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Chapter 3. Summertime feelings.

And then, the summer vacation was slowly starting to come to an end.

Where did the time go? Soon I would leave to another country.

The thought was both exiting and scary. Scary because of leaving the safe home

I was so familiar with and then there was the past. The past I am trying to forget.

Now I had to face it, even if I liked it or not.

My exams had gone well, and I had been accepted to the New York University to study journalism together with Jannike. It all seemed unreal; I mean we're going to New York! And in the weekends, we could come and visit my dad at the Hamptons, where he lived with his new wife and my half sisters.

Yeah, my father now lived in America while mom had a house on Oslo's west side. They got divorced five years ago. There had been no bad feelings going around, they just weren't in love anymore. Besides, my dad did miss America. It was after all where he had grown up.

The gang was on the beach playing volleyball, the girls against the boys. The day had been sunny and warm. Just how a pleasant summer day should be.

The sunset had begun; it was a beautiful sight. A beautiful day it had been and now it was over. I sat watching the others play; I was too tired to continue the game.

It was okay. I enjoyed watching it a lot. Mai was laughing loud at a boy, who had missed the ball and was laying on all four in the sand. I admit that I grinned a bit as well. To busy staring at this boy in the sand, I did not hear the footsteps approaching me.

"Hey. Can I sit?" said a voice that made my heart beat a bit harder.

I looked up and into Aron's blue eyes.

"Oh. Hi. Yeah, s-sure…" I stuttered, feeling a blush appear on my cheeks.

"Cool. I wanted to talk with you." He said and sat down.


I was curious. Aron sat silent for a moment and stared at the sinking sun. He was handsome, no doubt. That was the first thing I noticed when we first met. At first I took him for one of those jerks, who had a new girl from one weekend to another. But when we got to know each other he was actually a very nice guy. Long story short; talk had gone to hanging out, had gone to crush, and so had gone to flirting. So here I was with Aron after an amazing summer. Now wouldn't see each other for maybe a whole year. As if he read my mind Aron spoke of his thoughts of this.

"Well, this summer… I'm not going to lie; I was skeptical about the whole thing. You know?" He met my eyes again.

I felt my heart started to rip into several pieces.

"You mean you and me? You were skeptical about us? Didn't you say you loved me back at Lars's party?"

This did not go the way I wanted, but then again I already knew that.

"Yeah, and I meant it, still does. But since you will be leaving soon... Well, I just need to know where that leave us."

I was confused. There were no answers in his face.

"I don't think I understand Aron." I told him.

He stared at the sun again, taking his time before he said the words, those hurtful words.

"I mean, you think I can wait a whole year? It's not like you move to Bergen or Trondheim, were I can visit you; it's New York City Ciara! It's in America! I don't think we should see each other for the rest of the summer." He said harshly.

The picture of the perfect boy disappeared; he was now like a cold stone, no feelings at all. I stopped breathing. I knew we had to confront each other about my moving, but I did not think he would break up with me in a mood like that. I had imagined we would keep in touch through my year in America, and discuss our relationship when I came home.

The others were still playing, not knowing about the conversation between Aron and me. I wanted to get away from there as quick as possible.

"Ciara…" Aron took my hand and stared into my eyes.

"So you're punishing me for following my dreams?" It indeed sounded harsh, but I meant it to be.

"That's not what I meant. I just don't see any future in it." He wore a fake sad smile. At least it seemed that way.

My throat was dry as sand, but I wouldn't cry, he didn't deserve to see them.

"I'm sorry." And he kissed me, but now the usual chills I get in my stomach had stopped. There was nothing, I was numb.

"No." I pushed myself away from his so-called-comforting embrace.

I would not torment him, or myself, so I ran away despite all the calls.

New York, The House of Pirates

"Sorry? What did you say?" Moose questioned Jacob.

They were at the flat above the club, the crew gathered, and Camille of course. Jacob had just told everybody about this dance battle that would take place in New York City in a few months.

"Who is Circus Crew? A new crew?" Camille asked, sitting next to Moose.

"You'd never know with a name like that." Joked one of the Santiago twins, earning a few giggles around the table. Jacob shook his head with a small grin on his face.

"No. There has been a rumor going around. About this huge event…" Legz cut off Jacob.

"What? Like a battle or something?" Jacob starred at him for cutting him off.

"If you let me finish... Yes, it's like a dance battle with all the ruling dance crews in America. I think they called it The Gathering. There is a dance-crew called Circus crew. They are one of the favorites. Huge on the internet they are." He finished and lay down a flyer on the table.

"Cool! Almost like The Streets, remember Moose? I think this is a good idea." Said Camille while she read the flyer.

The others agreed. Benjamin on the other hand was not so sure. He knew about The Circus Crew. There was more to them then just good moves on the floor, but he did not say anything to the rest of The Pirates.

