Chapter Nine: Fighting arguments

"Lelouch, get up." Suzaku nudged the raven haired boy gently, trying not to look anywhere but his face. Lelouch stirred slightly, but he stayed asleep. Suzaku rolled his eyes and threatened, "If you don't get up, I'll push you in the water."

Lelouch cracked open one eye and glared at Suzaku. "You wouldn't dare. I'd pull you in too," he mumbled. "Can't you just carry me?"

"I need you to sit up first," Suzaku grumbled, trying to edge out carefully, but it wasn't working.

With a groan, Lelouch struggled into a sitting position, which allowed Suzaku to slip off the rocks. "Let me get dressed first, and then I'll help you," Suzaku said as he stood up. He helped Lelouch lay back on the rocks and began to redress, cursing at a few points when he lost his balance.

Once he had his bottoms on, he threw his shirt over his shoulder and helped Lelouch sit up again. Lelouch was awake and helped as much as he could, but it wasn't much use. Suzaku did most of the work. After Lelouch was dressed, Suzaku crouched down in front of him and told Lelouch, "Get on my back."

With a grumble and groan, Lelouch managed to sit up and fall onto Suzaku's back with a soft sigh. Suzaku straightened up, wrapping his arms under Lelouch's thighs, and began to walk back to camp.

Lelouch was silent, his head resting against Suzaku's. Several times, Suzaku tried glancing back at Lelouch, just to see if he was awake. It was too difficult to, so Suzaku spoke to Lelouch.

"I'm thinking we should move from the cave."

"Where did that come from?" Lelouch wondered, frowning.

"Kallen walked by here. If we keep moving, it would be harder for her to track us."

"Or she could find our trail, chase us down, and kill both of us," Lelouch pointed out.

Suzaku rolled his eyes. "I can keep our tracks small. She'd never spot them. Besides, I'm stronger than her. If I had to, I could kill her." But it made him uncomfortable, thinking about that.

The cave entrance appeared and Suzaku walked inside, allowing Lelouch off his back. The raven-haired boy climbed off clumsily and lay down on the Zero cape. He mumbled, "I don't want to move, Suzaku," before he dozed off into dreamland.

Suzaku sighed and silently moved around the cave, not wanting to wake Lelouch. He straightened everything up in only half an hour. It was too soon to make dinner or fish for that matter. So, he decided to lie down beside Lelouch and take a nap of his own.



Neither boys realized they had slept through the entire night into morning. Suzaku woke up the moment he felt Lelouch shift and sat up slowly with bleary eyes. He yawned widely, then looked over at Lelouch, who had managed to prop himself up on his elbows.

"What time is it?" he mumbled, slowly lying back down on the ground. Suzaku sat up with another yawn. He glanced outside at the brightening sky. "It's probably seven in the morning. We should just go back to bed." He was going to roll over, but the look on Lelouch's face told him a different story. So, he sighed and stood up. "You need to use the bathroom?"

Lelouch nodded, blushing slightly. Suzaku helped Lelouch to his feet and together, they walked to the forest. He left Lelouch and did his own business. It wasn't long before Lelouch called for Suzaku and the two headed back to the caves. They sat in silence while Suzaku collected firewood. Once the fire was started, Suzaku got fish gathered and gutted outside. He shoved sticks through each fish and set them upon the fire.

"Are we still planning on moving?" Lelouch asked.

Suzaku glanced at Lelouch. "Yes, that's what I plan. Today, I was going to explore the area for good shelter. The worst scenario would be we need to build a place to stay in. I also plan to start a raft once you're better, so we can leave."

The idea they could leave had not entered Lelouch's mind. He didn't like the idea either. He had nothing to go back to; there was no Nunnally or his best friend to look forward to. Besides, he was going to die. Why not just stay on an island for the rest of his days?

And, so he told Suzaku, "I won't be leaving." Suzaku looked up sharply and frowned.

"What are you talking about? Of course you'll be coming back."

Lelouch shook his head. "I have nothing to go back to. Nunnally hates me, my terrorist group has left me completely, and none of my friends from Ashford will help me. Anyways, I'll be dead within six months. I just want to stay somewhere I can live in peace for my last months."

"Lelouch, that's not right," Suzaku said, coming next to the raven-haired boy. "No one should die alone."

"I'll always be alone, Suzaku!" Lelouch glared at Suzaku with tear-filled eyes. "No matter what happens, I will be! As soon as we get back to Japan, I'll be hunted and put to death for my crimes. You won't be my friend anymore, nor will anyone!"

Suzaku's face became blank, not betraying any emotions. "You think I'm going to do that, Lelouch? I'll leave you to die while I go back to Britannia as the traitor I'll always be?"

"At least you have a place there, Suzaku," he said bitterly.

