Du bout des lèvres

Mon étoile au firmament

De qui je suis que l'amant

Forte femme douce enfant

Celle que j'aime tendrement

Ne sais-tu pas le temps

Où un jour cesse l'enfant

Et dans mes bras t'enlaçant

L'étoile se coudre au levant

Sur l'horizon brillant

D'un paisible amour naissant


From the tip of your lips

My star in the firmament

Of whom I am only the lover

Strong woman gentle child

The one I tenderly love

Don't you know the time

When some day ceases the child

And in my arms embracing you

The star sewing itself to the sun rise

On the shining horizon

Of a peaceful birthing love


[1] In English 'du bout des lèvres' means 'half-heartedly'. However, when writing the poem, I did not choose to write it in that sense. I literally meant 'from the tip of your lips'. I had this vision in my head of a delicate and soft kiss that could make time stand still.