Surprise surprise! Hey I'm back and I've decided to do a sequel of 'I Love My Crazy Ex-Wife!'
I originally was going to do a prequel with it being Brick's POV but I decided that this will be more fun and more exciting!

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"I'm home!"

I walk into our apartment and threw the keys down on the side table and slouched into the couch. I'm too tired to take my shoes off or even put my things away! My eyes begin to droop and I can feel the sweet calling of sleep slip over my body when...


My eyes snap open and I flinch slightly. I quickly connect the voice to face and I settle back down into the couch and shut my eyes, it was only a matter of time before...

"Blossy where are my going-out-jeans?"

I crack my eyes open to see my gorgeous redheaded husband standing in front of me in nothing but a dress shirt and boxers, I smirk slightly at his half-dressed state.

"I put them in the dryer for you... don't worry no need to thank me" I say sarcastically when he rushes off.

"Thanks babe" He says coming back in a kissing my forehead. He disappears around the corner most likely checking himself in the mirror, but I don't take any notice and close my eyes again.

"So how was work?" He calls, I reluctantly open my eyes again and sigh feeling even more weight hit my shoulders.

"Yeah I got them, a simple bust no big deal but I missed another deadline"

I guess I should explain what has happened in the past 3 years. I married Brick Jojo for the second time and it really has held together this time, and it feels good to say 'Blossom Jojo' again and we have been happily married for the past 3 years!. After we got married we moved into a new and bigger apartment in the city just right for the both of us. After the whole 'Princess' fiasco Brick has been given more undercover work which means he sometimes is away quite a while but he always finds time to call me at least once a day.

I however went back into journalism and for the first few weeks it got back on track, then strangely I received a phone call from the TUA (Townsville Undercover Agency) asking me to come down to their headquarters. I went down with Brick (because its the same organisation he works for) and we where sent straight to the head boss himself. Jackson Johnson. He is a short man with a strong build thinning brown hair and a stern face. Long story cut short he asked me to join the agency after my performance with Brick in capturing Princess.

Brick viciously refused at first his overprotecting side kicking in and he was dead set on not allowing me to do things that dangerous. However we began to start slipping financially and our only option ended up with me joining the agency. After the first two years I got a hang of it, Brick made it clear he was to accompany me on EVERY assignment but after a year he let me do a few on my own and eventually all of my assignment where on my own. I've gotten rather good if I do say so myself but I have been letting my journalism slide. Dexter (my creepy stalker guy) has been doing my back-ups for me but there not up to my standard.

Brick came back into the room looking all dressed up and drop dead handsome and sat at the side of me pulling me into his strong chest, and stroking my hair.

"I'm sure Dex-head has covered for you again" He tries to say reassuringly.

"But I don't want him covering for me, it's not my work!" I complain "Why are you do dressed up anyway?" I asked craning my neck up to look at him.

"It's Butch's stag do, are you not going to Buttercup's hen party?" He looks at me crazy and my eyes pop out.

"SHIT!" I completely forgot! Oh crap I really can not be bothered to go out tonight but it's my sister's hen party... I can't not go. I jump out of Brick's arm and run to our room and to the walk-in-wardrobe, I pull the doors open (almost pulling it off the hinges) and begin to shuffle through my clothes and I seriously had NOTHING to wear. I ran a hand through my long red hair in frustration.

"What's up babe?" I turn and see Brick leaning against the door frame, his arms crossed and a smug smirk sitting on his face. I let a growl roll through my chest and narrow my eyes.

"Instead of being a jerk get your sexy ass over hear and help me find something to wear!" I moan, while Brick's grin widens and he walks over.

"Hear wear this" He pulls out a short hot pink boob-tube dress the tightly hugs my figure, or in other words make me looks like I'm putting out.

"Brick! I'm 25 not 17!" I cry, he rolls his eyes at me.

"Just put it on you never know it might look different" He says in a bored tone, I grudgingly take it and slip it on I decide to add my black heeled shoe boots with it in hope it will make me look more decent.

I walk out of the small room and into the bedroom and saw Brick lounging on the bed reading an old magazine, he looks up and a wolfish grin appears on his face.

"Baby where have you put my wife?"

I roll my eyes. "Really?" I ask a bit surprised, I turn and look in the mirror and I am pleasantly surprised to see that the dress was longer then I thought and the shoe boots did make it look a little better. I feel a pair of arms around my waist and Brick kisses my cheek.

"If anyone tries to hit on you, call me and there finished kay?" He says kissing my neck.

"Same goes for you" I smirk, I turn around and kiss him full on the lips which he gladly returns, just as things begin to get a little more deeper Brick's phone rings in Butch's caller ID. Brick groans and pulls away picking up his phone.

"What?" He snaps as I walk away to add a little make up and pull my hair down so it flows freely around my waist.

"Okay I'm on my way" Brick says then snaps his phone shut "I have to go meet Butch at his apartment"

"Okay" I smile as Brick kisses me then heads to the door. I then realise something "Oh if there are any strippers there you best me imagining me!" I yell to him I hear him chuckle "I always do" He shouts back before slamming the door shut.

I smile to myself as I grab my phone and head out to my sister's hen party.

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