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Gohan flew through the cool morning air towards Satan City. *I don't see the point in Mom sending me to highschool. I could easily pass the exams in my sleep*. He had told ChiChi the exact same thing. Which resulted in him getting hit over the head with The Frying Pan of Doom. He shuddered at the thought of one of the saiyans greatest weaknesses.

The reason for him entering highschool is that ChiChi wanted him to have normal freinds. Not ones that were aliens or that could blow up the planet without even trying. Sighing he landed in one of the streets of Satan City. He was going to continue walking to Orange Star High when he heard gun shots close by. Looking around the corner of the building he could see several armed men in balacalavas' shooting at the police blocking their escape as they robbed the bank. Ever since earth became more peaceful the crime rate had gone up. He looked around to make sure the coast was clear, he put down his bag and turned super saiyan. He could never get used to it. He could feel the rush of power as his once black hair became golden and spikeier than it was before. His muscles became larger and his dark onyx eyes became teal. Wasteing no time he phased in front of one of the thugs guarding the bank door. Before he could warn anyone he was out cold when Gohan punched him in the forehead. The other two men at either side of him aimed their guns and fired. Meanwhile the last man ran to the getaway car.

Gohan caught each bullet without even looking at the two robbers. After they had run out of ammo he dropped the bullets in his hands and quickly took care of them.

The only robber left turned the car on and floored it. Or at least he should be but for some reason the car wasn't moving. "Wha...What's going on?". He looked at he back of the car and was shocked at what he saw. There was Gohan holding on to the back of the car, the tires spinning uselessly in the air.

"Out of the car. Now" Gohan said in a serious voice.

Shakeing the robber turned off the engine and was soon arrested by the police and put with the other theives. Before he could be questioned Gohan flew away. He didn't want to be late for his first day of Highschool.

Videl had gotten the call about the bank robbery and was surprised to find that the situation was already taken care of. One of the officers spotted her and called her over.

"Hey Videl! You should of seen what happened. It was amazing!"

"What happened?"

"Well you see. We were all pinned down behind our cars so we couldn't reach the guys robbing the bank. When suddenly out of no where this guy pops up with gold hair and stops all four of them. But thats not the best bit. He stopped their bullets with his bare hands and lifted a car aswell"

"What! Thats impossible! No one should be able to do those sorts of things"

"It's true. None of us could even believe it at first"

"Hmm strange. What did this person look like?"

"Lets see... He was about your age, tall, spikey blonde hair wearing black trousers, a white longsleeved short with a black overshirt. There was something else too...Oh! I remember now. He had an OSH badge just like yours Videl. I guess he must go to your school".

"Right thanks for the help. Speaking of school I should get going before I'm late"

"Ok. Have a good day Videl!"

Walking away Videl began to think about who this gold fighter might be. *It shouldn't be hard to find him as there couldn't be too many people with the same description at school. Once I find him I'll be able to find out how he could do all those things*. Just as she was about to uncapsule her jet copter she noticed that there was something leaning against on of the buildings close to the bank. Moving closer she realised it was someones bag. She decided to pick it up and put it in the lost and found in the police station once school was over. Uncapsuling her jet copter she flew towards Orange Star High.

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