. Knight looked uncomfortable was an understatement. He looked completely lost and confused.

gI just, I never expected it, I guess"

"Well I didn't exactly plan this either, but I'm happy with how things turned out. If I could go back I wouldn't change anything" Logan squeezed the hand he was holding to show he felt exactly the same, making Kendall smile.

"I know. And I wanted to apologise to you too" he said looking at Logan who was slightly taken aback by his words. All he could do was shake his head.

"It's ok" Mr. Knight just nodded, moving on quickly.

"Dad what made you come back?" Kendall asked, not that he wasn't glad but it seemed the complete opposite to this morning.

"Someone knocked some sense into me, I guess" he said motioning to his face. Logan's gaze immediately dropped and Kendall knew suddenly Logan didn't hit a wall. So that was where he went after he got Katie. He decided to ignore the blushing brunette for now.

"Does this mean you're...ok with this?" Kendall asked tentatively.

"I'm not going to lie and say I'm perfectly happy about this but" seeing Kendall so upset hurt him and he realised now what a mess he had made. "I'm going to try. I just want you to be happy Kendall and if Logan makes you happy, then I'm just going to have to deal with it" Kendall smiled and looked over at the smaller teen who was smiling.

"He does" Kendall replied simply.

"So, am I forgiven?" his dad asked. Kendall nodded and stood to hug his father.

"I love you Dad"

"I love you too Son" After Mr. Knight apologised to Katie he left and Mrs. Knight smiled at her son and said her goodnight. Kendall and Logan went to their room where Kendall finally questioned him.

"So" he started "You went to talk to my Dad?" Logan nodded shyly.

"I know I shouldn't have but after seeing you so upset I needed to do something" Logan mumbled. When Kendall didn't say anything Logan sighed "And now you're mad at me"

"I'm not mad at you" Logan looked up to see Kendall directly infront of him. He kissed the genius sweetly before pulling back "Thank you"

"Well I got to defend you this time" Long smirked, knowing he wasn't in the doghouse. "I really didn't think I hit him THAT hard though" he said shaking his head. Kendall had to agree that thing looked pretty sore.

"I'm curious, how did you managed to hit him so hard? I mean you're all quiet and non aggressive"

"Yea well I am just not when it comes to the people I love" Logan replied making Kendall smirk.

"So you love me?" Logan rolled his eyes.

"For some unknown reason, yes I do"

"Name 3 things you love about me?" Kendall asked and Logan couldn't help the laugh that followed. He thought about it for a second before holding up a finger.

"You love me" he held up a second finger "You are a great kisser" as if to prove a point Kendall closed the gap and kissed the smaller boy making them fall back on the bed.

"And 3..." Kendall questioned coming up for air. "I am great in bed" he finished.

"You know self praise is no praise" Logan supplied but Kendall shook his head.

"Well I'll just have to prove it!" before kissing the shorter boy again.

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