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Teddy Lupin: Wait, We're going back in time?

James S. Potter: Really? Cool!

NinjaTerra: It really is.

Albus S. Potter: Who's all going?

NinjaTerra: Hm…Let's see…..You, Teddy, James, Lily, Victoire, Fred, Rose, and Hugo.

Lily L. Potter: I get to go, too?

NinjaTerra: (nods)

Lily: Yay!

NinjaTerra: Hey, can one of you do the disclaimer?

Teddy: Sure. NinjaTerra doesn't own Harry Potter. J. K. Rowling does.

NinjaTerra: Let the story begin…

Ch. 1: James, it's not a toy

James Sirius Potter was anything but obedient. He seemed to always do the opposite of what he's told. Like, if you told him not to fly his broomstick while his parents were out, then, obviously, he's going to end up flying all across the town and into a muggle village, being seen by tons of muggles in the process. That little incident had caused a lot of work for the Ministry Obliviators. Or, if you told him not to use the Floo while Teddy helped Lily get ready for bed, then he ends up popping up in a random fireplace in France, scaring the poor old witch who was living there nearly to death. Or, if he was told not to go into his father's office, then that's definitely what he's going to do.

That was, in fact, what James was doing right now. Looking through his dad's stuff, trying to find something interesting to show Fred. Fred was James' cousin and partner in crime. They both were going starting their first year of Hogwarts the coming September. Most of the adults felt bad for the poor teachers. Anyway, James was looking through another drawer in his Father's desk when he saw something gold glittering from the bottom. He reached in and pulled out the golden object. He turned in a few times in his palm before deciding it was interesting enough and walked out the office. He walked out the front door of Potter Manor and strode over to where his siblings and cousins were playing.

His brother, Albus, was chasing his little cousin, Hugo, around while Rose sat reading Hogwarts A History. It was sometimes surprising how much smarter and more mature Rose was than James, who was 2 years older than her. Teddy was entertaining 6 year old Lily with his metamorphamagus powers while Victoire watched them, smiling. It was clear that Victoire and Teddy liked each other. James had heard that they had even started dating. Then, there was Fred, sitting in the grass, examining some weird object, most likely from his dad's shop. James ran up to him.

"Hey, Fred," James said. Fred jumped and spun around before relaxing when he saw who it was.

"Hey, James," Then, he noticed the golden object in James' hand. "What'd you got there?" Teddy glanced over at the two boy and then to the golden object.

"James, you shouldn't mess around with that. That's a Time Turner," Teddy said. James grinned.

"Come off it. It could be fun!" he exclaimed. Teddy rolled his eyes.

"James, it's not a toy. Give it here."

"No! I found it, so I can use it," James said.

"And, let me guess, you took it from Harry's office," Teddy said, annoyed.

"So what if I did?" James said.

"He's gonna be really mad when he finds out you've been through his stuff, James. Just give me the Time Turner."

"No." Teddy stood up and walked over to James.

"James, give it to me."

"No!" James exclaimed. Teddy made a grab for the Time Turner. James slipped and fell backwards, the golden object falling out of his hand and shattering on the ground. "Now look what you did!" James yelled.

"Well, you shouldn't have been playing around with Harry's stuff," Teddy said, angrily.

"Um, guys?" Victoire interrupted. They both turned to her. She pointed to the shattered remains of the Time Turner. Everyone watched as yellow smoke snaked out from the pieces. The smoke circled around the group. Then, there was a bright flash of light, and they were gone.

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