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Nikaidou never followed the textbook. He thought that it was always incorrect, and he just never bothered to read it. Except, one day, when the vice principle found out, he was forced to do an experiment.

On electricity.

Oh sure, biology is just fine for the kids. Body parts, digestive system, gory blood, pretty interesting things. Stars and matter were pretty okay subjects as well. It always cracked him up whenever he asked the question "What's a star?" and somebody blurts out "A ball of fire!" But once they hit electricity, the grunts and groans started.

After all, with electricity, all people really know is that a lightbulb lights up due to electricity, but not the main properties. Some people are content going the rest of their life not knowing how it works.

And personally, he really wanted to agree.

Even worse, when he hits electricity, those two are probably going to start getting bored. They weren't loud, and Nikaidou knows that he's the only one who notices the small glaring contests they have back there. And once the subject gets boring, it can only get worse.

Nikaidou sighed, feeling bad for himself as he forced himself to read the textbook. He came across something interesting, and he stared at it thoughtfully.

Maybe, just maybe, the textbook was onto something…

At school, science class, Rima's POV

I sat down into my desk in the back of the room and sighed heavily. Science, how dull, and even worse, we were learning electricity. Do I really need to learn anything? I mean, as long as the lightbulb lights up, I am completely content to go my whole dandy life learning nothing else. But nooo, we have to be 'educated'.


Kusukusu giggled at my expression. "Rima, smile!" she said as she pulled a funny face. I gave her a slight smile, which completely fell as soon as I heard his voice.

"Good morning, Rima-chan." I glanced up at the person besides me. Fujisaki Nagihiko. I smiled at him pleasantly.

"Good morning Nade—"I started, until his hand slammed down on top of my mouth. I struggled to get it off, glaring at him all the while. Curious stares looked down upon us, and we both instantly shut up, like there was a remote that turned us off.

"What'd you do that for?" I hissed at him as class started. He rolled his eyes and then he glanced at me while raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, because you weren't just about to give away my other identity," he whispered sarcastically.

"You sound like that American chick…that Hannah Montana girl!" I hissed back. He smirked, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't that amused either.

I rolled my eyes. It's not like I was going to say the whole name, I would've stopped and gone, Nade-, oh wait, Nagihiko, my bad. I have at least some sympathy in my heart.

Well, probably, at least.

Kusukusu came up into my ear and whispered, "Ne, Rima, I'm going to the Royal Garden with Rhythm and Temari, okay?" I nodded quietly, and the three of them flew off.

"This is so boring," I muttered. Nagihiko smirked, but nodded in agreement. I wanted to groan. Electricity was so boring…Eventually, I started to drown out whatever Nikaidou-sensei was saying. I secretly took out my gag manga and put it behind my science textbook as I read it.

That is, until I was so rudely interrupted by Nikaidou-sensei.

"Excuse me, Fujisaki-san, Mashiro-san, but didn't you hear me? You two are partners for your science project, and you can get to work now!"



The word alone only speaks of a certain doom for me. Of course, I just had to be with the cross-dresser. What had I ever done in my life to deserve this? Nagihiko frowned, and sighed.

Amu walked over here along with Tadase, with Amu turning so red, I thought her head was going to blow up with all the pressure in her head.

"Isn't it sad that whenever Nikaidou-sensei puts us into partners, we're always with guardians? He's acting as if we don't have other friends," Amu said with a scoff. I rolled my eyes. She was being stubborn again, seeing as how it was so obvious that she wanted to be with Tadase.

"Fine, Amu, I'm sure that if you asked Yamabuki-san, she'd be happy to switch partners with you," I said with a bored expression.

"Eh? No, um, no, this arrangement is fine, for now," she said, sounding flustered even while trying to pull off her 'cool 'n' spicy' side.

Nagihiko chuckled at the two as they went into their own little world, or, more like Amu drooling over the Tadase while he rambled on about electrical currents and things.

