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Chapter 1: Guess I'm Falling for You

When I look into your eyes

I see sunshine

The clouds are blown away

I hope you're here to stay

Cause I've got me needing more of you

Guess I'm falling for you

-Michael Buble


The music is loud, the house is dark, and I can't seem to walk three steps without bumping into someone causing the beer in my red plastic cup to spill down my arm. I hate beer, but it's the only thing to drink at these frat houses.

I'm not the type of girl that does frat houses or college parties, but my best friend Alice is. It took a lot of convincing and pouting on her part before I relented. Here I am left alone to wander, waiting for her to be done. Her boyfriend Jasper is a brother here at Pi Kappa Alpha, at the University of Washington. It didn't take long for them to lock themselves in his room putting an article of clothing on his door knob; a sign that lets everyone know to stay the hell out. My feet stick to the floor as I try desperately to find someplace that I can get some personal space.

I walk outside to the back yard. It's cold, and I wish I didn't leave my jacket in Jasper's room. The lawn is littered with these plastic cups, and some ass is shirtless with big blue letters across his chest, PKA. I roll my eyes. Typical frat boy.

A few girls are flirting with him shamelessly, as he shows off. I can't deny that he is good looking. He has got a killer body. My eyes linger on his six pack. I'm not paying attention and he catches me staring. I blush. He smiles. I remember thinking his dimples are so pretty, pretty enough to take my eyes off his chest. I am positive he could get anything he wanted simply by flashing his smile.

Then, in true Bella fashion, I trip. I'm fortunate enough not to fall on my face, but the red cup is empty, beer covers my bare arm. Not that I care, I hate beer.

I look up, mortified. He is laughing. At me. I do the only thing I can think of, I laugh with him. I walk towards him, and he jumps down from the table he was just acting like a drunk ass on, leaving behind his fan club of girls. His landing is graceful, and the smile on my face grows wider.

"Okay, there Beautiful?" he chuckles.

I purse my lips, and nod, "I think I'll survive."

"Emmett Cullen," he tells me holding his hand out in greeting.

"Bella Swan," I respond offering him my hand. He doesn't shake it though, he brings it to his mouth and kisses it, he looks up at me through his long eyelashes and my heart skips a beat. I've never felt this way before. I love how his smile reach his eyes.

"Beautiful Bella," he whispers.

I try to think of a lot of reasons to leave or excuse myself because the last thing I want is some drunk frat boy trying to cop a feel, or force me to sit on the disgusting couches that God knows how many naked asses sat on.

But, I never need to. He is a perfect gentleman. He see's that I am cold, the goosebumps on my bare arms make it hard to deny.

"Yeah, I left my jacket upstairs," I shiver.

"Let's go get it," he offers.

"I'm afraid the room is being occupied," I explain.

"Ahhh," he says. He turns around to the chair behind him, and hands me a blue hooded sweatshirt.

"Thanks," I say pulling it over my head. I try to discreetly sniff it. It smells amazing, like Acqua Di Gio, a hint of wood with an ocean breeze. I savor the smell and commit it to my memory as a scent that would always bring me back to this moment.

He hands me another beer, and asks me about myself. There isn't much to tell. I'm a junior at Seattle Pacific University, my major is marine biology. Because I would live underwater if I could. I tell him I am from Arizona, and how I miss the sun. He tells me, that I am the sun. I've brightened up his night.

Every time he smiles at me my knees feel weak.

He tells me he is a senior, and after this year he wants to join the Marines to become an officer. That his brother is his best friend, and how much he is going to miss him when he leaves. He tries to use words to describe how much he will miss him when he is gone, but he is unsuccessful. I understand how that feels, because I left my whole life behind in Arizona. My parents and all my friends.

I know I can always go home though. They will always be there for me. That's what makes families so supportive. I could go a week without speaking to my mom, and know that she would be there if I needed her no matter what. I tell him all this and that it gets easier, and I think he feels a little better about leaving his family behind, especially his brother.

We go back inside, because it's getting late and I want to find Alice and go back to our tiny apartment. When we finally manage to get into Jasper's room, she is out cold. I shake her, I yell for her, but it's no use. She's out for the night, completely trashed.

"You can stay," Emmett offers, but I cringe at the thought. I have a huge aversion to sleeping in house where my shoes stick to the floor due to all the spilled beer. "Or not," he smirks upon seeing my face.

"It's not that far of a walk," I tell him grabbing my leather jacket off the desk chair. I don't put it on, because his sweatshirt is warmer...smells nicer. So, I just drape it over my arm.

