Before starting, I'd like to say a few things to help you understanding some things of my story:

Here I'm following the comics storyline, so original characters of the TV show like Blunk here don't exist.

Here the girls are sixteen and, as in the comics, the Oracle of Kandrakar is Yan Lin and not Himerish, who gave up his title. And yes, I spell Kandrakar and not candracar.

Luba here is not the Aurameres' Keeper, because in the comics she sacrificed herself to stop Nerissa.

I do not own W.I.T.C.H., it's owned by Disney. But I own my OC's and my imagination.

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1. Betrayal

Kandrakar was quiet, that evening. The corridors were desert, only occasionally a lonely Sage in white dress walked through the white rooms of the Fortress.
This fact was really welcome by a hooded figure in white dress that walked quickly and wished to remain anonymous. The unknown figure covered rapidly the distance that separated him from his destination.

The Auramere's Room.

He pushed the door and entered. Lyian, the Auramere's Keeper, turned his head toward the entrance:

"Who are you?" he inquired. "You can't stay here."

As an answer, the unknown person hit him with an energy charge. Lyian fell on the floor, almost unconscious for the attack. The attacker ignored him and walked toward the Aurameres, the Guardians' power nucleus. He extended his hands toward a dark purple Auramere and absorbed it; the Auramere's light faded and purple halo surrounded the figure, who turned toward the other Powers:

"Mmmh… maybe it's better not to be too greedy…" he said to himself, "What d'ya think?" he asked the Sage.

But Liyan wasn't there anymore. He had taken advantage of his opponent's distraction to escape and give the alarm.

"Oh… things are getting interesting…" he smiled under his hood.

He left the room and started to run. He ran alone for a couple of corridors, but when he came in a wide circular room about twenty armed guards circled him and forced him to stop.

"Stop and surrender, in the name of the Oracle!" exclaimed an armoured warrior. "Give back what you stole!" The intruder shook his head and attacked with two strong energy strikes.

The guards parried the attack and charged the intruder; but he was fast and strong because of the stolen power. Almost ten defenders were wiped out by the invincible power of the pure energy Auramere.

"ENOUGH!" roared a voice.

All the fighters stopped. An old woman walked in the room and stopped in the middle: she was Yan Lin, Kandrakar's Oracle. The Oracle stopped in front of the hooded figure and fixed her eyes on him:

"You thief!" she exclaimed with hard voice. "How do you dare do steal from the Fortress one of its powers? Reveal yourself and maybe this will soften your punishment."

The other shook his head without saying anything, but Yan Lin saw a flash of white teeth coming from under the hood. He was smiling, he was finding this funny.

"Well… if this is your thinking I have no other choice… I will use strong manners." Yan Lin said.

The intruder tried to hit her with an energy ray, but the Oracle easily avoided it.

"Your power is not enough" She said, "that was a foolish move."

She was charged with new attacks that went against her light barrier with no damage. Yan Lin took aim and attacked; her blow hit the target and the mysterious intruder fell badly on the ground. The Oracle stepped forward, but she immediately stopped when she saw that her opponent was panting and trying to get up again.

"And now you will show your face!" commanded Yan Lin waving her hand. A strong, sharp, wind hit the intruder covering him with scratches and taking away his hood.

Yan Lin almost made her barrier fall for the surprise. She stared at the figure toward her, not wanting to believe:


The redhead Guardian rose and touched her neck where, to her great disappointment, was a long, red scratch.

"Yes… it's me, Yan Lin." She looked away, not wanting to look at the old lady in front of her.

"But… why?" Yan Lin asked. "Why did you do this?" She was astonished. And hurted.

"I only aimed for more power." Will explained, always refusing to look into her eyes, "My power makes me feel… so good! I wanted it to remain forever. And I wanted more." She concluded, finally meeting Yan Lin's eyes.

Will's gaze was cold and confident. Yan Lin saw in that gaze the same expression that used to belong to her lost friend, Nerissa, many years ago.

"So… is this the truth, Will?" She asked another time, But Will rose her shoulders:

"That's my choice. Maybe I'm going to regret this, but this is what I want."

"I'm sorry, but then I have no choice, I must stop you." Yan Lin said.

An enormous light circled Yan Lin and swallowed the entire room, hitting also Will. When she was hit, Will lost all the stolen power which had adsorbed before. Will, with the last glimmer of power, attacked Yan Lin surprising her. The Oracle fell and the girl took the opportunity to escape and vanish.

A guard rushed to Yan Lin's help. The Oracle sadly stared at the point where Will had vanished:

"Go to Will's home…" she ordered with broken voice, "take her and bring her back!"

Short, this chapter was short. I hope to update the second soon: End of a dream.