"I don't know… What's the point? I mean we are already champions? Shouldn't we try something bigger?" Benjamin knew his opinion was out-voted the minute he said the words. His fellow Pirates stared at him.

"Dude, are you nuts or something? This is big! As a matter of fact, I think this is the next big thing." Said one the Santiago twins with stars in his eyes.

"I agree. We can't just sit on our ass just because we won the World Jam. You know that Benjamin?" Jacob looked at him, and Benjamin felt almost ashamed.

Of course they couldn't just sit there and do nothing, but he did not like the thought of facing The Circus Crew. Not now after all this time.

"Should we tell Luke and Natalie?" asked Camille.

Luke and Natalie left last year, and traveled to California where Luke started at a film university. From time to time Luke would come back to visit his crew, sometimes along with Natalie.

"I guess we could, but we can't take it for granted that they would come though," Said Jacob and went to the kitchen.

"After all they are in California."

"Oh, I think this so exciting! Don't you?" Camille and Moose was heading back to their dormitories at the university.

Moose grinned. It has been a year since World Jam, and he missed the adrenalin pumping through his body on the floor. Sure he danced at school and clubs, but that was not the same thing. Camille saw his face and laughed.

"Hahaha, I see. That really was a stupid question. Of course you look forward to it."

Camille reached for his hand, which Moose took in his right away. Yeah they were not dating, not anymore at least. They had been so after the World Jam, but it lasted just a couple of months. Moose and Camille figured that they liked it best as best friends. However, Moose still felt a little awkward, when Camille introduced him to her dates. He guessed her dates did the same. They pretty much spend most of the days together.

Moose being the dorky kid on the block, he did not get too many admirers, but there were some. Camille encouraged Moose to go out with girls, but he did not felt the need for a girlfriend at the time. Although he enjoyed some of the dates, he still was not so interested in girls at the time.

"Yeah. My parents will be so proud of me. Yet another dance-battle…" Moose being the cheering person he was, said it with a smile.

"Oh I'm sure they would not make a fuss about it. Didn't your father approve of your decision on studying dancing?" Camille asked him, still holding his hand.

"Sure, but it was not easy. You knew that."

"Yeah, well I just think that you should follow your dreams that's all. I know dancing is a big part of it. So therefore I don't understand, why your parents wouldn't like you to compete at The Gathering," Camille looked into his eyes, and was dead serious. "I mean they've already accepted the fact that you study dance now."

"It is a difference between studying, and do it on the streets according to them Chameleon. You remember the days at the MSA? Every night they thought I was hanging around with criminals." Moose sent Camille a tired smile.

"Well I think they're just overreacting. You were born for this Moose. I bet that one day, you would be on MTV or something." She said.

They walked together in silence for a few minutes. Moose thought about many things; like The Gathering, his parents, Camille and her dates, MTV, and of course the news that Benjamin brought.

That he was to meet up with an old friend from Europe, who was to move to New York, along with her friend.

They apparently were two dancers, and he would like to introduce them to the crew. Everyone was positive about it, and looked forward to meeting the two Scandinavian girls. Moose wondered how dancing was there. The only thing he knew about Scandinavia was that there was a lot of snow there, and forest. Damn, that was it? Well, he guessed he still had something to learn. He gazed up at the sky; it was gray and full of clouds. It would surely rain soon.

"You want a ice cream?" he asked Camille. She laughed, and then nodded.

Oslo, Ciara's home

I was home, and sat in front of her computer. It was pitch black outside.

Time for bed soon, I thought.

But I did not feel like sleeping at the moment. My heart was still bleeding, and I could not cry. No matter what, it was impossible. There were too many thoughts in my head.

I looked at my phone. There was three text messages; two from Jannike, and one from

Mai. They were all asking for what had happened. Surely they knew all about it by now. Funny as it might sound, I did not care anymore. Hell, Aron can just do what he likes. I guessed a lot of girls are happy he was looking for a new soul mate. How many can one guy have really?

Irritated at that thought I looked at mail inbox on my Mac, nothing new. Instead I read the one from Benjamin I had received two months ago.

The House of pirates…

Curiosity got the hold of me, and I started looking up videos of the crew online.

I had only seen that one video from the World Jam.

Damn, only the world's best dance crews attended to that. I remembered reading in the newspapers about The Karasjoks, who was surely one of the best dance-crews in Norway, attended to the competition.

They made it to the final, but a crew called The Samurai beat them. And then The Pirates won.

I was fascinated with their moves. They were very popular indeed. On YouTube they had thousands of views.

"I guess dancing is a big deal in New York…" I said to myself. But then again, I already knew that.

And so I shut the computer off and went to bed, dreaming about spotlights and colorful Nike shoes.

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