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Full Circle

Spinning around, Jim found himself face to face with Uhura. As her eyes met his, a frown passed over her features and her brows drew together.

"What is it, Uhura?" he asked.

"I am not Uhura," she said.

Jim scowled. "Who -"

"I am Spock," she said, putting her hands behind her back.

Jim turned to the body he had just recently been inhabiting. "Then who -"

The prone Vulcan body let out a groan.

"Nyota," said Spock - in a low certain voice as smooth as coffee.

Jim turned to her again. And blinked. There was a smile on her face.

"The transference crossed the bond," said T'Della. "Fascinating. Captain, I believe I know how this occurred and believe I can fix it with 99.73% certainty." She unsnapped a tricorder from her belt and began scanning Spock-Uhura in Spock's body. "However, we should not attempt anything until brain scans return to normal."

Sp- Uhura-in-a-Vulcan body pulled herself up onto her elbows. "What happened?" Her - his eyes met suddenly the human female, and hot, Spock. "Spock?"

"Yes," said Spock, an enigmatic smile still on her features.

"I believe you will have to remain in these bodies for at least two days," T'Della said. "For safety's sake."

"We will manage," said hot-human-female Spock. Jim blinked. The look she had on her face as she stared at her old form was absolutely predatory.

Vulcan-male-Uhura at least had the decency to flush the color of pea soup - but Jim was still certain he heard her-him purring.

x x x x

Morning light was streaming in the window. Sitting upright in bed, Spock gave a luxurious stretch to well-used muscles. This mind wasn't at all good at quantifying weight, but if he had to say so he'd guess his arms were as light as a bird's wings. A tendril of worry uncoiled in his stomach. Could it be early onset of osteoporosis? Scowling, he checked Nyota's memories – McCoy's last bone density scan was normal for a human female. Hmm...maybe he'd convince the doctor to check again.

Spock stretched again and looked down to at his own form asleep at his side. With a small, delicate finger Spock traced a pointed ear - practically the only part of Nyota visible from beneath a heavy duvet. The room felt comfortably warm to Spock, but in his body Nyota would feel a chill.

Nyota did not stir at the touch of Spock's finger. Nor would she - he- for several hours.

Spock kissed the tip of the ear lightly. The last 30 hours had been...fascinating. Perhaps all the more poignant because they had not consummated their relationship when he'd inhabited Jim's body. But after the night Jim had broken in on them things had been better. The extra help provided by Josef's scientist had buoyed their spirits. And Spock had known that even if he didn't get his body back he and Nyota's relationship would survive.

The past few weeks when they weren't madly working they spent time together doing things they wouldn't do when Spock got his Vulcan body back: swimming in the quarry, eating chocolate, and drinking coffee spiced with cinammon. It had been like when they were dating again; and it was a happy time in it's own way for Spock and Nyota.

Spock sighed. All that Nyota had experienced was in his mind, and all that Jim had experienced and felt too - through the bond. Spock swallowed. The past weeks had not been good ones for Jim. It occurred to Spock that he had something he must do, and he'd probably never be able to broach the subject again.

Slipping out of bed, he paused to run his hands down his now much softer skin and curves. How did Nyota not fully appreciate this?

The impossible lightness of his body made Spock skip experimentally over to the dresser, bouncing in fascinating places. Rummaging through Nyota's clothes, he found her swim suit and was inspired.

Spock slipped on the suit and a simple dress, retrieved a towel and stepped out into the heat of Camus II's summer, just in time to see three forms materialize.

"Dr. McCoy, Scotty, Sulu" Spock said. "Good morning." The Enterprise had arrived the night before when they'd learned Spock's and Nyota's returning to their own forms was all but assured.

McCoy smiled, "Good morning Lieu -" He scowled. "Are you still, Spock?"

"Yes," said Spock, raising an eyebrow - Nyota's body was very good at that. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, I was here to see Jim, actually," said McCoy.

Spock tilted his head. That would be problematic. He sifted through some of Nyota's memories and realized he knew exactly how to handle the situation. Strolling up very close to McCoy he said, "Leonard, I have some business to discuss with the Captain this morning." He was about to say 'of a private nature,' but then simply put a hand on McCoy's sleeve instead.

Looking down at his wrist, McCoy stuttered, "Well, don't let me stop you. I can wait."

Spock's new face beamed. Nyota's mind was just as facile at reading emotions and communicating through touch as Kirk's had been.

"Thank you, Leonard." Realizing he had not addressed Scotty or Sulu, Spock turned to them and said, "How did you like serving under Number One?"

"Oh, I dinna like it, dinna like it all," said Scotty. "She got us embroiled in a game of chicken with a Klingon freighter. Now I ask you, is that any way to treat a lady like the Enterprise?"

"I think I'm in love," said Sulu, eyes looking slightly dazed.

Trying to stifle a smirk, Spock said, "All right, see you later then," and headed in the direction of Kirk's porta-shelter. He was going up the steps when Number One emerged from the door. She tilted her head in Spock's direction. "Shame you missed the party."

