Hey Rick Riordan fans! If you've read Lost Hero you probably can't wait for the next one, Son of neptune. Though I do not own the characters or the series, I decided to right my own version. Enjoy!

Chapter One


Percy woke up by himself in the middle of ruins. They had obviously once been part of a great house, but it wasn't now. He couldn't see much otherwise, the night was moonless. Where was he? Better question, Who was he? All he could remember was his first name, Percy. The rest was like reaching into deep abyss. It was there, but under a whole lot of water. He scrunched his face trying to remember, but nothing. What had happened to him?

A noise like leaves crunching. Percy jumped to his feet. In front of him, two yellow eyes observed him cautiously. Why have you bought him here? A stern female voice asked. Percy thought it was from the eyes but wasn't sure.

Nearby another female responded It is the only way. Something like a growl emerged from the eyes, then it stepped from the shadows.

It was as if with the wolfs appearance, the lights had turned on. He could see it clearly now along with the orange T-shirt, blue jeans, and five-beaded necklace he had on. Instinctively,he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pen. Uncapping it, a sword grew in his hand. The wolf hissed. Percy looked up to find himself surrounded by the strong, gray creatures. "Who are you?" he asked, his voice more confident than he felt.

"I am Lupa," said the wolf who's eyes had watched him. "I train young Roman demigods." Demigods, the word stirred something in Percy, but like a fish, it flitted away. "But all of my demigods must first pass 3 tests. Ones you must pass as well. Come with me."

Percy looked around, he was surrounded by thirty odd wolves, all as big or bigger than him with fur colors ranging from gray to a blueish color. He could kill some, but for some reason he knew that he couldn't take them all. Not without clever backup. Backup with knives something in him said, but before he could trace the thought to the memory it came from it went away.

It is necessary Percy, said that other voice again. Necessary for all of our survivals.The voice was familiar.

"Hera?" Percy guessed out loud.

"Yes," the wolf, Lupa responded coolly. "Hera is the one who bought you here. We call her Juno." The wolf was silent and Percy knew that was all the information he would get from her. They stopped. The forest they had run through had become rocky and Percy saw why. Before them was a chasm which boiling lava flowed through melting the rock constantly.

Lupa jumped across, the other wolves followed. The she-wolf turned, "No cub of mine will hesitate, jump or we'll eat you." With a shrug, Percy jumped. He had a feeling it wasn't the dumbest thing he'd ever done. He was falling toward the lava. Without thinking he stuck out his hands, his gut was pulled, and . . . BOOM! Boy and wolves were blown far to the other side of the chasm. Percy blanked for a few moments.

When he came to he shook the daze from his head. His eyes focused on Lupa. She nodded, "Not bad, not bad at all. Come with me you have two more tasks." Once again, Percy had no choice but to follow the pack of wolves through the woods.

As they ran down the path, Percy realized he had dropped his sword. Once again, he reached into the pocket on the side of his jeans. There was that pen, a single weight in his pocket. He decided to keep it. He didn't know how long it took for the pen/sword to reappear and he might need it. They stopped in front of a river or at least Percy thought it was a river. All he knew was it wasn't made of water. The wolves crossed and turned back to face him.

Lupa chanted, "No pup of mine will bow to pain, hesitate and you will be our meal." Percy carefully submerged himself in the river. He found that it was not water, but acid. It burned him and his clothes. He was on fire. A sense of Deja vu came over him as he felt himself burning to ash. Hold onto something he recalled from, from somewhere. Hold onto something, anything. He had nothing to hold onto. He bit his lip hoping that would be enough. Taking slow, deliberate steps he crossed.

When he reached the other side, The wolves nodded at him in what he thought was an approving manor. Once more they ran away forcing him to follow. This time when they stopped, it was at a rock. The rock was surrounded in a grove surrounded by a thick grouping of trees. The only opening was the one they had come from. Lupa indicated that he sit on the rock. Percy sat carefully, eyes never leaving Lupa.

"No pup of mine," Lupa began. This time the rest of the wolves joined in as she chanted, "shall leave what's important for his weakness. Sit there until the true enemy comes." Percy reached into his pocket. He had a bad feeling about this. Then the voices came. At first they were soft and pleading gradually growing into shouts for help.

"Help me Percy. I'm making a giant a bridal gown."

"Brother, help me."

"Sweetheart I need you."

"Percy, the Hunters need you."


That last voice sounded so familiar. That girl needed him so much and her voice did funny things with his heart, but Percy sat there waiting for his true enemy. Out of the woods walked a boy in his late teens early twenties with a scar down his left cheekbone. Somehow Percy knew that this boy was a son of Hermes. The boys eyes were gold. He pulled out a double bladed sword that struck a chord that Percy couldn't recall. All he did was what he could. Percy pulled out the pen and opened it.