Snow Day Chap 6 Rated M

M- "i love u stella!"

S- "no ur just saying that."

M- "No stella i really do, i - don't leave me please. i don't want u to go."

S- "mac do u know what ur saying?" i ask walking back up to u

M- "stella, im serious, i can't live without u. Look if i only wasn't blind to see how u felt about me, i- i'm sorry i didn't see it."

S- "And i'm sorry i didn't tell u sooner that i loved u."

M- "listen, can we just get out of here. let's go back to my place."

S- "mac, listen i don't think that-" i try to say before he comes up to me and pulls me into a heated kiss

M-"please stella, i just wanna be with u, i wanna love u. Please baby, i - i can't lose u." i tell her in tears as i just hold her tight

S- "ok mac. I'll go with u under one c ondition."

M- "name it what ever it is i'll do it."

s- "ok well, its actually 2 conitions but umm first i want u to end it with her."

M- "and?"

S- "look me in my eyes and tell me u love me. I want to be sure that what u say is true. i don't want to be with u to later have my heart ripped out."

M- "Stella Bonasera, i love u with all my heart and soul. Its always been u whose given me sleepless nights just thinking about ur touch, ur kiss, thinking about our bodies moving as one, holding u in my arms at night. ( i pause for a moment) Want me to keep going?"

S- "no, u've said enough." i said smiling and caressing his rough cheek which he gladly leans into my touch.

M- "my place or urs?"

s- "urs." i whisper as i place a gentle kiss below ur ear

But destiny was once again waiting to take a turn, but was it for good or bad, just as we leave Peyton is standing out the locker room with her arms crossed waiting for the door to open. As we both step out my eyes go wide as i stare at her and mac who was holding my hand didn't let go only held my hand tighter and i see her running towards him but mac stops her short.

Peyton- "Mac darling what's wrong?"

Mac- "Listen Peyton, i have to go."

Peyton- "Go where love? we had plans tonight."

Mac- "i can't. i'm busy tonight."

Peyton- "Ur kidding me right? Stella can u give us a moment please."

Stella- "um- "

Mac- "No she can't. Stella lets go we're leaving."

Peyton- "Mac what's going on here."

Mac- "we're done peyton. I don't want to be with u anymore."

Peyton- "this is absurd, if this is ur idea of a joke then its not funny at all."

Stella- "HE DOESN'T LOVE U!" I finally blurt out

Peyton- "mac is that true?"

Mac- "yes. I'm in love with stella."

Peyton- "but mac i thought i was ur gf? U can't do this to me."

Mac- "Peyton i'm sorry, but i've always loved stella and i want to be with her."

Peyton- "ok mac if this is what u really want. I'm going back to london and i'm never turning back."

Mac- "Goodbye peyton."

Peyton- "Farewell my love." i say and i leave

Stella- "you ok mac?"

Mac- "I'm fine. Come on lets go. We can go and we'll order take out, have some wine, and we can talk about us. what do u say."

Stella- "sounds great!"

Mac- "shall we go?"

Stella- "yes."