I glanced up atNagihiko and turned towards him. I could see my slaves seething in anger behind me, their partners trying to get their attention to no avail. Nagihiko, obviously, noticed the heated glares, and seemed a bit creeped out, either by their extreme obsession, or by the fact that they were ready to kill the moment I said 'go.' I'm betting on both.

Nagihiko stepped back about five steps, and then asked, "Well, since this project is due in three weeks, I was thinking we should probably either go to my house or yourhouseyourchoice," he said quickly, his words blurring at the ends as he jumped over a seat to get away from my killer servants.

"Down," I said with a slight sigh, and all of them went away, reluctantly. But, I can bet you a hundred bucks that Nagihiko will be targeted for death for about two weeks.

"You're fanboys are the most obsessive people ever. I'm surprised that Hotori-kun is still alive," he muttered. I shrugged.

"They're loyal, and you know what else? They don't lie, and they don't cross-dress," I whispered back. He turned towards me with a slight smirk, either because he didn't want to murder a three-foot girl, and was trying to maintain his pea-sized sense of humor, or he was amused, which means he is a freak of nature (as if I didn't know that already).

"You're really going to hold that against me for as long as I live, aren't you?" he asked, his eyebrow twitching.

I smiled up at him sweetly and said, "Yeah, so you better suck it up, Girly-boy."

He stared at me. "G-Girly-boy? Did you just call me Girly-boy?" he asked incredulously.

I nodded, already getting bored. He's lucky that I didn't call him 'Hannah Montana'. I grabbed a gag manga and started lazily flipping through it. "Fine, Demon Chibi, can you come to my house today, after school?"

I nodded absently, still flipping through the manga. Nagihiko left, but then something registered in my mind.

Demon Chibi? Oh, it's on Girly-boy, it's on.


"—I want everybody to be careful, seeing as how he has already attempted to kidnap five kids at this school," Nikaidou-sensei said.

"Yeah, did you hear? It's horrible! He's robbed several banks too…" a girl said sitting next to me worriedly. "Kidnapping kids too? Do you think he might be trying to get ransom money?"

I said nothing. A recent thief/kidnapper/burglar had appeared in this area, and it was scaring everybody. Adults were extra protective, things like that. Things that had happened to me before this kidnapper…

Kusukusu flew in through the window and came up behind me worriedly, apparently hearing the word 'kidnapper' had freaked her out. I gave her a reassuring smile.

I sighed as I packed up my stuff, and then I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder, which made me jump. I looked up and saw Nagihiko waiting impatiently.

"May I help you?" I asked, irritated. He glanced at me, wondering if I was kidding. Deciding from the death daggers I was sending him from my eyes, he decided I wasn't.

"We're going to my house to work on the project," he said slowly, as if I was a first-grader.

I frowned. "When did I…" I trailed off, confused. Then I suddenly remembered, the vaguest memory of some freak asking me to go to their house.

Guess I found which freak it was.

"I'm not an idiot, you don't have to talk like that," I said, feeling a sudden urge to slap him, which wasn't uncommon nowadays.

He must have noticed that my death daggers were slowly becoming death bombs, and that I was clenching and unclenching my hand dangerously. I might look like a teddy bear, but I'm a teddy bear who owns an axe, and knows exactly where a head is located.

Or maybe it'd be more torturous to just chop off all of his long, pretty—I meant disgusting. Yes, long, disgusting dark hair. Either way is fine…Better pick the one with less blood…There'd be less of a mess leftover…

"Rima-chan…Your staring is kind of creepy," Nagihiko said, sounding slightly amused. "Well, whatever, let's go." He took my arm and dragged me out of the room, and through the gates of the school. Eventually we started walking, and I quickly texted my mom, telling her I was going to…a friend's house. If I mentioned the words boy, house, and together, in one sentence, my dad would have a seizure.

He's old enough, and I personally think that if one more thing happens, he'll be pushed right over the edge. I sighed heavily and turned towards Nagihiko, who was humming a song softly to himself.

