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Summary: What happens when a private conversation containing delicate information is over heard by a bewildered audience? Will Merlin survive the consequences? A finding out story, post 3x05, Arthur/Gwen, T for my paranoia.

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It was early morning and he was already in a bad mood, and all because his lazy, incompetent, rude, clumsy, idiotic, useless, inefficient, hopeless manservant couldn't be bothered to get up in the morning, meaning him, the crowned prince of Camelot, the future king, had to march all the way down to the court physician's chambers and kick his indolent arse out of bed. Oh joy!

As Arthur turned the next corner he slammed into an unaware servant, the only thing stopping her from falling to the ground were the princes sharp reflexes. Steel arms curled around the feminine figure, and as he looked down, Arthur was pleasantly surprised to find Guinevere glazing back up at him.

Neither of them moved, Merlin utterly forgotten, too consumed by the embrace. As their heated gaze fixed on one another Arthur felt a very strong erg to meet those luxurious lips of hers for a kiss, however, he held himself back, still not letting go of her.

"Guinevere..." he said happily, he had not seen her for days and wanted nothing more than to drag her back to his chambers.

"My lord..." she sighed, slightly flustered, love reflecting in both her eyes and voice.

However, before they could continue, the sound of approaching footsteps knocked them both from their daze. Arthur quickly dragged himself and Gwen into an alcove, hiding them both from whoever the advancing footsteps belonged to. The alcove was small, barely large enough for the one person, let alone two, forcing them to be flat against each other, their breath hot on the other's neck. A red velvet curtain covered the alcove, a slit between the material and stone allowing them both to see the corridor while they remained hidden.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Merlin appear, and prepared to step out of his hiding place, ready to rip his servant a new one.

However, he stopped dead at the sight of his friend's face, he looked angry – no, actually that was an understatement – he looked furious! And that was a just plain bizarre; Merlin was never angry, well perhaps when maybe Arthur gave him a little too many chores.

The second thing that stopped him was the sound of someone else coming, hopefully someone that could explain the man's odd mood. He was shocked when he saw Morgana appear, he looked down at Gwen too see her also confused.

The next few seconds made Arthur utterly stunned as Morgana grabbed hold of Merlin's arm, spin the boy around and then slap him full force. The sound reverberated of the stone ways, making both Arthur and Gwen flinch.

Arthur's first thought was that they had had a lover's quiff, for he had always known something was between the two, but what could sweet, couldn't harm a fly, Merlin done to receive such a blow.

"You will not talk about her like that, you are not even worthy of speaking her name. Do you understand?" Morgana spat. Arthur had never heard such hatred and disgust for one man before, even when his father is talking of evil sorcerers.

"I think it is you who doesn't understand!" Merlin's voice was also harsh, but he could also hear the guilt and pity mixed in. Arthur was utterly confused now – What the hell is going? Who are they talking about? As he looked down to Gwen, he could see his confusion reflected on her own face; well at least I'm not the only one that doesn't have a clue of what's happening.

"Just remember that your life is in my hands, Merlin." Arthur turned pale, was she threatening him? "One word and your head will be on a chopping block!" Yep, defiantly a threat, I repeat, what the hell is going on? "What would Uther do if he accidently discovered that a servant tried to poison his beloved daughter? Let me think." A malevolent smile spread across her face, twisting her former beauty, while she pretended to ponder her question. Merlin seemed unaffected though, although Arthur could see his guilt deepen, meanwhile he could hear Gwen gasp, luckily it seemed to pass unnoticed, and he himself fought of nausea: Poison? Daughter?

"What was I suppose to do? Let Camelot fall? Let everyone I love die?" That's when the prince decided that he had no idea what was happening, his perplexed mind was full.

"You didn't mind killing me!" She was quickly losing her patience, her voice rising. Before Merlin could reply though, she whispered harshly, "you betrayed me!"

Whatever reaction Arthur thought would come from his manservant, he did not expect the callous, bitter laugh, one that should only be from those who have seen the worst of war and lost their loved – never from Merlin.

"You're the one who started this, Morgana. You helped Morgause to try and kill the king and destroy Camelot, I believe you'll find you betrayed us first!"

This is a prank, Arthur thought, they know Guinevere and I are in this Alcove. It's a prank. However, no matter how much he wished it were true, he knew no one was that good an actor, especially Merlin. No, this was very much real.

"You have no idea what it's like..." Morgana spat.

"We've already had this conversation Morgana, it is no excuse! Uther was prepared to use magic to save you from death; he would not burn you if he discovered you processed some! You do this through blood thrust and revenge. Do not pretend otherwise." Merlin's voice was oddly stained with pain, pity and resignation.

Morgana glared at him for a moment until said forcefully, "You should stop sticking your nose into things that don't concern you! I could cut you down where you stand and people not ask a single question, for I could just say it was self defence, and it would be believed!" her smirk was back and Arthur could see that she held no lie: she would strike him down without a moment's thought.

"What? Like how you tried to kill me when I stopped the army of the dead that you had summoned?" Wait, what? "I'm harder to kill than you think. Just ask Nimueh - oh wait, you can't, she's dead!" A defining silence followed; Merlin's eyes bulged, clearly he had not meant to say that. Everyone else was just too surprised, unable to digest the information and incapable to understand what this meant and how on earth Merlin knew she was dead, wait, she was dead?

Quickly backtracking, Merlin continued, albeit a bit shakily, "anyway, Uther may buy it, however, Arthur, Gwen and Gaius won't, and the last thing you need is them three on your back, discovering you dirty little secrets, stopping your sisterly gatherings." What sister?

His former slip up seemed to be brushed under the rug as Morgana responded with an iniquity snort. "Arthur's stupid, he'll take anything I say as gospel, just like he has every time before. Anyway, what does he care, he'll just replace you, perhaps he'll even thank me for getting rid of such an incompetent, useless servant." Arthur's knuckles turned white, his nails cutting the soft skin of his palm as his hands drew to fists. She continued however, oblivious to his anger, but of course she was, she didn't even know he was there! "Gwen can also be replaced, and no one would listen to her over me, just like you. She's a nuisance anyway." He felt his anger boil even more, how dare she! Gwen turned completely rigged, her breaths ragged; from anger or tears though, he did not know, He took her hand gently to offer her some form of comfort. "Gaius is an old fool, easily taken care of and no real threat." She was talking calmly; as if they were discussing the weather and not the disposal of a man she's known her whole life.

Merlin was surprisingly still, especially as both Arthur and Gwen were now shaking, his tone unruffled, no anger, just the disappointment and shame remaining.

"Then kill me."

It was said so bluntly, with his arms stretched out either side of him, that the three were chilled with disbelief; even Morgana took a step back.

After what felt like forever, and with no action from Morgana, he lowered his arms. A regretful smile traced his lips; he then turned and walked away.

After a short pause, Morgana recovered from her surprise and turned to take her own leave and Arthur realised a breath he had not realised he was holding, thankful that his friend was still alive.

When the corridor was free from all noises, especially footsteps, Arthur deemed it safe. He moved softly and slowly from the alcove, missing the warmth of Gwen immediately. He shivered slightly as he checked that the coast was completely clear with his eyes. When done, he turned to Gwen, who had removed herself as well and was now just in front of the curtain covered alcove.

"What the hell is going on?" He repeated out loud, hoping this time he would actually get an answer!

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