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()= Telepathic conversations




Oh no, not again. That throbbing pain that's been enveloping my head for the past month is back to plague me. As if on cue, the loose objects in my car started floating. Hopefully Professor X will be able to help me now.

Four years ago

It was early Wednesday morning and I was in my worst class at school: language arts. Our satanic teacher Ms. Johnson had just finished grading our essays. It was my best essay yet but I already knew the best wad never good enough for Ms. Johnson. I took a deep breath while thinking "Whew, calm down Mina. You're the smartest girl in the entire 6th grade advanced classes and you know you did the best as usual." Satisfied with my reassuring thoughts I anxiously awaited the return of my graded paper.

When Ms. Johnson came to my desk to hand back my paper, she smirked and said "Better luck next time Ms. Wilson." I looked down at my paper in pure shock. 2 out of 6! Oh hell no! I know this can't be right. As Ms. Johnson finished handing out the papers and returned to her desk, I abruptly got up and rushed to question this abomination she called a grade.

"Uh excuse me Ms. Johnson, why did I get a 2 on this paper? My essay is virtually flawless" I questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Not only did it exceed the maximum amount of paragraphs but your paper was written in black ink and I specifically asked for blue. I expect perfection from my advanced students and I don't accept anything else" she replied smugly.

I was heated; no better yet I was pissed off! I worked my ass to make that paper perfect or what I thought was perfect. I wanted to smack that smug little grin off of her face so badly.

Through clenched teeth I replied "So you're telling I got an unfair grade because of some damn ink! Maybe if you weren't such a perfection-greedy bitch who hated children I would have gotten a fair grade." At this point anger didn't even begin to describe what I was feeling. It was more along the lines of infuriation. I guess I must've really mad because my vision had suddenly gotten blurry and my head started pounding like crazy.

Ms. Johnson, on the other hand, looked surprisingly calm. "Ms. Wilson, I will not tolerate that kind of language in my class especially from an honor student. Report to the principal's office immediately or I'll have security take you."

Although she was sitting right in front of me her voice was strangely far away and distant. The pounding in my head was so loud I could feel and hear it thumping in my ear. I clutched my head as if to make the pain stop but obviously it didn't work. I then started hearing loud and familiar voices surrounding me. They sounded like my classmates but as I turned to look at them nobody's mouth was moving. Although i couldn't physically hear them I heard them.

A look of concern came over her face when she asked "Ms. Wilson, are you alright?" Ms. Johnson's voice sounded even further than before as if it wasn't really there. The throbbing was getting worse and worse and the room began spinning. What's happening to me? Before I could try to figure that out, the voices were getting louder and louder until they became too much to bear. I clutched my head tighter and screamed out in searing pain before I met total silence and darkness.

Meanwhile in Bayville, NY
Discovery: Mutant signature
Extrapolation complete
Identity confirmed
Name: Semina Wilson
Residence: Richmond, VA
Age: 12
"Logan prep the blackbird. Cerebro has just detected a new mutant.
Tell Storm to watch over Scott and Jean until we return."

Back in Richmond
I opened my eyes and took in my surroundings as my eyes adjusted to the blinding white light. White sheets, white room, white walls, white hospital tag. Wait a second, why do I have a hospital tag on my wrist? How did I end up in the hospital? What the hell happened?

Last thing i remember I was at school telling off Ms. Johnson when I heard voices and my head started hurting and ..."Aw damn" I whispered quietly. The pain in my head must've caused me to black out. Trying to make as little noise as possible, I stirred slightly in my bed and tried to lift my head only to fail miserably. Not only did my head feel like it weighed a ton but moving around caused the pain to return
once again. "Ouch" I said as I slightly winced in pain.

I guess I was being a lot louder than I thought because my mom suddenly threw her arms around me and said "Semina, baby you're awake! Are you okay?" When did she get here?

"Yeah I'm fine mom just a little tired and my head really hurts. What happened to me?"

"Honestly baby, the doctors are as clueless as we are. They don't know what happened to you." she

replied with a sympathetic voice.

"When your teacher told us you fainted I rushed to come get you because your dad is working a double shift at work"(she also told us some other things)

"Other things like what" I replied in a nervous voice.

"What do you mean other things. I didn't say anything else" my mom said with a confused expression.

"Yes you did. You said 'she also told us some other things'. I'm asking you what else did she told you." Now it was my turn to be confused. I knew I heard her as loud and clear as an HDTV.

(Oh no) My mom had a frightened expression on her face.