Spock blinked as Number One strode past her. She was about to knock on the door when it swung open again, this time filled with a slightly disheveled looking Dr. Lester.

Putting in an earring she said, "Oh, hi, Uhur-, I mean Spock. Excuse me I'm running late."

Spock stepped back as the red-headed woman passed her in a whirlwind, and then peaked in the slightly ajar door. "Jim?"

x x x x

"I like you," said Jim, stealing a kiss from Janice as she leaned over him. He was sitting in bed. He could hear Number One in the kitchen - it sounded like she was getting a drink. Number One's invitation to the previous night's activities had been Janice's idea.

Sighing, Jim said, "Have I told you how much I like you?"

"You've mentioned it," said Janice leaning over him, trying to put in an earring. "I have to go."

Jim allowed himself a petulant sigh. "I still like you. Can I invite you for a dinner of replicated protein and carbs on the Enterprise before we leave?"

"Janice, Captain - I have to go," said Number One peeking in the door frame. Winking at Janice, she said, "Thanks again." And then she disappeared.

Smiling, Janice leaned over and kissed him again. "Only if it's on the observation deck."

"Done," said Jim.

The door slammed.

"I have got to go, too!" said Janice, standing up, not even bothering to put in her second earring.

"See you later," and then she bolted from the room. Jim heard the door swing open.

Sighing, Jim got out of bed and pulled on a pair of standard issued sweats. Without bothering to put on a shirt, he walked out to the kitchen, tying the pant's the drawstring as he went.

"Jim?" said a feminine voice.

Blinking, he looked up. Uhura's face was in the slightly ajar door.

Ordinarily he would have said something like, "Shame you missed the party." But after all that had happened, and the fact that wasn't Uhura, it was Spock; and Spock probably justifiably wanted to kill him -

He looked down at his waist. Of all the times to be caught with his pants down. He hitched the drawstring a little tighter. "Um, Spock, you wanted to see me?"

"Yes," said Spock-now-in-Uhura's-beautiful body.

And then Jim said something he would never ordinarily say in the presence of a beautiful woman. "Ummm...let me just put on a shirt."

Turning quickly he went back to the bedroom. When he returned Spock had already invited hims-herself in.

"Captain," said Spock.

"Commander," said Jim.

"Jim..." said Spock.

"Spock," said Jim.

They stared at each other. Jim swallowed. He'd half expected, 'If you ever lay a hand on her again I will finish what I started on the bridge.' But hot-human...wait, don't think of him...her...like that. Human-female-Uhura-Spock just looked...confused.

"Where is Nyota?" said Jim just to break the silence.

"She discovered some chocolate I had procured when I was in your form," said Human-female-Spock. "She- he is taking a little nap now."

Remembering his experience, Jim rubbed the back of his neck. He bet she was sleeping.

"Um..." Jim said, "Can I help you with something?"

"I want to go swimming," said Spock. "Seeing as I am now in possession of new buoyant parts." Giving a little hop he looked down at said buoyant parts.

"Don't rub it in," said Jim before he could contain himself.

Looking up, Spock blinked. "Oh, excuse me. I am still finding the experience really very fascinating."

"I'm sure you are," said Jim. Had a little bit of jealousy worked its way into his tone?

Spock tilted his head. "From the company you were keeping last night, it appears you've been having - fascinating, experiences as well."

Was this Spock guy talk coming from most-certainly-not-a-guy-Spock-in-Uhura's body?

"Would you care to join me for my swim?" said Human-Female-Spock.

And the whole episode at the quarry came back to Jim. He felt his face slacken. His body went cold.

Spock took a step closer. "You and Nyota often swim together in the lap pool on the Enterprise."

Swallowing, Jim said, "Spock, what happened in the quarry -"

He looked down at he floor. What could he say? I fucked up? I have never regretted anything in as much in my whole life? I'm sorry? It all seemed hollow.

"What happened in the quarry was not you," said Spock.

Jim put his hands on his hips, sucked in a breath and bit his bottom lip. A light weight fell on his upper arm.

He looked to the weight. A small elegant hand was there. Looking up, wide expressive eyes met his.

"Jim. I know us all...well. What happened wasn't you."

Jim looked back at the hand. Spock did not pull it away. This was, he realized, perhaps the last gesture of empathy he would receive from Spock. And the last they would speak of this subject - when he returned to his Vulcan body, on this subject, Spock would be mute.

Which didn't mean he didn't care.

They did know each other, the good and the ill, very well now.

Pulling his-her hand away, Spock said, "I have it on good authority, even with extra buoyant parts,

it is foolish to swim alone."

It was an olive branch, Jim realized. A show of trust. Good and ill, he was accepted. He could do no less.

Jim nodded. "I'll get my towel."


Notes' said she can't envision Kirk sharing Janice with anyone - I think that might be true if he decided they were going to have a permanent relationship.

I did have an idea of Sarek inviting Jim to a family function after this, but I wasn't sure when to work it in...and the ending felt happy and right to me exactly where it is, more happy might have gotten saccharine.

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