Title: Given Name
Pairing: Belladonna/Ace (implied)
Rating: PG for one instance of language.
Parts: One-shot
Disclaimer: I wrote something vaguely romantic involving Ace. What planet are we on? Also, I don't own 'em.
Summary: The only time you ever know who you are is when he says your name.
Notes: Inspired by busterella's awesome art (from the powerpuffgirls lj comm). I didn't realize until later that I unintentionally wrote it in 2nd person POV. That makes it... what, like my 3rd attempt at that POV? IDK. Unbeta'd.

Given Name

It looks pretty bitchin' when he's done.

The rest of the gang digs it, too. They whistle and cheer their approval.

It's so you, Belladonna, they say. You sneer in agreement.

Truth be told, you don't know if it's really you at all. You don't even know if you're supposed to like it. You had several moments of doubt when Ace was combing it in, unsure of whether your old self (your real self?) would've been the type of girl to dye her hair. You felt like you were doing something wrong. After all, you didn't ask her permission or anything.

It's hard, trying to figure out whether what you do or say or want is a betrayal to yourself. You think about it a lot. Too much, maybe. But you can't help it; you don't know who you are. Even your name doesn't sound right. Doesn't feel right.

Well... most of the time.

"Yeah, she's a real looker now, ain't she, guys?" Ace proclaims in his Obnoxious Leader Voice, and his hand grasps your shoulder and turns you a bit to face him.

You roll your eyes. "Full of charm, aren't you?"

"Full of something," Arturo snickers, and Grubber raspberries in response.

That arrogant smirk of his subsides a bit as he looks at you, and the hand on your shoulder leaves its post, moving to brush your now-green bangs away from your face. His fingers brush along your scalp. You feel it tingle. More so than when the dye was going in.

You can tell when he combs his hand through your hair that he's making a show of admiring his handiwork. But he's looking at you when he does it.

"Looks good, Belladonna," he says, his voice that much gentler, and there it is.

"Thanks, Ace."