"Let me walk with you," he offers. He leaves me standing downstairs while he finds another shirt. He jogs down the steps two at a time, and I never saw a white t-shirt in more glory. He grabs a jacket out of the closet and slips on a gray Gatsby hat over his dirty blonde hair then holds the front door open for me.

As we walk down the sidewalk, the street lights above us buzz. We approach the storefront my apartment is above and he becomes shy. He scratches the back of his head, he looks so boyish.

"So, Beautiful Bella, do you think I could call you sometime?"he asks.

I bring my bottom lip between my teeth and nod. I try not to look so excited, because I don't want to get my hopes up. I'm shy, and It's not as though I have never been on dates, or kissed boys before, but when it comes to dating I am still new to the game.

He pulls out his cell phone, and I tell him my number. He presses send, and my phone rings. "Now you have mine," he tells me.

He leans forward and his lips fall gently on my cheek. "Sweet dreams," he whispers to me as he walks away backward smiling his beautiful smile at me. I can't tear my eyes away from him, and he can't seem to either. Not until he trips over the fire hydrant.

I lose, it. I laugh uncontrollably at his blunder. He laughs with me, and I go upstairs and sleep. I have sweet dreams, and I don't take off the sweatshirt. I wrap myself with his scent as I replay the best kiss of my existence. Even if it was just a peck on the cheek.

I try really hard not to think about him. Not to get my hopes up. He may never call. All I may get is this one perfect night, and I don't want to ruin it by worrying over whether or not he will call. Stupid games.

These games we play, it's one of the major reasons that I don't date. I can't stand the rules. I hate that guys seem to think they have to wait three days before calling a girl back and asking her out again. Or the difference between, dating, hooking up, and going out. It's just too many rules with too many exceptions.

Emmett Cullen though, I would give it a chance for him. Because all he had to do was bat his thick eye lashes and smile at me, and I was like putty in his hands.

The next morning on my way to class, my phone rings. My stomach flutters when I see his name across the screen.

"Hello," I answer trying to keep my voice even.

"Beautiful Bella," he coo's.

"Emmett," I smile into the phone.

"Coffee?" he asks simply.

"I have class, after?" I suggest, because I'm not playing the game. I never did. I never will. I'm a straight shooter.

The week passes by with innocent touches and sweet touches and lots of coffee and even a little bit of ice cream. All while holding Emmett's hand.

I'm sitting in my kitchen with a cup of coffee one Saturday morning, sheathed in Emmett's hooded sweatshirt and short boxers the faint smell of ocean and wood is still there. The door bell rings. Alice is expecting Jasper, she scurries down to let him in.

I stand up to wash out my mug when they walk in. I smile at Jasper and my smile grows even bigger when Emmett appears in the door. It's one of those moments that feels like slow motion.

"Hey," I breath out. The excitement of a new relationship is the best feeling, and not one I have experienced much. I'm a bit embarrassed for him to see me shamelessly wearing his sweatshirt. The look on his face tells me I shouldn't be.

He grabs the material by my stomach and pulls me close to him. He pecks my lips, and I push him away playfully. "What are you doing here?" I ask him.

"Jasper said he was coming over, so I decided to tag along. I wanted to see you," he tells me leaning against the kitchen counter next to the sink.

"What are you doing tonight?" he asks me.

"I made plans with my boyfriend, why?" I tease him.

"My brother, Edward is dying to meet the girl that's captured my attention. I thought maybe we could have a few drinks with him at Kaleidoscope."

"Sure, I'm excited to meet him." I hear Alice laugh. "What?" I ask her.

"Nothing. You'll see soon enough," she smiles. I take this as a warning to attest to Edward's character. He can't be that bad, he is Emmett's brother. His best friend. I want to give him a fair chance.

"I'm gonna go get dressed," I tell Emmett. He stops me and shakes his head no.

"I like the way you look in my clothes," he whispers against my neck.

I blush, and something clicks inside my head. I want to be close to him. I get bold. I tug him back towards my bedroom. I feel comfortable with him. I feel like everything between us is clear cut. I'm not thinking this boy is going to call another girl as soon as he leaves my presence. I'm positive his actions and motives are genuine.

I don't wonder if I'm his hook up, or just a girl he is seeing. It's not high school. I don't need him to say I'm his girlfriend to know that is what I am. Every touch, every word, every intention tells me I am. It feels nice. He feels nice. I want him alone.

As soon as he kicks my bedroom door shut, his lips are on mine. "I'm glad you came over," I tell him as he walks me backward towards my bed. It's the most physical we have been, and I don't want it to get to out of hand.

