Authors Note.

Hello I'm doing this on behalf of my daughter who goes under the name sapphireuncovered0123. She would like to let you know she is in the works of completing this full story but is going to take sometime due to her accident. She had a very nasty accident which left her on intensive care unit for a week we are grateful she pulled through she is a fighter and pulled through as we really thought and the doctors thought she wasn't going to make it but she proved us all wrong. She is staying positive tho with writing the chapters for this story and creating her new ideas for the other stories she is sorry for the wait and hopes you will still carry on reading once she has completed and posted. She hopes and I always hope everyone understands it will take her sometime to be able to write chapters due to how poorly she has been

She sends her thanks to everyone still reading and adding it as their favourite story etc

many thanks I'm sure you'll here from herself very soon. x

p.s There is a chapter ready for posting she is just reviewing it and it will be with you guys ASAP !

Thanks again.