Kusukusu was with Rhythm and Temari, floating above us. Traitor.

"I can stay at your house for dinner, right?" I asked quietly. "It's not like I want to, but my mom and dad are coming home late…" I trailed off, glancing up at him.

He smiled cheerfully down at me, and I shot him a glare. He froze, and the smile became awkward as my glare intensified. It took some effort to stop, actually. I suppose old habits die hard.

We walked past this huge mansion, which looked like it was miles long. I nearly stopped in amazement.

"Wah, amazing Rima!" Kusukusu said in awe, without even giggling. I nodded in agreement.

"Ne, Nagihiko, isn't this ho—"I stopped talking as I noticed that Nagihiko was no longer next to me. I glanced around, and saw him stop in front of the massive gate of the house, about to ring the doorbell.

My eyes widened, and I walked over to him. "Nagihiko, what are you doing?" I hissed hurriedly, looking worried. He glanced down at me in surprise.

"You didn't know? This is my house," he replied. My jaw would've dropped and slammed right into the concrete had I not controlled myself. "Girly-boy lives in a mansion?" Kusukusu mimicked my reactions, and then giggled happily.

He rolled his eyes, and seemed to consider protesting against the term 'Girly-boy' again, before wisely choosing to just shut up and stay that way. Eventually, I heard soft steps shuffling towards the massive door, and it slowly creaked open.

"Thank you, Baaya-san," Nagihiko said politely. I looked up in surprise and saw an elderly woman. A kindly expression was on her face, along with a soft smile. I bowed slightly and gave her a small smile. "Hello."

"Ah, is this your girlfriend, Nagihiko-san?" she asked with a small chuckle. I turned red at the thought, and Nagihiko didn't exactly look 'thrilled' either.

Probably thinking that neither of us noticed, the Shugo Charas started laughing extremely hard, while Rhythm was like, "Finally Nagihiko, a girlfriend!"

They were going to be slaughtered. Both me and Nagihiko turned to face them, and apparently we had a murderous look in our eyes, since the Shugo Charas' eyes widened and they flew past us, with Rhythm saying, "Hey, Kusukusu, you've never been here before, right? Let's go to Nagi's room!"

"N-no, of course not!" Nagihiko muttered quickly, after the Shugo Chara's left. I willed myself to make my cheeks return to their normal color. The blush receded slowly, much to my displeasure. I huffed a bit, and dragged Nagihiko inside the house, with another slight, polite bow to the old lady.

I walked in, and started down a hallway, turned right, turned left, then kept going straight. I kept walking, never stopping, until I heard him ask, "Rima-chan…do you know where you're going?"

I paused, and then thought about it for awhile.

"Ne, Nagihiko, which way is your room?"

Nagihiko's Room

I'm guessing that Rhythm, Temari, and Kusukusu are hiding from us, scared that we're going to come at them with forks and knives.

Pea-sized torture instruments for pea-sized people. Go figure.

"Let's see…If it's due in three weeks, we'll have to be done with that by then and this by that and blah…" he said thoughtfully. I landed on his bed with a plop, and ended up drowning him out.

"Oi, Rima-chan, didn't you hear me?" he asked irritably. "We need to get started now if we're going to be finished by the end of this week."

I shook my head unwillingly and rolled onto my side. "I'm tired," I said simply, as if that should explain everything. He rolled his eyes.

"It counts for thirty percent of your grade, so if you fail, you have to take summer school," he said with a smirk. "And I think we all know that science isn't your best subject." I leapt back up, and sat down next to him on the ground.

"…" I said nothing, and he laughed. I crossed my arms defiantly, and started glancing at the papers he had laid out. The rubric for the project, the materials, instructions, things like that.

And that's when I realized something…That was kinda crucial to the project.

"Nagihiko?" I asked. He glanced up at me. "Yeah?"

"…What's this project on?"

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