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Special Agent Daddy

Chapter One


"Please, you've gotta let me in! My mom's in trouble!" a high-pitched voice on the verge of tears carried around the corner to where Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs was walking into the N.C.I.S building. He rounded the corner and saw a young girl of about 9 or 10 pleading with the guards at the security checkpoint.

"Morning Agent Gibbs." One guard said. The other was attempting to tell the girl why she couldn't go in.

"Morning." Gibbs said gruffly. Upon hearing his voice, the girl turned to reason with this new person.

She had long blondish brown hair that fell to the bottom of her shoulder blades and green eyes that were watery with unshed tears. She looked familiar to Gibbs, but he was certain that he had never seen the girl before in his life. Something about the tilt of her head, the shape of her jaw, the worried look in her eyes all screamed you must know who I am!

"Please, sir! I have to go inside! My mom's been hurt by bad people and she told me to come to the building with N.C.I.S on it because my dad works here!" Finally, the tears spilled over. Sobbing, the girl buried her head in her hands. The sight tore at Gibbs's heart. She could have been Kelly, crying because of something at school or because she fell off her bike. He knelt down next to her.

"What's your name, sweetie?" he asked softly, gently.

"Au-Autumn Keller." She choked out through her tears.

"Well, Autumn, you can come with me." Gibbs stood up and looked at the guards. "I'll take her in." they nodded and let him pass with Autumn clutching his hand for dear life.


Tony swept up his phone as it started to ring. "DiNozzo."

"DiNozzo, get Ducky up to the squadroom. I have a living patient for him to look over." Gibbs hung up arrubtly, but Tony was used to that. He quickly called Ducky.

"What is going on, Tony?" Ziva asked as Tony hung up with the M.E.

"Gibbs is bringing up, and I quote, 'a live patient' for Ducky to look over." Tony said as the elevators on both sides dinged and opened. Gibbs and a crying little girl came out of one, Ducky and his bag of medical supplies for living people came out of the other. Gibbs led the girl over and sat her down at his desk and waved Ducky over. As the doctor looked the child over, Gibbs walked over to where Ziva and Tony were now standing by Tony's desk to fill them in.

"Girl's name is Autumn Keller. DiNozzo, see if she's in Missing Persons, or any female with the name Keller, for that matter. She claims that some people came and hurt her mom." Tony sat down and started typing.

"Why is she here, Gibbs?" Ziva asked, glancing over to where Ducky was listening to Autumn's heart and lungs.

"Said that her mom told her to come to N.C.I.S because her father works here. And, no," Gibbs said, answering the question evident in Ziva's eyes, "I didn't get his name. She doesn't know either, said that her mom always said that he left before she knew she was pregnant with Autumn."

"If he does work here, we could run her DNA against all the male employees." Ziva suggested. Gibbs nodded, it was their only option at the moment besides asking all the men working at N.C.I.S if they had ever been with a woman named Keller.

Ducky came to stand with them then. "How is she, Duck?"

"Physicaly, she's fine, besides the usual bumps and scrapes any child at that age picks up from playing with friends. But she's scared stiff, Jethro. She said that she hoped that the bad people wouldn't kill her mother and then come for herself." Ducky said quietly so that Autumn wouldn't hear.

"Ziva, take her down to Abby's. She's good with kids." Gibbs said after a moment. Ziva nodded and went to lead the girl down to Abby as Tony finished his search.

"Well boss, a nearby school reported an Autumn Keller AWOL and when they tried to phone her mother, she didn't answer her home or cell. Should we go check out the house?" Tony reported.

"Yeah. Take McGee with…where's McGee?" Gibbs said with a tinge of annoyance as he realized that the fourth member of his team was Absent With Out Leave as well.

"Don't know boss. Didn't call in." Tony said, wondering where McProbie was and why he was late. McGee was never late. Well, except that time when he pretended to be sick to help his sister, but this was different.


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