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A teenager walks in wearing a purplish sun and moon armor carrying an orange and blue double helix sword. He is talking to a shorter individual who's wearing full assault type clothing, with grenades strapped all over his harness as well as a machine gun that seems strapped to his back. He's wearing a green camouflage shirt with matching shorts.

The teenager is known as WanderingSoulofTime and he's the creator of the Dark Cloud Truth Or Dare game. The younger individual is his brother JJ, who is very much obsessed with guns. The two are currently fighting about what JJ had done earlier.

"JJ" said WanderingSoulofTime, "you know you weren't supposed to RPG the cars of the police.

"Yeah, I know but it is so much fun! Watch." JJ says as he locks his RPG on a passing Police vehicle. He presses the trigger and sends the police car to oblivion in a explosion of fire and steel. "SEE!" he said.

"OWWW!" he said after WanderingSoulofTime slapped him across his head.

"Idiot" WanderingSoulofTime said.

He continued by saying, "Come on. We have to get to the Truth Or Dare Room.

(Both individuals wander into a seemingly endless hallway and go into a room that says "Dark Cloud Truth or Dare". Inside there is a main room that seems to split into two worlds for most of the way except for the center which seems to be a merging of the two worlds. It has a couch, a stage and a table for food as well as a desktop. In the center, there is 4 individuals sitting on the couch. There is a cat-girl, a boy wearing a green beret who is petting the cat-girl, a boy wearing orange overalls cleaning an out-of-worldly gun, and a red haired girl polishing her sword. This is some of the cast of Dark Cloud and their names are Xiao, Toan, Max and Monica in that order.)

WanderingSoulofTime looked to his brother and said with a smirk "Time to ruin their day. Pass me the air horn and bullhorn JJ."

JJ passes the said items and WanderingSoulofTime says "Cover your ears!" He then presses the air horn next to the bullhorn. The sound was loud enough to let the cast know they were there along with anyone else in the neighborhood. They fell to the floor clutching their ears and screaming in agony. A couple of minutes later, they rose to their feet and glared at WanderingSoulofTime and JJ.

"What the hell was that for?" They shouted. WanderingSoulofTime and JJ just shrugged.

"Felt like it." they both said. The crew started getting mad until WanderingSoulofTime said "Oh yeah, the main reason we came to see you guys was to tell you we received a review. Here I'll read it. It's from SPG inc. It says:

Hmm with only an intro its difficult to say if this is bad or good yet, although it is a good idea.

Very well, I'll go first.

Strictly speaking this is not M rated. The first impression I ever got from Ruby was unique to say the least. She appeared in a puff of smoke with a sultery smile on her face, lifted a guy by the scruff of his neck and demanded he name her out loud or else she'd punish him. The first word that came into my mind when prompted to name her was 'Dominatrix'

Therefore, my dare for Toan is to send a pacel filled to bursting with leather outfits and whips and crap like that to Ruby with a note signed with a huge rabbit paw print in order to imply that Osmond sent it. Toan must record whatever outcome there is of this act, no matter how sordid or violent it may be, and post it on Youtube with the title 'Toan plays matchmaker' and then use what little time he has left to run like the wind.

(well you asked for my input- go get em)

WanderingSoulofTime and JJ are both keeling over with laughter and when they regain their breath

WanderingSoulofTime says "Toan, guess what? You're unlucky contestant number 1! Your prize? A dare that will most likely kill you! Congratulations! Here's the dare you unlucky hero."

"What are you talking about?" Toan said. He starts to read the dare and then he pales. "No way. That's suicide."

"Well, deal with it. You can do the dare or" WanderingSoulofTime pulls out the double-helix blade which becomes glowing with a red aura "you lose your manhood." He said with a smirk. Toan pales even more and says

"Fine I'll do the dare. Where's the parcel?" JJ hands him a parcel filled with the gear as well as some handcuffs and some lotion.

"Where in the world do you get this stuff?" Toan asks.

WanderingSoulofTime shrugs and says "I don't know. My brother usually gets the stuff."

Toan looks at JJ and asks "Well?".

JJ suddenly shifts his eyes left and right and says "Uhh..nowhere." Toan stares at JJ in shock.

WanderingSoulofTime intervenes by saying "Seriously, don't ask. Your brain stays intact that way. Now start writing the note." Toan sighs and starts writing.

A couple of minutes later Toan says "Done."

WanderingSoulofTime reads the letter and says "Good. Now you need to get Osmond's signature."

"No problem." he says. "Hey, Osmond!" The orange and blue bunny flies out of his room and says

"Yo, what's up?"

"Osmond can you sign this paper?" Toan asks.

The blue moon bunny replies "Sure, not like you can hurt me with a signature, right?"


"Okay then see ya." He flies back to his room.

"Dude to help you a little I'll deliver the parcel, but you get the camera ready."

"Fine." He goes to get the camera.

"Hey Ruby. Osmond sent a package to you."

The genie shows up out of nowhere and asks "Really where?"

"Here." WanderingSoulofTime says handing her the parcel.

Ruby squealed until she opened the parcel. Then her whole body seemed to become engulfed in a aura of hatred.


Toan pointed to Osmond's room and said "In there."

Ruby stomps in leaving a trail of fire in her wake.

"Well, time for me to do my dare." Toan said and followed after Ruby.

"Do you think my master will be okay?" Xiao asked WanderingSoulofTime.

"One, I'm not sure, and two why do you call him master?" He asked.

"Oh, that's because-" Suddenly she gets cut off by a scream and something sounding like it's being ripped apart by a chainsaw. Toan suddenly runs in carrying his camera and coated in blood.

"That was beyond crazy. Here take this and watch what happened." He says handing WanderingSoulofTime the camera.

WanderingSoulofTime put the video in the computer and uploads it to YouTube. Then the cast starts to watch the video.

(Video of Ruby walking into the room. Osmond and Ruby seem to argue then, Ruby pulls out a chainsaw out of nowhere and starts slicing Osmond in half. The camera get covered in blood and everything goes black.)

Everyone has a look of "WTF?" on their face except for WanderingSoulofTime, who says "That's predictable, after all she is psycho."

Everyone looks at him like he's insane (which he is) until Ruby stomps in and says to Toan "You are so DEAD!" She brings out the chainsaw and chases Toan. Toan screams and runs around and decides to jump out a window. Ruby jumps after him screaming "DIE!DIE!DIE!

"IS MASTER OKAY?" Xiao shrieked

WanderingSoulofTime said "No I don't think so but don't worry I'll revive him next chapter .

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