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Author Notes: Okay, so here is another story of mine. I apologies for the grammar mistakes, but it is harder to write English when it`s not your mother tongue.

So basically this story is for one of my friends. She and I went out and watched the Step up 3D movie, and we both loved it (duh). She has a little crush on Adam, and so I got the idea for this fanfic. Anyway, after the film we started to discuss things from the Step Up world and she said "Oh, if we just got to experience that!" So that's basically how I got the idea for this story. I'm sorry for all Moosille fans, but in this story Moose and Camille is not a couple, only best friends. I think they are the cutest couple in the movie though. ;)

Rated T for language and later chapters.

Summary; Best friends and street dancers Ciara and Jannike from Oslo, has graduated from high school. They travel to New York for starting at American college. They meet the famous Pirates. There's a big dance battle coming up, but it might get dangerous. Who is this crew called The Circus crew?

Ciara is hunted by her past and struggles with the dancing. Can a curly skinny kid named Moose help her? OCxMoose fic.

Chapter 1. Jumpstyle.

The music was playing really loud downstairs. 'Morning after dark' by Timbaland I think. I was in Lars's bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. How typical… It was written "easy" on my forehead with Milla's eyeliner. Thanks a lot Milla! I looked so stupid. It was all smeared and ugly.

My name is Ciara or Cici like my friends liked to call me. I'm a blond, eighteen year old girl from Oslo. You don't know where Oslo is? No surprise really. It's the capital city in Norway. You know where it is unbelievingly cold and people are eating brown cheese? The country next to Sweden? Yeah, that's the one. That's where I live.

I was just about to graduate from Norwegian high school. After the summer vacation, my best friend and I would travel to New York, starting at college. Isn't that freaking awesome? I almost can`t believe it myself! But now I was a 'Russ' and spent my last weeks of May partying with my friends. Oh yeah, you probably don't know what a 'Russ' is? It's what graduates in Norwegian high school become when their final year is about to end. Of course right before the final exams… That`s kind of stupid really. The Russ wears special trousers, either red or blue. Sometimes even black and green, all depends which career you`re studying. I was a red russ, the most common one.

For some teens, being a russ means that they can party so hard they won't remember their own name. Or some thinks it's is just a symbol that they are about to enter the world of the unknown.

I had to laugh at myself there I stood and looked at myself in the mirror. I studied the hideous eyeliner markings in my face. My off white tank top was also smeared with eyeliner. On top of it all, my blond straight long hair was a total mess. I tried to drag my fingers through it, as if to get it under control. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Are you going to stay there all night?" a shrieking voice said from the other side of the door.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. "No." I checked myself one more time in the mirror, before turning to the door unlocking it.

Elise stood outside, with an angry look on her face. Like always, she wore too much make up and less clothes. Her boobs were about to spring out of her pink tank top. Always making sure the guys were ogling her. She had beautiful sandy blond long hair and a slim body. I hated it. Elise was one of the popular girls, and I wasn't of course. For a long time ago we were actually best friends, but not anymore. We were too different. She just cared about label clothes, the popular boys, and her own reflection. And I lived for the dancing. I had danced since the age of six. First ballet then I discovered the art of street dancing. I remember I saw some kids on the club downtown. It was like they spoke their own language, like they was from a different planet. I was stunned. And so, I practiced every day when I could. Not that dancing made me more popular, but it was my biggest passion. My older brother was a champion, one of the best break-dancers actually. Nobody could spin on his or her head the way he did.

"Have you puked all over the bathroom now?" She giggled, drunk as she was. God no Elise! Unlike you, I've grown up now. I don't drink like an alcoholic on parties.

"Oh. No, I'm fine." I smiled falsely and walked past her. I could hear she whisper, "bitch" when I was past her. I couldn't care less.

I went down to the ground floor, were the party was. The atmosphere was filled with cigarette smoke and liquor. My stomach wasn't a big fan of that. I was looking for my friends Jannike, Mai and Louise.

And there they were, on the dance floor. They spotted me and screamed "Ciara!" Oh my god. Could it be more embarrassing? Tough I couldn't stop laughing when they forced their way to me. When they'd reached me, Jannike threw her arms around me and hugged me hard, obviously affected by alcohol as well. She always became this overfriendly self when she had taken a few drinks.

"Where have you been?" She screamed in my ear.

"I just tried to get this shit off of my face!" I screamed back to her.

"There is still some on your forehead." Louise said and tried to get it off, but only made it worse. Mai giggled when I a made a face.

"To think that you`ll soon travel to New York!" said Louise smiling.

Jannike made a squeal. Yeah, I had to admit I would miss all my friends, especially Mai and Louise. On the other hand I was looking forward to meet my old friends back in New York. When I was younger I lived in New York with my family. I think I was like nine or ten years old. It was mom, dad, Fredrik, Jonas and I. One big happy family, no worries only love. I bit my bottom lip. How everything had changed since then.

When I stood there and thought of my past, Louise gave me a little push with her elbow. "What?" I asked. "Aron looks at you!" She smirked. Louise was the 'serious' one in our little group. She was half African on her father's side, and the one with best grades of all of us.

"Oh." I said simply and lowered my sight. My friends looked at each other knowingly. It wasn't that I didn't like him. I was so much in love with him that I could climb Mount Everest However since I would soon leave I didn't see the point to start anything. I wouldn't only have just a stupid and short summer romance.

"Ah! They're playing 'Stamp on the ground'. We must dance! You must dance Ciara!" Mai excitingly while the music pumped through the speakers. "Huh?" I looked at her confused. Mai rolled her eyes, and muttered something in Japanese. She always did that when she was frustrated with someone, because usually no one knew how to speak her mother tongue.

"Only you know how to Jumpstyle!" said Mai and started pushing me towards the dance floor. "Hardly." I said, and tried to laugh it away. "Come on now!" Jannike started to help Mai in pushing me. "You've got to do it!" It wasn't a suggestion it was an order.

So then they made ring on the dance floor, and I started to move along with some others. Everybody cheered, and I caught myself laugh, loudly. I loved the feeling the adrenalin pumping in my veins. I loved the way I got carried away with the music and forgot about my family problems, and Aron and all the other worries in my life. It was such a good feeling. And I'll show them what I can do.

The last thing I remembered was the music stopping. Mai gave me a tiny glass of some green liquid inside.

"Drink it!" She shouted as a new song started. Jannike had the same drink in her shot-glass. She nodded and held the glass high. "It's good! Try it." Not quite so drunk yet I was anxious about it.

"Relax sweetie. It's no drugs in it. Just something to spice things up, you look a little pale." Mai said. I knew that Mai had done some pretty crazy stuff in her life, and would not be afraid to do even more crazy things. I had to look at Louise as insurance that everything was okay. She smiled and nodded her head. I threw my head backwards and let the drink slide down my throat. My mind went instantly dizzy and I felt really happy, so cheery.

"Liar! You had something in it!" I said to Mai. She shook her head. "I would never do such thing Cici. It's just a very strong drink. You'll have a tiny headache tomorrow, that's all." I wasn't angry with her really, but I was confused. Jannike had started dance with some guy in our advanced English class.

"Why then?" I asked Mai. She smiled.

"You have avoided Aron all night silly. You would never had the courage to talk to him sober." She said and winked at me. Mai went back to the dance floor with Louise.

I was still dizzy, and needed to get some fresh air.

Short, I know and without any of the Step up characters but I needed this chapter to introduce Ciara and Jannike. The next will contain The Pirates as well.

Hope you find this interesting. Thanks a lot!