Author's Notes: Written for the darkship prompt meme, the prompt: "second choice".

The Princess

She's not the queen. She's like, a princess, or maybe some other kind of noble woman – she's awesome and gets to wear seriously pimped-out dresses, but she doesn't have any power, not really.

Which is what leads her here: kneeling in the back of a stopped limo, licking out her best friend just because Cordy told her to.

She's still a little shaky on what's she's doing – not like this has never happened before, but most of the time she's wasted. Not so much right now, although maybe a few of those mixers they sneaked into the dance have gone to her head a bit. Whatever. Cordy seems cool with whatever she's doing, so she keeps going.

She's not doing it because she wants to. Not really. She finds it pretty gross, honestly. But... she wants Cordy. Not in a lesbian way, but they've been best friends since they were nine. And Harmony's learned Cordy's friendship is major unstable; she can ditch you for anything, and Harmony doesn't want Cordy to leave her 'cause she refused. It would happen, and Harm's not sure she could win her best friend back. Then what would she do?

After all, she's made her high school life out of being the poor man's Cordelia Chase. She knows this, and she's cool with it. Cordy's so awesome, even being a minor version of her is pretty much a win. But, she's still the second choice. And like that, she can't get away with the same stuff Cordy can. She can't have the moments of weakness/decency Cordelia gets away with, 'cause this school would skin her alive. She can't say no, because pretty much all she has going for her over Cordy is not being a prude. And yeah, that applies when Cordy's the one she could say no to – it's... complicated.

Thank god she actually does suck at school, unlike Cordy.

Hey, who knows, maybe she's expecting some kind of mystical transference from Cordelia's vagina. Okay, ew. But whatever. Cordy has some kind of power over everyone that Harmony just doesn't, even if there really isn't that much of a difference between them.

It's not fair. How is it fair? Why should she be the helpless meat-sock for everyone else? Why can't she say no? Why can't she can't she keep the same sort of image Cordy does? Why doesn't she get a dream for herself, like that song from that musical her mom loves said?

Her thoughts are interrupted by Cordy's high-pitched shriek and squirt. "Ew!" Harmony yells, pulling away immediately.

Cordelia rolls her eyes. "Oh, get over it." However, she fishes a tissue out of her handbag, and Harmony accepts it. Cordy offers her a hand back up, and Harm takes it, sliding back into her seat. Cordelia pulls her skirt down.

"You're actually getting kinda good at that," Cordy says. It's a grudging compliment, but Harmony blushes and smiles at her anyway.

"Um. Thanks?"

Cordy glares at her. "Okay, wipe that look off your face. You go all lesbo on me, and I will slap you silly."

Harmony just glares back, before turning away. She does sometimes wonder, what it would be like to be in love with Cordelia Chase – the rest of the fucking world is, right? Maybe, it'd make things easier. Doing this would be a privilege, not just something she does to desperately try and keep up.

She is so screwed.

"You know, I kind of wish I could have had Xa..." Cordy trails off before she can finish, looking scared. Harmony ignores it. It's just another one of Cordy's guys; he probably has a girlfriend or something. Would Cordy do that? Harmony suddenly realizes she doesn't know.

Well, as long as he's not just some loser hooking up with Cordy to try and become less of a loser, she's cool with it. Because that's her thing.