I have had sex a total of three times. I'm in what feels like my first adult relationship, and as an adult I feel like sex is just expected. But I can't just have sex because it feels like something a grown up would do. As far as relationships go, I might as well be sixteen-years old, instead of twenty-one.

I fall back on the bed, and I think I should tell him I don't want to get to carried away. I don't want him to get his hopes up and be disappointed with me. I can't seem to find the right words though. I don't want to sound like a child.

So as he hovers on top of me, I let him do whatever he wants. His hands wander up his sweatshirt, I tell myself if they touch a breast I will move them. But they don't. He just wraps his large hands around my hips and feels my stomach.

His lips never go lower than my neck, and even though I feel his hardness against me, he never grinds it into me, I think he is even making some sort of effort to keep from touching me too much.

I feel his stomach, his hard abs contrast his soft skin and he feels so good.

Later that night, I slip in my skinny jeans, my favorite concert t-shirt and my chucks. Alice hates them. She tells me they are childish, but I don't care. I love them. Emmett holds my hand as we walk into the small trendy corner bar a few blocks away.

He walks me up to a table where I assume his brother is sitting. Good looks must run in the family because his brother is breathtaking. Even with his messy bronze hair that doesn't look like it has been washed in days and the five o'clock shadow on his face.

He stands up to shake my hand, his flannel is wrinkled, and the buttons aren't buttoned right. Emmett introduces me as his girlfriend, and it makes me smile. I'm happy. I have a boyfriend. I have someone that cares. He seems nice enough. His eyes are green like anemones plants in the ocean, and they captivate me like Emmett's smile does.

Edward is charming. He orders us drinks and toasts to me and Emmett. We talk about school, he is pre-med. He disagrees with everything. From global warming, to the salaries of CEO's, and whether religion causes wars, or gay marriage rights, and I swear to God, he is arguing just for the sake of arguing with me. Soon, he is excusing himself to flirt with a leggy blonde in short black dress and she makes me feel inadequate. I feel relived he isn't there to argue with me anymore.

He brings her over, and introduces her as Tanya. He makes out with her in the booth across from me and Emmett, I have to get up because it's making me uncomfortable. Emmett follows me to the bar where I order another drink.

"You okay?" he asks me, sliding money onto the bar to cover my drink.

"Just don't want to watch your brother grope that girl," I shrug. I sip my drink, and Emmett wraps his arms around me.

I excuse myself to go out and have a smoke. Emmett hates that I'm a smoker. I tell him I will quit, but don't really mean it. I let the smoke out of my lungs when I feel a presence next to me. I look over to see Edward.

He lights a cigarette and smirks at me as he brings it to his mouth and sucks back the nicotine. "You have a problem with too much PDA?" he asks letting the smoke escape his lungs.

I roll my eyes, and take another drag. "Just excessive, in your face, get a room PDA," I tell him in annoyance.

"I bet you're a prude," he states. I turn to face him, angry at his assumption.

"Just not a slut," I tell him with an edge to my voice. He chuckles.

"Obviously, Emmett hasn't had much to say about the sex, which only means there is none,"

"Maybe it's n-none of your business," I tell him putting out my cigarette with my chuck.

He checks out my ass, and smiles. "I'd hold out for the chance to tap your ass too," he says flicking the ash off with his thumb.

I'm stunned. I don't know what to say. How to respond. Who the hell does this guy think he is?
"Pervert," is the best I can do, before I storm back inside where Emmett is waiting at the bar.

He slides my drink over to me, "What's wrong?" he asks.

"Your brother," I huff, bringing the straw into my mouth to suck more alcohol down.


I wake up in what's her names bed? Oh right, Tanya. She's out cold, the sun is just rising. I swing my legs out of the bed and slip on my jeans that lay on the floor. I pull my shirt over my head and make my escape.

She lives in Rosalie's sorority house, and the last thing I want is to see her. If I had known she lived here, I would have never come back to her place. Rosalie is Jasper's twin sister. The only girl I have attempted to have a relationship with. But, she is too controlling, so I ended things. Only she still calls and asks to come over some nights. I'm not the type to turn down sex, so, I let her come over when I stay at my parents houseboat on Lake Union in Seattle. I know it gets her hopes up that I'll settle down or whatever, but I won't stop. Why destroy her dreams and deprive myself from sex?

She thinks I'm some lion she can tame. That she's the one that can make an honest man or something out of me. Just because she's Rosalie Hale. Five foot nine, a hundred and ten pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, with breasts that put Jenna Jameson to shame, isn't enough to tame me.

