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But here are the long awaited Bloopers scenes!


Director: I can't believe I'm doing this again... Okay places people!

Brick is currently lounging on the bed with an old magazine while a stylist adjusts his hair, she quickly runs off.

Director: Okay Scene 1, Take Two and ACTION!

Blossom walks out of the small room and into the bedroom and see's Brick lounging on the bed reading an old magazine, he looks up and a wolfish grin appears on his face.

"Baby where have you put my wife?"

Blossom looks at him and then grins looking towards the crew laughing.

"I'm sorry! Sorry right I'm focused" She says swiping a hand over her face showing a more serious one, before cracking up laughing and running off.

Director: CUT!

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup where stood in a crowded club talking while the crew adjusted the set.

"Meeeeooowww" Bubbles says doing her vocal exercise. Blossom and Buttercup laugh.

"Why are you doing that?" Buttercup laughs.

"Hey I want to sound good!" Bubbles argues.

"Whatever whatever" Blossom giggles.

Director: Right from Brick's last line Scene 3 Take 2 and ACTION!

"Are you okay?" Brick asked, Blossom shakes her head. "Are you going to be sick?"

Before she can answer she sprints to the bathroom, however she catches her hip on the side of the bed and face plants onto the floor.

"Whoa!" Brick says as the crew is also gasping, staff quickly rush over and ask if she's okay, Brick looks into the camera shocked and worried.

Director: CUT!

In a big room everyone is celebrating Butch and Buttercups wedding, everyone is on the dance floor when suddenly 'Thriller by Michael Jackson' is blasted through the speakers and in perfect unison everyone begins to do the dance.

Blossom is stood outside at the back of the hotel with Milo and 3 other stunt men ready for the fight scene at Buttercup's wedding. While the crew and stunt men where talking about safety Blossom was jumping up and down on the spot her hands clenched.

"God it's so cold!" She hissed, her breath visible in the night air.

"You okay Blossom?" The director called.

"Yeah just wish it was colder!" Her teeth chattering, still jumping on the spot.

"Okay ready? and ACTION!"

Blossom suddenly stopped jumping and into a fighting stance.

Blossom quickly head butted Milo in the face and he dropped to the floor, hearing the gun fire where her head should have been...

Director: Scene 5 from Brick's last line and ACTION!

"Blossom's pregnant" Brick grins.

There was a pause of silence... which stretched on far too long and everyone looked at Bubbles who was smiling.

"Bubbles?" Boomer says.

"Oh sorry!" She laughs "Do it again"

Director: Brick... and ACTION!

"Blossom's pregnant" Brick grins.

There was a pause of silence before Bubble's screams.

"OH MY GO-!" Bubbles high voice wobbled and she coughs on her own words.

Director: "Ugh AGAIN!"

(14 takes later)

Blossom was asleep in the hospital bed, Brick was sat in the chair beside his head in his hands, and everyone else was just sat down.

Director: *irritated* Last time from Bubbles line...

"OH MY GOSH!" She squeals and throws herself onto Blossom, the rest of the group cheer and say their congratulations.

(all because Bubbles finally got her lines right!)

Director: Okay lets make this quick! Scene 6 take 2 and ACTION!

(TUA, Jacksons office)

"So will you be staying?" Jackson asks, Brick grins.

"Looks that way, lucky you"

Jackson grins back "Good. Just don't go knocking up anymore of my best agents. Got it?" He jokes, Brick smirks before catching a glimpse of a woman walking past the door. He lets a low whistle out.

"I don't know about that dude!"

Jackson starts laughing while Blossom looks annoyed and elbows him in the stomach.



Director: CUT!

Director: Okay Butch, Brick ready?

Brick and Butch where sat in Brick's red GT-R, for the scene where they go home to find Blossom kidnapped.

"Ready" Brick says.

Butch puts his head down and grins.

"Wait wait" He says quietly, Brick looks at him then back out to the crew before a small smirk appears on his lips. Butch looks up and the two men look at each other before laughing.

"Okay okay" Butch laughs and silence goes over the two.

Director: Ready?

"Hang on" Butch says and pulls and folded up piece of paper out and scans over it (clearly his script) Brick beside him starts grinning uncontrollably trying so hard not to laugh.

Butch puts the script back and his face is serious. Brick looks back up his face serious now too.

"So I kicked him in the head-" Butch and Brick look at each other and start laughing, both of them putting their head in there hands.

Director: Come on guys.

"Okay, okay... phew" Brick says calming his laughter and looking at the steering wheel seriously trying to keep his 'giggles' under control.

Butch looks up serious a small smirk flashing on his lips before his body shakes with the laughter he's holding in. Brick then does the same.

Director: Guys?

"Right" Butch says as both men look up serious.

"So I kicked him in the head, with this sweet roundhouse kickkkkkkk-" Both men burst out laughing.

Director: CUT!

Director: Okay scene 11 Take 1 and ACTION!

Blossom picks up Bellamie and answers the door to see Bubbles, Buch, Buttercup and Boomer all smiling.

"Hi" They all chorused and came in and sat down.

"So any news on when Brick will be home Bloss?" Boomer asked

"Well he said-"

"Blahhh, hehehehe, gahhhh!" Bellamie giggle, Blossom looked down to the child in her arms.

"I know right"

Director: Take 2... ACTION!

Blossom composed herself and began her lines again.

"Well he said-"


"Ohh" Blossom said a small grin on her face as she was interrupted again. Bella giggles and Blossom gushes.

"I know she's cute but we need to finish this scene" Boomer whispers making everyone laugh.

Director: CUT!

Director: Okay folks Scene 12 Take 3 and ACTION!

Brick is currently licking Blossom's blood to clean her wound.

"What are you doing?" Blossom shrieks disgusted.

"Mmmm this is rather good what is it?" Brick asks off camera to heard a faint voice shout 'ketchup!'

Director with his head in his hands: CUT!

Director: Okay Scene 13 Take Two and ACTION!

Blossom was hanging out of the letterbox shaped window while the make-up artist applied a bit of 'dirt' to her face.

Meanwhile behind her Boomer, Butch and Brick where dancing around behind her back while Brick thrusts his hips towards her suggestively while Butch portrays gesture as if he's about to slap her ass.

Director: Okay everyone ready? Lets go Take Two and ACTION!

The boys immediately disappear and get straight to work.

Butch, Buttercup, Brick, Blossom, Boomer and Bubbles are all stood together on set, smiling and facing the camera.

Blossom: Well we hope you have all enjoyed the story as much as we have all loved it!

Brick: It couldn't have been a success without you! Thank you so much!

Bubbles: Also a big thanks to the script writer Miss Cornelia or as you all know her SunRose-01

A girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes peeps from behind a computer screen before getting back to work.

Butch: See ya all on the flip side!

Boomer: We love you guys!

Buttercup: Look out for 'Our Life'!


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The End.