A/N Just a fun one-shot I thought of.

Every Six Months to 4 thousand miles

Bella POV.

I was in my happy place. Edward and I were in our meadow just talking and enjoying each other's company. He was telling me how happy he was the happiest person on the planet, but I corrected him saying that I was the happiest person. Next thing I know he opens his mouth and this buzzing sound comes from it. It was then that I opened my eyes so I could shut off that damn alarm clock. Hmmm, that was strange. Normally I don't use my alarm clock because Edward wakes me up, but he was nowhere to be seen. I looked to my night stand, and saw a piece on paper with Edwards elegant hand writing on it. I picked it up and read it…


Jasper, Emmet, and Carlisle vampire-napped me to go hunting with them. I will be back before you go to bed tonight. Have a nice day and take care of my heart. I love you.

Yours forever,


P.S. Esme requested that you stop by the house today.

Great, now I was facing an Edward-less day. I decided that I would go to the store. It had been a while since I bought food for the house. I got ready and headed out to the damn car that Edward had got me. The "before car" as he referred to it.

As I started to the store I heard the car making a strange noise, and it did not feel like it was driving right. I decided to forgo the store and head straight to have Rose look at it. As I pulled up to the house Alice came out to greet me.

"Your spending the night here. Esme already set it up with Charlie. We're going to go get your things." And just like that she was taking me to her car.

"But Alice?"

"Don't worry about the car. Rose will take care of it." Damn future seeing vampire!

After 4 hours long hours of Alice making me go shopping, we pulled back into the Cullen's drive way. Before I could even get my seatbelt off, Edward was there opening my door for me. "There you are, I was starting to get worried." I gave him the biggest hug that I could.

"Alice took a detour through every mall within 100 miles from here."

Edward gave Alice a glare that would make any normal person die within seconds. As we were going into the house, I saw Rose coming towards us, and I remembered my truck.

"Hey Rose did you figure out what was wrong with my truck?"

"Of course I did." And she walked past us.

"Rose!" Both Edward and Alice said. I just decided to ask Edward if she thought of what was wrong with the car instead of asking her again. As if he could read my mind he leaned down and said.

"Your car needed an oil change, Love. Your suppose to have that done every 6 months or 4,000 miles."