Disclaimer: Blazer Drive belongs to Seishi Kishimoto.

Characters: Ginga, Daichi and (mentioned) Kuroki.


I should have told you.

Pain in my shoulder and stomach didn't falter, a spreading numbness a sign that soon either the dimensional mysticker or the blood loss alone will cause my body to give up and all resistance against a technique planted upon me would be futile. I reach out, touching your face in (once) so familiar gesture of comfort.

(You always thought that crying was so uncool and was ready to do anything in order to conceal your tears from me… For some reason every time you did so, I found your blatant lies heartwarming.)

I used to think that everything I do is for your sake, and hiding the truth from you will keep you safe, out of reach of the Qilin Realm and the world I got involved with. Years were passing by and I missed the moment that ignorance of mine started to turn into blinding overconfidence.

(It was easier to let you hate me and still have you doing what you wanted to, than see that fear in your eyes right now).

I used to think that no matter what I would be always the one guarding you against the world. That I, alone, would be enough. Now it's time to pay a price, and I'm not the only one paying it.

I'm sorry.

In the end it was me who screwed everything up, leaving you more vulnerable than ever. In the end a burden I tried to spare you hit you even harder, and all because of me, me, who was supposed to protect you, but failed because of believing my very own lies. Me, who can't even clean all this mess up now, encumbering my best friend with this trouble instead. I should have seen this coming… or perhaps I did, but didn't want to admit it, even to myself. Maybe it was not all about you, after all. Maybe it was just me who wanted to believe that everything will be all right.

(Those lies were always easier than simple truth, I kept on wishing you'd never find out, but in the end the deceived one was me.)

That's my limit. The feeling of numbness is getting stronger and my hand is totally senseless – I can no longer feel your face. With my vision getting more and more blurred I smile, one last time, reassuringly. I wish I… could do more than that.

You'll be fine. Kuroki will find you… He'll get it right even If I couldn't.

It's not your fault. I wonder if I should… Maybe…

You will be all right. You will be… I…