"Mitsuru!" I hear someone call.

In natural reaction to my name, I turn around - and see that boy, Wataru, of all people. I hurry to look away again, not wanting him to even talk to me at all ever again.

It had taken a lot of effort to calm Aya down again. I mean, how do you explain to a little girl why some complete stranger says something about her being dead? Especially when you don't know the answer yourself?

All day today I've found my thoughts wandering back to this boy. And, strangely enough, my nightmare too. It's almost like there is some sort of connection there, but the very thought is ridiculous.

"Hey, Mitsuru." He has caught up with me. I keep walking.

"Look, I'm really sorry for what happened this morning, but I just want to talk to you."

I stop, sigh and turn to face him.

"What's your name?"

"Wataru Mitani."

"Okay, Mitani, I don't know what you want from me and how you even know me, but can't you just leave me and my sister be?"

"But Mits- Ashikawa.. I..." he looks at the ground, obviously trying to find something to say. He's lucky I am polite enough to at least see if the next thing he says is anything meaningful.

"Where is Aya?"

Okay, then not. I resume walking.

"Our aunt picked her up after her school day was over. Don't you have to go home now?" I ask, hoping to finally get rid of him.

"No, I live with my mother and she's at work, so no one's waiting for me."

I scowl at that.

"Can I walk you home?" Mitani asks.

"If I say 'no', would that actually get you to leave?"

He doesn't answer. I take that as a 'no'.

After some time, he starts again "I really don't want to get on your nerves," - I snort - "but you have to believe me when I say I never meant to freak you or Aya out like that. I just.. didn't think before speaking, that's all. Don't you think you could give me another chance..?"

Stopping again, I look at him and see the sincerity in his eyes. Once more, I am reminded of my nightmare, but I push it aside for now.

"Why do you even want me to 'give you a chance' so badly? What do you want from me?"

"Only for you to talk to me without telling me to go every two minutes..." he answers a bit uneasily, scratching at the back of his head. I breathe deeply, bringing a hand up to massage the bridge of my nose.

"Alright, let me rephrase. How do you even know who I am?"

He's actually fidgeting now. "Uhm, yeah.. So.. even at the risk of you thinking I'm even more of a lunatic than you already think I am.. I met.. you in another world..."

"Another world." I raise an eyebrow at him.

"Well, actually no, I did meet you in this world, but it's the other world we spent the most time together in. I-I mean.." by now, even a blush has accompanied his agitation as he babbles on about some giant white door and travellers, the 'goddess of fortune' and gemstones.

Of course, nothing of what he says makes any sense, but even so, he just looks so utterly helpless that I really can't help but chuckle in amusement. This chuckle grows more insistent, and now I'm actually laughing softly.

Apparently he didn't expect this, so confused, he stops his explanations and asks "What's so funny..?"

I try my best to suppress the laughter, saying "You're right, you are a lunatic.", an amused grin on my face.

"Hey, I'm not, I'm.." he replies indignantly but trails off, conducing only to widen my grin.

I have absolutely no idea why, but I think I kinda like this lunatic.

The moments pass by as we are standing here in silence.

Smiling genuinely, I eventually say "Hey, I think there is a park somewhere nearby. If you want to talk to me, we might as well talk there."

A christmas tree couldn't light up more than his face does now.

Author's Note: What? That's it ^^ But you can't tell me that this is more of an open ending than in the movie, okay? xD Hope you liked this nice ficlet about them :)