Death Doesn't Want Me

Part IV- Prevailing Hope

I sit at my desk blankly staring at the building piles of paper work. I grin at what I will say to Fullmetal when he comes to give his report.

"Fullmetal! Where'd you go? Ah, there you are! I couldn't see you behind all my paperwork, seeing as you're so short and all. Ha! Ha! Ha!"

I let my grin fade. I had momentarily forgotten. The Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric is gone. We hadn't found a body, but all of us know the boy will never return.

I begin to fiddle with my gloves in an attempt to push the thought of Fullmetal out of my mind. I rub the fabric between my fingers, producing small sparks. If I increase the oxygen content in the air surrounding the spark, I can set things aflame. And I'm considering doing just so to the mountains of paperwork, sitting there, mocking me!

"Colonel!" The office door swung open without warning. A smile was plastered on the usually conform face of Lieutenant Hawkeye.

"What is it Lieutenant? " I snap out of my gaze, bewildered by Riza's strange actions.

"A report, sir!" She relayed, still grinning. I questioningly take the paper from her hands, and scan its contents. It can't be! I gasp involuntarily.

"Call the team!"

"Lt. Hawkeye, Second Lt. Breda, Second Lt. Havoc, Warrant Officer Falman, Sergeant Major Fuery!"

"Sir!" we chant in response to the Colonel. He nods.

"We have received a report from the west side of Central that an odd light and the screams of a child have been coming from an abandoned building." Mustang stated bluntly, "We can assume that the light could possibly be the result of alchemical transmutations, and that the scream is from a child being tortured. The only conclusion I can come to for a child to be tortured with alchemy, is that the child isn't just any ordinary child." I feel my eyes widen as I exhale a puff of smoke.

"You don't thinkā€¦" I begin.

"Men!" Mustang commands.

"Sir!" We salute in response.

"The case of the disappeared State Alchemist, Major Edward Elric is no longer closed!" The Colonel bellows, "You're objective is rescue!"

"Sir. Yes, Sir!"