Later on Daniel had begun to wonder. He wondered why Sam was attracted to Jack O'Neill more so than him. He didn't mean to start falling for her, but after Share'. . . it just kind of happened. Five days before Sam and Jack's wedding, he and Sam were out drinking and Sam had gotten really drunk and he was just drunk enough to ask her about it.

"So, I get that your military side might be attracted to Jack, but there are a ton of military men. Wouldn't your scientist brainy side be more attracted to someone like McKay. . . or even me."

Sam's eyes became huge as she gaped at him. Daniel began to wonder if he had overstepped the boundary of their friendship. Just as Daniel was about to apologize, he realized Sam had started talking.

"He makes me smile and laugh." Sam was now only looking at her beer as she started to peel the label off, "Even with his dumb jokes. When I'm with him, I'm actually happy in a way that I thought I'd lost when my mother died."

Memories came flashing back at Daniel. Jack visiting Sam in her lab, Jack and Sam in the commissary, and more, with each one Daniel remembered Jack always making Sam smile, if not outright laugh.

"He's not perfect by any means, but I want to spend the rest of my life making him as happy as he makes me."

Daniel begin processing the fact that neither he, nor Teal'c, nor anyone else he could think of had made Sam smile like Jack always did. Oh she gave her polite smile, her smirk, and very rarely she gave the best of friends what Daniel liked to call her megawatt smile. Yet, almost every day, even in the darkest of times, Jack managed to pull the true, satisfied, unabashed smile from her.

Daniel's thoughts were interrupted by Sam slamming her beer bottle down on the table.

"The fact that he's gorgeous doesn't hurt." Sam smirked

It was getting late and they both needed to head home. They shared a taxi and went to drop Sam off first. Jack had to come out of the house and up to the taxi since Sam was out like a light and now in no condition to walk. Jack lifted her into his arms and Daniel winced for Jack's knees. As soon as Sam was in Jack's arms she cuddled up to her fiancé and smiled in her sleep. As the taxi drove off Daniel hoped that he would find a second chance as Jack did, someone that he dedicate his life to making her smile every day.

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