Full Summary: The Island of Destiny, is an island that chooses all fates. It's had its sights to destroy Lelouch's mind by his Geass, but also has another plan. Trapped on Destiny Island itself, Lelouch and Suzaku find themselves in an odd position. They must rely on each other to live and if they cannot put their differences aside, the Island of Destiny will kill Lelouch and reverse everything he has accomplished for the Japanese.

The Island of Destiny

Chapter One: Agreement

Lelouch woke with a start, unsure where he was. He remembered... he'd been fighting with Suzaku after Suzaku found him yet again and was going to be shot when suddenly... He pulled off his mask, rubbing between his eyes as the pain finally hit his head. Damn, where was that aspirin C2 had given him... The head aches had been getting worse lately and C2 said it wouldn't get better as time went on. Now, not only did he not have control over his Geass, but it was slowly destroying his mind.

Lelouch sat up and took a look at his surroundings. It was dark out so Lelouch couldn't make out much of what was going on except the splash of water. He stood on his feet, ignoring the throbbing pain in his head. With a tilt of his head, Lelouch easily swallowed the pills he'd finally found.

That's when he heard the shuffle of clothes and looked around. Someone was here with him. And he had a pretty good idea who it was. The person obviously wasn't going to get up though. They were still unconscious and Lelouch couldn't see around enough to make out anything. It was too dark to see an inch ahead of you. He sighed and sat down on the ground. His brows furrowed together as soon as he felt the thing underneath him. Was he sitting on a log? With a sigh, he got off, patting the thing lightly. It twitched.

Lelouch's hand reeled back and his eyes widened. The person was right beside him. Very slowly, Lelouch put his hand back on the arm and touched it softly. The man moaned slightly and turned over on his side. It was Suzaku, just like Lelouch thought. "Well, there's no point in putting my mask back on," he said softly, "Suzaku already knows who I am."

Somewhere else on the place, a certain girl awoke. She opened her blue eyes and looked around, taking in her surroundings. It was much brighter here; the sun would be rising soon. Without any hesitation, she sat up and looked around again. This place was odd. It was sort of like Kamane Island, but not quite. The animals were already moving around, and a few came over and sniffed the girl. She did pat a few on the head and stood up. It was best not to kill them and destroy their trust. This girl's name was Kallen Stadtfeld.

As Kallen finally began walking, she decided to explore the island.

Lelouch soon noticed the sun rising and found out why it was so dark. They'd been washed into a cave. So Lelouch got to his feet and walked outside, inspecting everything slowly. It wasn't Kamane island, that much was obvious.

Lelouch pulled back into the cave, not daring to go out any further without his mask in case some Britannian ships had been deployed. He sighed and sat down a little ways from Suzaku, watching his friend as he slept. Well, actually, Suzaku wasn't his friend anymore. He always kept forgetting that.

With a shake of his head, Lelouch walked over to Suzaku, pulling out the gun he'd hidden in his cape. Lelouch shook Suzaku awake, a gun to Suzaku's temple. As soon as Suzaku woke, Lelouch spoke, "Don't move a muscle!" Suzaku froze, his green eyes narrowing as he watched Lelouch.

"Bastard," he growled, trying not to struggle too much. It wouldn't do any good to. Lelouch would shoot him the moment he tried anything.

"I'll let go of you slowly, but if you make any move other than to stand up when I back away, you'll have a bullet through your head." Lelouch had to make sure to keep his distance. Suzaku was clever enough in that aspect to attack when Lelouch had his back turned. Taking a gun would be nothing for Suzaku to do to Lelouch. After a moment, Lelouch stood up, then pulled away his gun and backed away. Suzaku stood slowly, inspecting Lelouch's every move.

"You're going to make sure to keep your distance, aren't you?" Suzaku said slowly, sounding calm, but his rage was easily read through his eyes.

"For now, we should put our differences aside and help each other. Don't you think, Suzaku?" Suzaku's eyes narrowed again.

"What are you getting at?"

"Well, it's obvious. We're both trapped on an island, again, and no one will know where we are so why not put our differences aside to stay alive?"

"..." Suzaku was unsure how to take this. Here stood his once best friend, Lelouch, and his mortal enemy, Zero, who was purposing to relay on each other to live. Suzaku loathed Zero, but he couldn't just leave Lelouch here to die. He already knew Lelouch wouldn't know what to do to survive. Well, he might know the basics, but it most certainly would not keep him alive. And Suzaku, no matter how much he might hate him, couldn't imagine letting his old friend die.

Suzaku began giving himself a head ache from thinking so much about separating Lelouch and Zero and finally said, "Fine, but first the gun has to be put away." Lelouch was surprised Suzaku agreed to this. He never thought he would and that he might end up having to shoot Suzaku. But he hesitated. This gun was his only weapon that kept Suzaku from attacking him. Of course, Suzaku probably could dodge any hits Lelouch sent him so it wouldn't matter really...

"I will only if you promise not to attack me." Suzaku nodded slowly, and Lelouch hastily put the gun away. They stood there in silence, unsure what to do now. It had been so long since they'd been together like this, not fighting to kill each other. "I'll get some wood collected?" Lelouch suggested after a moment.

"That's fine. Can you remove your Zero clothes? I mean do you have anything underneath? If I'm stuck here with you, I'd rather see you as just Lelouch." Lelouch gave Suzaku an odd look and slowly nodded.

"Yeah, I could do that. But the clothes aren't all that warm."

"Did you think these were?" Suzaku snapped back, then quickly tried to pull himself together. "Just take it off."

"Fine," Lelouch growled before heading off into the trees. Suzaku could hear some cursing after a moment and then finally a zipper was unzipped. After another few minutes, Lelouch returned in a black shirt and simple pants. It would certainly not keep him warm

"We'll probably want to get some wood to get a fire started," Suzaku mumbled, more to himself than anything.

"I'll go do that. You get some leaves and stuff to make an easier fire," Lelouch said before dropping his Zero stuff on the ground.

"I can't leave you alone. I may have promised not to attack you, but I don't know if you'll run away," Suzaku said with a frown.

"Fine, if you want. I don't care." But it was sort of nice, having some company besides the Black Knights and friends who knew nothing about him.

~Author's Note~

Well, this is only my second Yaoi and it'll be my first multi-chapter one. This is also only my third story without an OC character, isn't that a surprise? I was just going to make this a one-shot, but I figured why not make it longer? Anyway, thanks for reading! Please review and tell me how I did on the characters!

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