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Chapter One


A caravan of THREE CAMP BUSES with the name CAMP OTOME FOR GIRLS emblazoned on their sides climb a tree-lined road. The Buses turn down a narrow lane and pass through a freshly painted wooden gate and giving us a sweeping view of the beautiful CAMP OTOME. A magnificent lake sparkles in the distance with red canoes lined up on its shores. Over this quiet serenity we HEAR the Bus HORNS HONKING to announce the first day of camp has officially begun.


Girls. Girls. Girls. Tall ones, short ones and everything in between. Some carry pillows, others carry stuffed animals, all wear backpacks. There are more pony-tails swinging at this moment than you can imagine. Teenage Counselors try to control the pandemonium without much luck. The only men in sight, the Bus Drivers tossing duffel bags out of the buses and into a large pile.

MARIA SUGIURA, the owner of the Camp, is in her late sixties, four and a half feet tall, wearing khaki shorts, talks through a BULLHORN. Next to her stands her daughter and first lieutenant, MIDORI SUGIURA is in her early twenties but always act like a seventeen just less than six feet, tanned and look humourless once in her lifetime. She also holds a BULL-HORN.

"Good morning, ladies and welcome to Camp Otome. I'm Maria, your Camp Director and this is my daughter and right hand man, Midori. Girls, please find your duffels as quickly as possible, we've got a big, big day ahead of us. Midori,'bunk assignments, if you please." Maria talked through her bull-horn

Midori lifts her BULL-HORN and starts barking out bunk assignments right into her Mother's ear. Maria covers her ears in pain.

"Berg, Kate, Iroquois, bunk seven, Bergouy, Lily! Chickasaw, bunk five!
(A SCREAM of joy was heard as Midori continue on) Burnham, Daisy! Kickapoo, bunk three!"

A MOUNTAIN OF DUFFEL BAGS sits on the quad as one dark-brown haired with emerald color eyes, eleven year-old, Natsumi Kuga, pops up from behind the huge pile.

"Okay, found my duffel, now the question is, how do I get it out?" Natsumi grumble to herself

Natsumi wears overalls, a baseball cap that says Girls Rule, sunglasses, and a sweat-shirt tied around her waist. Her ears are pierced, her hair is short, and she wears bright red high tops and metallic blue nail finding her duffel bag strap mumble to herself that she can do it as she pulls on the strap with all her might, her face turning bright red.

"Okay, no I can't do it." Still trying to get her duffel bag out of the pile.

At that time, a read-headed kid, JULIA, walking through and stop behind Natsumi, carrying her duffel bag on her shoulder and chewing a bubble gum.

"You must be new." Julia stated. "How can you tell?" Natsumi now turn and facing the red-head raising her high-brow. "You didn't know to grab your duffel before the apes tossed it into the heap. I would say you need some serious help." Julia stated as the matter-of-fact while checking on her fingernails. "Thanks. It's the big blue one."Julia helps Natsumi pull on the strap. "Cool hat." Julia said while still trying to pull the duffel bag which didn't budge one bit. "Thanks, it was a going away gift from my Papa." Natsumi say with a big smile on her face.

As Julia and Natsumi pull on the strap together, the Bus Drivers toss another half-dozen new duffels onto the pile. Natsumi and Julia shoot the Bus Drivers a glare. Just then, AOKI, a shoulder length brown haired girl strapping ten year-old in a tie-dye T-shirt, beads and a bandana around her head arrives and easily pulls her duffel from the center of the pile.

"Now that's my kind of woman." Natsumi said as she looks awe at the brown haired girl. Julia cups her hands around her mouth and shouted, "Hey! Tie-Dye girl!" Nicole turns around hearing the call. "Would you mind giving me a hand? My duffel the big blue one was stuck way in there." Natsumi said pointing at her duffel in the piles. Aoki nods and drops her duffel. It LANDS right on Julia's left foot follow by a screamed. "You okay?" Natsumi asked looking at Julia who was in pain as she grabbing her left foot. "That would be negative."Aoki yanks Natsumi's duffel out of the pile and drops it on Julia's other foot."Ouch! Why, thank you." Julia said sarcastically while Natsumi was smirking. Aoki smiles sweetly. "You're welcome." Aoki turned her attention towards Natsumi's duffel and accidentally read the name-tag that was placed there. "Hey, you're from Saxas?" looking awe at Natsumi. "You are? Do you live in Tokyo?" Julia asked looking awe as well. "Do you like live next door to a movie star?" Aoki asked a bit too enthusiastic.

"...What are you two, Lucy and Ethel?" Natsumi answer a bit sarcastically.
"I've never even been to Tokyo. I live in Fuuka, that's in Northern Saxas, and I live next door to a vineyard." Natsumi explained.
"A what yard?" Julia asked dumbly. "A vineyard. It's where you grow grapes to make wine. That's what we do, me and my Papa, we own a vineyard. What bunk are you guys in?" Natsumi asked feeling a bit tired. "Corals" Julia and Aoki answered at the same time. Julia and Aoki look at each other, clearly not thrilled.

A yell from bull-horn was heard
"Kuga, Natsumi..."

Natsumi yells back
"Yo! Right here!"

Midori looks over and waves
"Arapaho! Bunk eleven!"

The Girls slap hands and head off toward their bunk. When suddenly Natsumi asked, "So, either of you by any chance know how to play poker?" Julia and Aoki shake their
heads. "No? That's a shame. So, tell me, how much cash you guys brought with you this summer?" an evil smile suddenly appeared on her face

As the Girls walk off, a LIMOUSINE pulling up in front of the MAIN LODGE. Heads turn as the Driver, in a dark suit and cap, hops out and opens the limousine's back door. Out steps a PROPER KYOTO BUTLER, perfect posture, elegant grey suit, and extremely proper demeanour. His name is REITO and he speaks with a stuffy KYOTO ACCENT.

Reito leans into the back-seat and takes the hand of an elegantly dressed, dark-brown haired with emerald color eyes, eleven year-old, SHIZUKA FUJINO. Shizuka wears a powder blue suit and carries a purse and a small vanity case. Her hair is perfectly neat, shoulder length and worn with a powder blue head band. As Shizuka turns to Reito, we can see her face and realized SHE LOOKS ExACTLY LIKE NATSUMI KUGA! Same hair color, same eyes, same nose, same mouth, same height, and same weight. They were identical in every way.

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