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Clouds blanketed the sky, and the sounds of birds could be heard chirping in the trees. Kira was walking home from school, looking over her shoulder at some kids who were walking behind her. The two kids were laughing, as though something funny had happened earlier.

But, to the redhead, there was nothing funny about what had happened. She lifted her hand to her brown eyes to wipe away some tears. She did her best to ignore the laughs from behind her, but that was impossible.

Unable to take much more of this, she closed her eyes, covered her ears with her hands and began to run. Right now, she didn't care about anything, aside from getting away from the laughter. She had no idea how long she had run before she came to a stop.

Kira removed her hands from her ears, relieved to no longer hear the sounds of the kids behind her. Maybe now, she could finish her walk home in peace. It would certainly be a nice change of pace. But when she opened her eyes, she found she was in for a surprise.

Around her were trees that didn't have their leaves, but the teenage girl couldn't tell if they were dead. Fog surrounded her on the forest path, and cold air began to sweep all around her. Just then she had noticed that it wasn't just the laughter of the kids she could no longer hear. The songs of the birds couldn't reach her ears anymore.

"W… where am I?" Kira asked to no one in particular. The redhead glanced behind her, but all she could see was the forested path even then.

She didn't know if it was the creepy forested path that was giving her goose bumps, or if it was because of the cold air. Wrapping her arms around herself, Kira walked forward, wondering where in the world this path would lead her.

Casting her brown eyes upward, she could swear that the clouds were darker than they were earlier. She didn't know if that meant it was going to rain or not, but that just made her quicken her pace. She had to get inside soon, just in case.

Finally, a building could be seen looming ahead of her. It looked big enough to be a hotel even. Maybe she could tell the people working there that she had gotten lost or something. As she approached, she got a better look of the place.

The hotel was made of brick, and the two big front doors were made of wood. There were two little golden heads that resembled a mouse on the front, and the doors had round rings on them, which she had never seen before. Above the door were two words in gold that spelled 'Gregory House.'

Steeling what courage she had, Kira opened the door, cringing only slightly at the creaking sound that followed, and let herself inside the building. She carefully closed the door behind her. It was not exactly the brightest place, and she had a feeling that perhaps she should just leave right now, even though she just got inside. But rumbles of thunder could soon be heard outside, as though telling her she made a good decision to come inside, so she wouldn't get all wet.

Kira looked around at the red floor, the blue walls, and torches that lined the wall to give more light. There were some red cushioned couches and seats that actually looked comfortable to sit on. She was just about to walk over to a couch to wait for someone to come by.

"Do you need a room for the night?" questioned an unfamiliar voice behind the girl.

Kira gasped and spun around to face the one who came up behind her. To her surprise, she was staring at an old mouse, who was wearing a striped shirt that was red and black, and a pink coat that went down to the floor. She also assumed he was old because of the white hair on the top of his head.

"Forgive me," the gray mouse said with a smile. "I shouldn't go around scaring people like that."

"T… that's okay," Kira said quickly. She couldn't believe it. Standing in front of her was a human sized mouse, walking and talking like a human would! To say the least, this was very startling for the girl.

"My, my… you look exhausted, my dear," the mouse noticed, looking her up and down with his pink eyes. He reached for a nearby candle, and picked up the golden handle by his paw. Then he walked toward the reception desk, where there were some hooks hanging nearby. He picked up a ring of keys on the right hook with his free paw.

"It isn't often a young guest comes here. Come along, and I'll show you to your room," the mouse offered.

Kira slowly shook her head. "I don't think so," she replied. "I only came here because I got lost. And I don't have any money…"

"You don't need to worry about that," the mouse assured the redhead.

The girl was about to protest that she only wanted to get home, but the sound of thunder continued outside, lighting up the inside through the windows with each strike. Some taps on the window told her that it was starting to rain. "Well… maybe it wouldn't hurt if I stayed for the night," Kira said after a bit of silence.

"Oh, good, then right this way, my dear." The mouse turned and started to walk off with the girl following close behind him. As he turned to a nearby flight of steps, he looked to the young girl. "My name is Gregory and I am the owner of this hotel. You can call on me for anything you may need."

"I'm Kira," the girl introduced. "Though I shouldn't be so quick to trust you." Even as she thought that, she began to wonder why she didn't question how he could be a mouse, and be walking around and talking like a human. At least, she didn't say it out loud anyway.

"How did I end up in that forest anyway? And how did I end up here? Maybe I'm losing my mind!"

Gregory only smiled slightly. "Perhaps you have lost more than just your way," he remarked. "Perhaps you are losing your mind."

Kira did her best to hold back a gasp, wondering how Gregory could sense her thoughts. That did seem to make sense in some way. After all, she somehow wound up in a creepy forest, finding her way to this hotel, only to be meeting, and talking to, a mouse!

Before she could voice her thoughts, the old mouse chuckled. "Just kidding," he said as he walked up the steps.

Kira shook her head. "That wasn't funny," she complained under her breath as she followed Gregory up the stairs to the second floor.

After walking down a hallway, and passing by a bunch of blue doors with numbers on them, Gregory stopped in front of one of the blue doors that had the number 205 on it. The redhead noticed that one door was out of place. It looked like metal, like something one might see in a prison. Worse, it was right beside the door Gregory stopped at. She was about to check it when Gregory opened the blue door in front of him.

"This will be your room, my dear," he said to the girl. "I hope it is to your liking."

Kira stepped inside and took a cautious look around the room. In some strange way, it felt… very cozy. There was a dresser, a table, and a bed with pink sheets on the top. The shutters for the window were closed and Kira intended to keep it that way due to the rain. There was a picture of a cat above the bed, which surprised her a bit considering the Innkeeper was a mouse.

Just as Gregory was about to speak, there was another thunderclap, which caused a shrill shrieking sound to be heard next door. "Who is that?" Kira questioned passing the old mouse and heading toward the door that reminded her of a prison.

Not wanting to actually go inside, she instead peeked through the keyhole. She could still hear that horrible shrieking, but where was it coming from? Suddenly a figure appeared in front of the keyhole and hissed at her! She started to back away, nearly tumbling off her feet. It looked like a cat, but his fur was purple and gray. His eyes seemed to glow red. And from what she had seen barely, she could have sworn she saw stitches on the eyes and mouth! Of course, she only got a good look at his head.

"The one in that room is Neko Zombie," Gregory answered, as though he finally got to the girl's question. "He used to live with a neighboring family that caused us nothing but trouble! When he came here, he was a lovely creature, with silky black fur."

"But… what happened to him?" Kira stammered. "I mean… he doesn't look like how you described!"

"Well… on a stormy night just like this one, someone took a needle and sewed everything shut! His eyes, his mouth, his ears… His face became a patchwork quilt."

"Oh… that's awful," Kira whispered. She didn't know who did it, but she wanted to walk up to that person and hit him for doing something so cruel to a cat! She loved all animals, and didn't like to see them suffering.

"Perhaps it would be best if you locked your room tonight," Gregory suggested.

"Yeah… I should," Kira agreed, shivering slightly at the thought that entered her mind. She slowly walked back to her room, trying to ignore the shrieking sound.

"Now, try to get some rest, my dear," Gregory offered as he closed the door. "I hope you enjoy your stay." Kira thought she heard him say something softly. It sounded like 'forever' but maybe she misheard?

Suddenly, there was another shriek from the room next door. This was followed by the old mouse screaming, "Can't you be quiet?"

Kira guessed it was going to be a long night.