Naruto: *walks in* Okie-dokie! *takes a deep breath* *yelling* A'ISHA-CHAN DOESN'T OWN NARUTO AND SHE PROBABLY NEVER WILL, BELIEVE IT!

Me: ... *smacks the side of my head* Charming. I do believe you've killed my sense of hearing. *flicks him on the forehead* NOW GET OUTTA HERE AND GO FIND A CATCH PHRASE THAT DOESN'T SUCK! ^^

I'm Movin' On


by A'isha Ishtar

Karin had never sensed chakra this low, not even for a civilian. Civilians still had chakra, even though they didn't choose to manifest it. But whoever this was, they were hardly qualified to be a ninja. An Academy Student, perhaps, who had run away during naptime? Brats, all of them...

Her day would have gone about normally if she hadn't caught wind of this impressively low chakra. She would have checked on the prisoners, gotten them whatever they needed. Then she would have reported back to Orochimaru and situated any new prisoners. After that, she would happily assist Kabuto in treating any of the prisoners who were sick or injured. Her day ended after that, because many prisoners would be injured. An alarming number of them got in fights, every day. Even ones that had been in the office the previous day, the ones that she was sure had learned their lesson, would turn up with some cut or bruise, possibly even a broken bone or two. She kept lecturing about their constantly belligerent personalities, giving them what she thought was an intimidating look and a wag of her finger. But it didn't help, they didn't listen to her.

Unfortunately, that wasn't how things were going to go today. She had the extra duty of having to investigate any unauthorized presence on the base's grounds. Low chakra and improbable threat notwithstanding, this person had to be checked.

And so Karin excused herself from Kabuto's "iron grasp", as she called it in her diary. She grabbed her walkie-talkie, which (like all the others) was linked to Orochimaru's, which he had with him at all times. This prompted Kabuto to ask where she was going. Well, his way was more of a, "And what do you intend to accomplish with that, Karin-chan?"

Rolling her eyes at his feigned politeness, she pushed her glasses up. "I sensed a low chakra, right outside. I'm supposed to investigate if I sense anything like that - you know, anything unusual."

"Ah..." Kabuto slid his own glasses up; unlike her, he used his middle finger, and hardly anyone ever noticed. She called it discreetly flipping the world off since 2007. He shrugged, leaning back in his chair. "If their chakra is low, they probably aren't a threat. Why bother with them? Wait till nightfall and let the coyotes get whatever it is." A sadistic grin played on his lips as he said that last sentence.

Karin felt her stomach twist in disgust. She may have been a jailer, but she was by no means as heartless as this slimy creature she was forced to call a person. She would prefer it if this person was safely inside as a prisoner, rather than being hurt. "I would rather have them in a cell, even if they're not a threat, than getting killed out there."

Kabuto clicked his tongue at her. "Ah, still soft, I see. Well, after all, you've only been here for three years. You may have learned something here, Karin-chan, but you still don't know anything." Swiveling his chair back to his desk, he waved his hand dismissively. "I suppose you can go and make a fool of yourself now. Do let me know if you find anything more than a child who wandered into the wrong place." A sinister, condescending chuckle (not unlike the tone he always used when speaking to her) emanated from him before he continued his paperwork.

Karin glared at his back, and childishly stuck her tongue out, sticking her thumbs in her ears and wiggling her fingers. She did this for a full ten seconds before stomping off out of the office. "Stupid... dickhead... straight from hell... annoying as hell... stupid as hell... gives the entire world the finger and they're too dumb to notice..." She balled her hands into fists as she stalked down the halls, and she realized that feeling: the feeling of wanting to punch the object of your anger in the face. She growled, clenching and unclenching her fists as she tried to calm down. She wished she could punch that smug bastard in the face without getting in trouble. She strapped her walkie-talkie to the waistband on her shorts and took a breath before she stepped outside.

She opened the door and walked out, allowing the wind to hit her face and whip her hair around. She loved going outside; nature was her thing. She flattened herself against the side of the building and began to walk, looking for this source of low chakra. She reached a corner, and peeked around it. Her ruby eyes widened behind her lenses as she saw a person.

To be more precise, it was a young girl. Twelve, maybe thirteen years old? She was small and thin, though, so she could probably pass for eleven. It was hard to accurately predict her age. She was actually kind of pretty - or, she would be, if she were cleaned up. She looked underfed, so she was rather skinny. Her hair was long, but tangled. It was impossible to tell if it was straight or wavy, because of how badly it was knotted up. However, it was a lovely teal color, and her eyes were hazel. Karin actually felt a little sorry for the poor girl; she looked like she was facing her last option.

The girl was just standing there, looking up at the building. She was dressed in a dingy gray gown, made of some kind of what looked like heavy, rough fabric, and her body was covered in dirt. Her face was marred with scratches and was filthy. She kept tugging down on her dress, as if to stretch it and get it away from her body, like it was too tight and was hurting her. All of a sudden, the girl blinked and looked over Karin's way.

Karin sucked in one breath and held it. The girl was looking right at her; what could she possibly want? There was nothing here at Orochimaru's place for a girl like this one.

The girl's eyes brightened, and her lips curved up. She opened her mouth and gave a wide smile to Karin, revealing the only clean thing about her - the mouth full of relatively white teeth. She raised a hand and waved. She looked so happy - like she wanted to be friends?

Karin yanked her walkie-talkie from her waist, feeling a little afraid. Sure, this kid had low chakra... but what else was she capable of? She squeezed one of the buttons. "Lord Orochimaru! Send guards to the outside section, just left of Kabuto's office! Intruder, pre-adolescent! Green hair, brown eyes, dressed in a classic Cinderella outfit. Hurry!"

Static came from the other end once she let go of the button. She got a reply after a few seconds, though. "They're on their way, Karin-chan."

It was less than thirty seconds later that the guards came to take the girl away.