"Johanna, get over here! Now!" Tarrant whispered desperately. Johanna slowly made her way back to us.

"I suppose the best thing to do would be to take a life for a life!" Stayne said, raised the gun, cocked it, aimed, and then he pulled the trigger.

The shot ran loudly through the air, none of us had time to react. We all froze as smoke came from the barrel of Stayne's gun and the bullet went flying. I could have sworn time was playing tricks on us as it seemed he slowed down and nearly stopped all together.

Johanna gave an audible gasp and Alick screamed.

Johanna was shot.

Alick ran to her and caught her as she fell. I was already more than half way there by the time I realized that I was running toward them. Tarrant stared in horror as Alick set Johanna down on the ground. I sat on her opposite side. Slowly in a daze he walked up to us and kneeled on my other side.

"Johanna, please, I beg you! Stay with me Johanna, please!" Alick begged running hands through her hair, over her face and neck.

Johanna's gaze was out of focus, she chocked on a sob. Blood was staining the area between the legs of her riding pants.

"She's hemorrhaging!" Alick panicked. Johanna clutched at her lower left abdomen, blood spilling between her fingers.

"Stayne, stop him!" Johanna managed between sobs and gasps. I looked up to find Stayne backing away slowly to leave.

"I don't think so knave!" Tarrant called out as he stood, ran at Stayne, and tackled him to the ground. The two of them wrestled before the Knave finally pinned Tarrant down.

"You interfere for the last time Hat Man! Long live the Hightopps!" Stayne mocked as he drew a knife from his belt.

I had to think quickly, Tarrant needed me. I looked around for whatever could help me save my love's life. I found the pistol that he'd dropped by my side. I picked it up and raised it, pointing it at Stayne I prepared to shoot it. I closed my eyes and fearfully pulled the trigger.

For possibly the third time today a loud gun shot rang through the air. All was silent, I opened my eyes. Stayne's eye rolled into the back of his head and he collapsed on Tarrant. Tarrant managed to push the deceased Knave off of him with a goodly amount of effort.

Tarrant made his way back to us quickly; he kissed my temple as I shook uncontrollably. Gently he took the gun from my quaking hands and set it aside.

"Thank you my love." He whispered in my ear before turning back to the situation at hand.

"There must be something we can do to help her!" Alick begged, his right hand cradling her neck and his left placed on her wound.

"There's nothing we can do here. We have no one with medical knowledge here and by the time we get back through the looking glass she'd be…" Tarrant trailed off.

"Then it's inevitable." Johanna rasped.

"No, no it can't be there must be some way to stop this!" Alick cried in anguish. Tarrant looked sadly at Alick, his green eyes filled with tears.

"It's inevitable Alick. It will be too late by the time we get her to Marmoreal." Hatter's whole outward appearance seemed dual with grief.

"Alice, you'll take care of him? Take him home correct?" I nodded to Johanna.

"I promise I will, Johanna!"

"Tarrant, you watch out for Alice right? I'll be watching you!" she managed around a sob, tears streamed down her eyes. Tarrant nodded too stricken with grief to reply.

"Alick, my dear friend you must know. I have loved you since the day we first met. I had hoped to tell you some day but most certainly not in a way like this." Alick laughed softly.

"I have also loved you for many a year." Alick admitted. He leaned down and carefully touched his lips to hers. After about a minute, I swear Tarrant was starting to eye him rather crucially, Alick pulled away.

"Alick, please I beg you to take care of my brother and his love. Make sure that you all return to Underland. Promise me please!" Alick nodded confidently.

"I will Johanna. I promise." Confident in us Johanna relaxed and closed her eyes for the last time.


I guess I'd never given much thought about death. I never really believed that my little sister would die. We'd escaped death so many times I guess I started to feel like we were immortal. But now seeing the last member of my clan die in a foreign land in an unmerciful way made me realize many things that I'd been neglecting.

My life was a reality, not just a dream.

There was no such thing as immortality, every one dies.

Time cannot be permanently stopped.

My sister, the unofficial Clan Keeper of the Hightopps and one of two remaining Hightopps, was dead it made me realize the clan duties I had seen fit to oversee for far too long. It was time to get back to tradition.

I leaned over Johanna and kissed her cheek softly.

"Que a vida despois de ser xusto coa miña Irma." I whispered in her ear and allowed her to pass on to her final rest.

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