It's a few houses down from Emmett's. I can walk there to go back to sleep, because it's way to fucking early to be awake. Jasper and Emmett share a room. I am positive Jasper is at Alice's, so I know his bed will be empty.

I push his door open, and I smirk. Bella's in his bed, her creamy leg hitched over his hip. I see her boy short underwear, and the way they hug her ass cheek. I try not to get a woody over my brothers girlfriend, I have to admit the girl has got killer legs. But she's such an awkward thing. She bites her lip, and rolls her eyes, and she has all these nervous ticks. She argues about everything, and when she gets flustered she stutters.

Now, that Emmett got laid, I hope I don't have to put up with her much longer cause she really just rubs me the wrong way. Everything about her, minus her legs...and ass...and eyes...irks me.

I sleep until eleven. When I get up, Emmett is gone, but Bella is still asleep. I rub the sleep out of my eyes, and scratch my head with a yawn before slipping my shoes back on and going downstairs.

It's not even noon, but this is a frat house, and a few of the guys are playing quarters in the dining room. I know where to find Emmett, he's in the basement working out.

When I go down, he is doing pull ups in the door frame, he lets himself fall to the floor and I smirk at him. "How was she?" I ask.

He shakes his head at me, "It's not like that, dude. She's different," he tells me.

"So, you mean to tell me you just slept?" I ask shocked. I couldn't just sleep with a girl who was only in her underwear.

"Pretty much," he shrugs. "I'm not looking for an easy fuck anymore, Edward. This girl...she's the type of girl you can bring home to Mom. I really like her, and I'd appreciate it if you were nice to her," he tells me with a pointed look.

"I'll try," I tell him. I'm not sure I can resist the urge to argue with her. Because it's quite amusing to watch her get her panties in a bunch. She is wound up tight.

We head upstairs, and Bella is awake. One of he guys in the house is pointing her in the direction of the basement.

Emmett walks to her and wraps his arm around her waist kissing the side of her head, "Morning, Sleeping beauty," he's making me queasy with this girl.

She shoves him away, "You're all sweaty and gross," she laughs.

I chuckle. "As if he wasn't getting all sweaty with you last night." Her face gets red, and it amuses me. "Although, my brother prefers thongs to the boy short underwear you are wearing," I tell her just to get a rise out of her. It's way to easy.

"You-you're such an ass," she spits out a bit spazzy, I suppose it's a better comeback then pervert.

"It's nice to see you too, Bella." I say with mock enthusiasm when Emmett gives me a warning look.

Emmett says he is going to take a shower, and tells us to play nice. I lean against the wall with my arms crossed and look at this girl that has my brother by the balls.

She is wearing one of Emmett's long sleeved Henley's tied at her hip showing a sliver of her stomach.
I can see her black bra through the white material, and the three buttons are open. Her tits aren't big, but they are nice.

I tell myself to stop checking out my brothers uptight girlfriend. She crosses her arms over her chest and huffs, I guess she caught me checking out her tits.

"Calm down, there little miss prissy," I tell her. "I really get under that uptight skin of yours don't I?" I ask her.

"Please, don't flatter yourself to think that I actually give a shit enough about you to let you get under my skin," she turns to go up the stairs, I assume to wait for Emmett to get out of the shower and save her from me.

I still live at home, with my parents. It's better than a dorm, and when Emmett joined the fraternity I didn't really have anyone I wanted to rent a place with, so I just stayed home. It's not far from the Seattle campus, my parents don't try to control me or smother me. But, a few days a week I stay on my parents house boat in Seattle on the Roanoke Reef. It's just easier when I have early classes. Plus, it's so quite and peaceful. It helps me to stay focused. I tried to convince my dad to let me stay there all year, but he won't agree to more than a few nights a week, and never the weekend. It's not that he doesn't trust me, he doesn't trust my friends.

I hope by next year, after three years of staying there a few nights a week without incident, he will give in and let me stay there during the school year.

I tell Emmett and Bella I'm leaving. I promised a special girl a date this afternoon. Bella of course rolls her eyes, I don't even bother trying to fix her assumption that I'm taking out a girl. There is only one girl I have ever called special, and she is six.

When my mom told us she was pregnant when I was fifteen I was stunned. The first time I held her, though I was in awe. She captured my heart, and even I will admit that she is part of the reason I stayed at home.

When I get to my house in Kirkland on Washington Lake, I go straight out back where I see her dirty blonde hair, her green eyes light up when she see's me. She is waiting for me on the small dock by our boat. "Edward!" she exclaims running towards me. I let her jump into my arm and I kiss her head.

