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And Your Eyes Say It All, Darling

And your eyes say it all, darling
All those whispered words you hate to say.

It is the darkest of nights; all of the lights in the small cottage that stands behind them are off, and only the tiny pinpricks of stars light years away provide any light at all.

"Sirius." His name is spoken quietly, a mere whisper of the wind. He looks down at the young woman standing beside him, and meets her waiting eyes – the most vibrant of greens even in the dark of the night. They are standing close enough to feel the heat radiating from one another. He reaches out and encloses her small, delicate fingers within his hand. Her fingers are trembling, and she looks away from his gaze.

"James is out on a mission for Dumbledore?" he asks her, and she hesitates for a moment before giving a slight nod. She brings her eyes back to his, and instantly he pulls her tightly into his arms. Because he can see all of her thoughts splayed out for the world to see in her eyes: the fear and worry, the sadness, and another emotion – one he knows only too well.

"We should go inside," he whispers against her ear. She hesitates again, before looking up at him.

"I—I don't think that is a good idea," she whispers. Because she knows what will happen if he comes inside – the same thing that happens every time that James is away. It's all there, he can read it in her eyes – and he knows she's right. He's known it from the very beginning; he's felt the guilt and betrayal just as surely as she has – after all, James is his brother.

"Lily… I" He's at a loss for words, and suddenly he feels a nervous anticipation bubble up in the pit of his stomach. He wants so desperately to look away from her eyes – but he can't. He hasn't been able to look away since the moment that he first saw them. But he can read her next words in her eyes; she doesn't need to speak them for him to understand, but once she does it will make them real. And he doesn't want to hear it.

"Sirius—" He leans forward, pressing his lips harshly against hers, stopping the words before she can speak them and shatter the fragile, patched together pieces of his life. He pulls her tight against him, his hands knotting in her hair.

But Lily is frozen. She doesn't move to wrap her arms around him, to kiss him back, and he feels as if she's slapped him. He pulls back, his breathing ragged. Her eyes are as clear and open as before, but now the only thing that he can see in them is sadness.

"We can't do this, Sirius." Her voice is so soft that he barely catches the words. "We can't." Her voice wavers and a tear slips down her cheek. He lifts a hand to brush it away, but stops himself; he lets his arms fall to his side instead, releasing her.

She takes a step back and the look on her face is pleading with him to understand. And he does. He doesn't want to, but he does. She must read the change in his expression as acceptance, because a minute later she steps back inside the cottage and closes the door behind her.

And there it is, just like that, everything's changed. He looks up towards the sky, but he can no longer see the stars. It's as if all the light has suddenly gone out in the world.

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