Suzaku stood up and walked back over to the fire. He said nothing more to Lelouch until the food was ready. When it was, he brought it over to Lelouch, muttering something to him.

"Now you're upset at me for stating facts, Suzaku?"

"I'm not upset," he tried to deny. He was a terrible liar.

"You're lying."

Suzaku didn't answer. Lelouch sighed, irritated. "Really, Suzaku, what's so bad about me staying here?"

"We're going to go exploring after breakfast. I'd hurry and eat."

Lelouch didn't say anything to Suzaku, even when he finished eating. Eventually, Suzaku caught on and walked over to the raven-haired boy. "Come on, Lelouch, let's go." Lelouch went without an issue, but he still didn't talk to Suzaku.

Eventually, Suzaku sat Lelouch in the sand and began to explore parts of the island. Lelouch sat silently, staring blankly ahead. When lunch rolled around, Suzaku collected up fruits and water for them to eat.

Lelouch finally snapped out of his state half way during lunch and said to Suzaku, "You would want me there, wouldn't you?" he asked softly.

Suzaku looked at Lelouch and nodded. "Yes. After what we've been through here, I can't imagine going back, pretending nothing happened."

"Suzaku, I can't go back," Lelouch said, biting into an apple. He held the emerald gaze of Suzaku. "If I go back, I risk dying before we hit land and on top of it, I can't hide anywhere. I'll soon have to be in a hospital all the time." He paused to eat a little more and coughed slightly. "However, if I stayed here, Destiny would take care of me. I'm sure she would make it as painless as possible."

"What if she got rid of your disease, Lelouch?"

"She can't," Lelouch sighed.

"Why can't she?" he demanded and leaned forward, much closer to Lelouch than he realized.

"C.C. caused this and she's out of this destiny stuff. Destiny can't do anything about it."

"She can make your headaches fade away! I'm sure she could-"

"The headaches are only a symptom of my dying. She can't take away the fact I'm actually dying, Suzaku."

"She has to, Lelouch."

"Well, she can't, Suzaku."

"I'll make her."
"You can't change what's been written!" Lelouch groaned in frustration and glared at Suzaku. "You're just as aware of this as I am."

"No, I'm not apparently," Suzaku said stubbornly.

"Suzaku, you can't change the written lines-!"

He was suddenly cut off.

Suzaku silenced the ex-Britannian with a kiss.

And Lelouch kissed him back. As fiercely as he could. As if he was afraid Suzaku would pull away at any time.

But Suzaku didn't. Not until he had to.

He watched Lelouch's reactions and tried to read Lelouch.

He was flushed and he seemed to be fighting some inner battle. But he smiled slightly. It quickly faded.

"Suzaku," Lelouch murmured, leaning forward and brushing away tears Suzaku wasn't aware he had shed.

"I care for you, Lelouch. I always have. And I need you back in Area 11, more than ever now."

"Suzaku, but Euph-"

"She's gone, Lelouch. I'll always love her, but… this is the present. And I feel I'm ready to move forward with my life."

Lelouch nodded slowly, then suddenly, he heard a noise. Suzaku jumped to his feet instantly, scooped Lelouch into his arms, and quickly dashed behind some bushes. Lelouch leaned against Suzaku. Suzaku watched outside of the bushes.

Trees rustled. Then suddenly, there was a scratch, rustle, and then it shot out of a bush.

It being a rabbit.

Both Suzaku and Lelouch relaxed visibly. Then, Suzaku helped Lelouch to his feet.

"I found a new place for us to stay," Suzaku commented as Lelouch managed on Suzaku's back.

After a moment, Lelouch sighed. "All right, I'll try it out. I can see how stressful Kallen is to you."

"Aren't you worried?"

Lelouch shook his head. "No, I hadn't been. The worst she could have done was end my suffering. But now… after we…" Lelouch cleared his throat. "I think I have reasons to want to live for as long as I can."

Suzaku didn't say anything and Lelouch couldn't see him smiling.

It wasn't long before Suzaku walked into another cavern. This one was definitely better. There was an opening above a small pool of water. The pool of water had a small waterfall.

"This place isn't bad, Suzaku," Lelouch commented with a small smile.

"We can start a fire in here without having to worry about being smoked out," Suzaku said as he helped Lelouch down to the floor. "I'll go get all of our bags. Kallen shouldn't be able to find you if you're quiet."

As Suzaku started to walk away, Lelouch said, "Suzaku wait." Lelouch beckoned Suzaku back over. He walked over, looking slightly confused. Lelouch hesitated, then kissed Suzaku. Suzaku kissed Lelouch back eagerly, but pulled away. He grinned at Lelouch, then ran off without another word.

~Author's Note~

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