Author's Note: I wrote this ages ago. The only reason I didn't publish it was that I felt the story needed a bit.. more ^^ Some of you will probably think it does too, but you can also - and this I would personally prefer ^^ - regard it as completed. About as completed as the movie 'Brave Story' itself.
Speaking of which, this is what this fanfiction is about, or rather, about what might have happened after Wataru almost began to cry with happiness upon seeing Mitsuru well and alive. Did Mitsuru remember Vision or not? How did he react to seeing Wataru again? In which direction will their strange friendship develop? Alright, so the last question isn't exactly answered in this story, but I think the ending gives you a hunch ^^ I might continue this story, but I wouldn't wait for it if I were you ^^'''
Furthers, while I do think I made it to be clear enough, perhaps I should mention that the POV alternates between Mitsuru and Wataru.
Alright, this should do for now. Enjoy :)

Brave Story - What Followed After

I had a most horrible nightmare tonight.

Even though I can not remember most of it, it was the sort of nightmare that clings to you hours after you have woken up, and that holds you captive of your fear for an even longer span of time. I can still feel the fright's cold grip on my insides.

Aya was dead. In the nightmare, I mean.

I do not remember why, but in itself that was terrifying.

Other things happened too, a lot of other things, but for the life of me, I can not recall any details.

I think I died too in the end.

Another most peculiar thing about my dream was that I didn't wake up immediately after my dream-self died, but there was a time of.. nothingness in between. As though I actually was dead during that time, before I then awoke with a gasp.

Also, even though dreams (also horrible ones) usually don't make any special impact on me, the first thing I did was run into my sister's room to make sure she was alive. Silly, I know, but at the time, I just felt I had to.

Leaving out an almost endless sigh of relief at just seeing her lying there peacefully, her tiny chest rising and falling with every breath, I stalked to her bed and hugged her, wiping my tear-stained face on her blanket. She woke up, but fortunately didn't notice I had been crying. I never want her to worry about me.

Good for me it was about time to wake her up anyway, otherwise she might have reacted a bit grumpily to this.. unusual waking-method. She is a real sunshine, but never wake her without a good reason.

It's our first day at the new school today. I can't say I'm excited. I'm not nervous either, for that matter. It's always the same anyway. Different places, different faces, but the overall pattern stays the same. The bullies, the giggling geese, the flock of misfits (oxymoron intended), the loners.

I guess I am one of the latter. It's not that I don't like other people or think I'm better than them, I just don't like to play their games.

Aya now, on the other hand, always really looks forward to meeting new people. So that's why she's tugging at my hand right now, urging me to walk faster down the street so she can get started making friends already. I'm sure she will. She always does. That's why I hate it everytime we have to move. We've been told this was the last time, but we'll see about that, one way or other.

We've reached the school now. I quickly scan the building before entering.

It always stays the same, no matter where you are..

I tell Aya to wait for me while I get out of my outdoor shoes, so I can help her figure out where she has to go. Sitting bent over my shoes, I hear someone talking to her.

That voice.. I really don't know why, but for some reason I come to think of my nightmare again. Strange. I had almost forgotten it, why am I remembering it now?

I look to the left and see two boys my age talking to Aya. They don't seem to have noticed me yet, so standing up, I decide to make my presence known, saying "Aya, I told you to wait for me." Aya turns to me again and gives me her cheerful "Onii-chan!", and the one of the boys, with short, brown hair, looks at me normally, a bit surprised, a bit friendly.

The other boy though.. - longish, blue-black hair, the one who had talked to Aya - now his reaction is.. peculiar, to say the least.

His eyes widening, I can see many different emotions flickering through them, until they seem to settle on one and he starts looking at me as if I was the most wonderful thing he's ever seen; even tears forming in his eyes.

A bit creeped out by this unexpected sort of reaction, I slowly turn my head and look behind me to see if he doesn't mean someone else. But nobody is there.

I look back at him, and he's coming towards me, almost laughing as he calls out "Mitsuru..!"

How does he know my name? I'm new at this school..!

"Do.. Do I know you?" I ask, trying to keep my composure. Even though I'm fairly sure I've never seen him before, he does look sort of familiar.

Now this made an impact on him. His face falls, he stops in his tracks. "..Don't you?"

Inwardly I wince at how heart-broken he sounds. But why? I don't know him, why should I care?

I glance over at what seems to be this boy's friend, searching for a clue as to what's going on, but he looks just as confused as I feel. Aya is standing beside him, staring at me with wide eyes, almost expectantly.

Looking back at the boy in front of me, I figure they are all waiting for an answer.

I know that I haven't met him before, so I say "I'm not sure..?"

Wait, that wasn't what I intended to say!

Hope rises in his eyes again. Great.

"It's me, Wataru..!" he says, taking another step towards me.

Wataru... I think the name over and over again, trying hard to find it somewhere in my memory. Somehow, I just don't want to disappoint him.

Finding nothing, I sidestep around him to take Aya's hand, trying my best not to look at the boy now known as Wataru.

"I'm sorry, you must be mistaking me. Now if you will excuse me, it's our first day here, me and my sister have to check in." I say and start walking away.

"Wait! Mitsuru!" Again I wince, but I pretend to ignore him. Aya keeps looking back confusedly, making it hard for me to get ahead at all.

"But.. Vision!" Wataru tries again "And, and Aya was dead!"

I jerk to a halt, gasping at the almost physical pain this sentence causes me. Flashes of my nightmare reach my mind, fragments that disappear as quickly as they come, leaving only a cold, painful feeling behind.

Aya is staring at me, sobbing softly, at the verge of crying with confusion and worry.

I turn around quickly to face the boy and shout "Stay the hell away from us, you sick freak!" before I gently guide Aya away, trying to soothe her all the while.

I could hear the two boys talking somewhere far behind us, the brown-haired one saying "Wow, you sure know how to make new friends, Wataru..." and Wataru replying nothing more than