"'Oh no' what? What's going on, mom?"

(I believe I can answer that)

"Who said that?" I shouted. Where are these voices coming from?

(I did. My name's is Charles Xavier and I'm here to help you.)

"Help me with what? There's nothing wrong with me! I just fainted after having a headache. It's not a big deal! Mom, who's Charles Xavier and why does he want to help me?"

My mother sighed and said "Charles just come in and stop scaring her."

A bald man in a wheelchair entered the room with a gruff, mean-looking short guy following him. Common sense immediately told me this was Charles Xavier but I had no idea who the other guy was.

"So tell me Mr. Xavier what's wrong with me?" my voiced dripped to skepticism. I don't even think this guy is a doctor. How could he possibly know what's wrong with me?

(I assure you Semina, there's nothing wrong with you. Your mutant powers are starting to manifest and you were simply overwhelmed by their intensity that your body shut itself down.)

"Mutant powers?" I replied in a small voice. "Mom, I'm a mutant too? Just like Auntie Viv." A whirlwind of emotions hit me because this isn't the first time my family's been down this road. When my older brother Andre got his powers early, let's just the outcome wasn't well nor was it pleasant.

"Apparently so baby." My mother looked so sad. I could already assume she was thinking about what happened with Andre. I guess she was worried what would happen to me too. "Charles could actually talk so I can be included in this conversation as well."

"Alright then. You see Estelle, your daughter Semina seems to have developed a very strong sense of telepathy just like your sister. You should already know why I'm here."

"I know" my mom replied in a sullen tone.

With a confused face and voice I spoke out and said "Telepathy? What's that and why are you here?"

(Telepathy is when you're able to read other peoples mind as well as project your voice into their heads. Go ahead and try to tell or ask me something. Just think of what you want to say and direct it toward me.)

I took a deep breath, thought really hard and replied (That still doesn't explain why your here.)

Just then my Auntie Vivian came in and said "He wants to train you, honey; to help manage your powers."

"Auntie Viv!" I exclaimed. She swept me up into a bone-crushing hug and I gladly accepted. After all I am her favorite niece and she's my favorite aunt.

"How are you feeling sugar?"

"Not too good. My head still really hurts."

"It comes with the development of your powers. It'll go away once you learned to control them. And speaking of controlling them, your mom and I don't want you training so far away from home in New York where Charles's institute is. After the incident with Andre two years ago your mother and I agreed that if either you or your brother or sister ever got mutant powers, that I would be the one to train you. I'm just as capable as Charles and I'm a thousand times closer. I'd love to start training you by next week if that's okay with you, Charles?"

" I see no harm in it, as much as I'd love to have you at my school I think it's best if Vivian trained you. But before I leave let me help you get rid of that pain." He wheeled himself closer to my bed and placed his hands on both sides of my head. Before I could protest, I felt a jolt and the pain was gone.

"Wow that feels much better." I was simply amazed at how fast the pain dissipated." Thank you."

"You're quite welcome Semina. If your head ever starts hurting just concentrate on making the pain stop and that should work. I'm afraid I must be leaving now but just remember this; the doors to my institute are always open if you need them to be." He turned to my aunt and said "She's all yours Viv. I know you'll do what's best."

"Thanks. I appreciate you encouragement Charles, take care."

I just sat there and watched as he and the short guy, who was too rude to introduce himself, left. I turned to my quiet mom and asked "So mom, I can really train with Auntie Viv?"

" Of course you can. You two can start in two weeks."

"But Aunt Viv said next week."

"Yes she did but next week you'll be on punishment for what you said to Ms. Johnson. Don't think I forgot that."

(Aw damn it!)

(Hey! Watch your mouth young lady and stop screaming so loud.)

(Oops, sorry aunt Viv.)

Present day

For the next two years Aunt Viv trained me to control my telepathy as well as the new powers that developed after it. After Aunt Viv disappeared I trained by myself two years after that perfecting my powers the way she told me to.

Remembering what Professor X told me I concentrated on the pain until it stopped. The objects stopped floating and fell back in their places in my car. My newfound power of telekinesis is growing too rapidly for me to handle and without Aunt Viv here to help me I can't control it. So I decided to make my way to Bayville to train with Professor X.

He already knew I was coming because I had told him a week ago. There were already six other students who also had special powers, but I told him to not tell them what my powers were so I could surprise them myself.

My long drive from Virginia to New York came to a halt as I pulled into Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters.

My journey to control begins now.