"Hey kiddo, you ready?"

"Yup," she smiles up at me, a big gap where she is missing her two front teeth.

"Let's go tell mom we're going," I say ruffling her hair. I don't know why Emmett chose to live in that disgusting pig sty frat house when he could be here. Enjoying views of the lake, Mt. Rainier, and the city.

We find mom in the large white kitchen, she is bathed in the sunlight that is coming through the large windows along the back wall.

"Hey, Ma," I say giving her a hug. "Elise and I are going to the park." I tell her.

"Well, be back for dinner, your brother is bringing someone special to dinner tonight," she beams. We never bring girls home. She is excited.

"Ah, Bella," I say. "Pretty, but she needs to loosen up a little," I tell my mom.

"Edward, your brother must really like this girl to bring her home," Mom points out. She asks me about girls, if there is anyone special in my life. I tell her I am too busy with school to worry about meeting someone worth having a relationship with.

"We will be back in time," I promise before letting Elise climb on my back and head to the park.

"No later than four!" Mom calls after us.

Elise and I get back a little before four, and the house smells like rosemary and thyme. I head up to my room and check my email and Facebook. Rosalie sent me a message offering to come over tonight, I tell her that tonight's not a good night, Emmett's bringing his new girlfriend home. I end it by thanking her for the offer.

When I jog down the steps I hear Emmett introducing Bella to Mom, Elise, and my Dad, Carlisle.

"Hey," I greet them.

"Date over so soon Edward?" Bella quips.

"Well, we had to cut it short for this special occasion, isn't that right, Elise?" I let Bella know who my date was with. She looks confused and surprised and maybe even a little less like I am the scum of the earth.

Mom takes Bella into the kitchen when Bella offers to help, and Emmett comes with me outside to smoke, Elise follows us. "Do me a favor bro, and be nice to Bella." Emmett asks.

"Dude, I try but it's just way to easy to press her buttons," I tell him letting the smoke slip slowly from my mouth.

"I like her, she's pretty," Elise announces swinging on the railing on the deck.

"Don't do that Elise, you could get hurt," I warn her.

Bella comes out, she pulls a pack of smokes out of her jacket pocket and lights up. She has two corona's and hands the one without the lime to Emmett. She balances her beer on the deck railing, and smiles down at Elise.

"How old are you Elise?" she asks her.

"I'm six. I just started first grade. And Edward helps me with my homework," she beams up at me. I wink at Elise, because Bella probably thinks I am not capable of doing such a thing.

Not that I give a shit what she thinks I'm capable of.

"Really? What kind of homework?" Bella asks her.

"Adding right now," Elise informs her.

"Really? Edward knows how to add?" she looks at me and smiles smugly. "I had no idea," she digs into me. I have to admit to being impressed at her ability to dish it back at me.

"Sure do, Bella. One and one is eleven," I laugh looking at Elise, "right?" I ask her for conformation.

She laughs at me, "No! It's two!"

"So, it is, guess your lucky to have such a smart brother to help you," I tell her.

Bella hasn't touched her beer, and I know if I pick it up and take a sip it will piss her off. So I do. I smile into the bottle as the liquid hits my lips.

"Yo! Get your own beer!" she yelps.

"Oh, I thought you brought this out for me." I tell her playing dumb while taking another sip.

"God, you are so-so-so...frustrating!" she huffs, putting her cigarette out and storming back inside.

I laugh, even though Emmett isn't amused. "What?" I ask him innocently. He just shakes his head in dissatisfaction.

Dinner goes well. Emmett and Bella seem to be happily floating in the honeymoon period, minus the sex of course. I wonder what her aversion to sex is, is she a virgin, or just a prude?

Later that week, after Emmett drops Bella off at her apartment, he stops by the houseboat to play the new Call of Duty with me. It's a Sunday night ritual.

I hand him a beer and we sit on sofa. I turn on the PlayStation. "Dude, is she a virgin?" I ask him.

"I don't think so, what's it matter?" Emmett retorts. "I respect her."

"Not even a blow job yet?" I ask.

"Not everything is about sex, Edward. I know it's a foreign concept to you, but Bella and I have more than sex. We have a relationship." he says it like I am a kid.

"I just think if your going to have a girlfriend you should at least reap the benefits of regular sex," I tell him.

"Just drop it, okay?" he warns, picking up his beer and chugging it.

"It's been dropped," I tell him. Honestly, it's just nice to have him hanging out with me. I've missed his company since Bella came around.

We always promised Bro's over Hoe's and I feel like I have been ditched...and for a spazzy awkward prissy girl.

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